Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Science in the Twenty-first Century


I do not mean to compare scientists to snake-oil salesmen which is often done.  The turnoff of public science began in 1986, when socialists decided science (actually science as socialists or neo-social science) should turn off - no longer function to support the country.  This social role of science grew since we began cooperating in science with the USSR, this affecting universities, NSF, and NASA.  

This turn-off would seem to have ended the NSF mission which began May 10, 1950 - whose creation was to promote the uses of computers.  The public was made aware of this through the promotion of global warming, revealing that scientists were being politically manipulated to say what some politicians/ scientists wanted, or lose support.  Only retirees were left to tell the truth.  What were people paid to do science, to do?

Well, the social aspect of science is alive and well.  There are sci-programs for minorities for example.  We learned that once the mirage of science as a puritan-type of enterprise actually was not real, that there exists different groups in science, many ethnically based, some politically based.  WE also learned that science was infiltrated by spies and foreign agents.  Some companies tried to use universities as their own facilities.  I would conclude that can-do public science is collapsing, ever since they stopped funding big-Science like the particle accelerators and if we continue as we have, it will disappear.  Much of it was probably a sham anyway.  IT is not a good place for our smart, positive young lads.

Quo tendimus?  I would say we have come full circle.  The ultra rich are paying for their own science.  This started when it was realized that Russia was socializing everything and no state-sponsored proprietary work could be done.  They tried placing former military in as deans and various things to regain control, but obviously it became a lost cause.   For a time we could not even launch missiles from Vandenberg or Florida, and the space shuttle blew up.  This is what created the niche for Mr Musk.  Recall Tesla mostly worked on his own for a company.

Yeah, so who cares really?  No new things like a microwave.  Well there is the manipulation of knowledge- those who pay take advantage.  This is different than a snake-oil salesman who sells you something that is worthless.   Today it is not snake-oil - but prescriptions that kill you or do nothing for you - on purpose.  Something to think about.


Sunday, May 1, 2022

An anti-American regime


After Biden suggested NATO should defend the Ukraine, they was a short-lived chorus of support for this idea that quickly faded.  We all know that NATO is a defensive alliance, and the Ukraine was not even in NATO.  We see Biden going forward with immense expenditures  to bring weaponry to the Ukraine, extending this conflict.  Biden is on auto-pilot.  He is acting out, independent of the high risk and public opinion.

No doubt this is a marginal situation.  During Covid-19, mandates decreed by Biden, were followed by an echo chamber of 500 voices all using the same refrain, as they had throughout the pandemic.  Slow the Spread.  We are accustomed to some government influence on the press, but not an echo chamber like this. It was too obvious and an insult to your ears.  

If you wondered if this was carried out by people in government- in a word - yes.  The echo chamber belonged to them.  Imagine Biden's poll numbers if he hadn't had this.  Things are getting fairly bad as a result of Biden's choices - the mandates, the constraints placed on gasoline, shipping away food, and the latest: shipping away our fertilizer.  Not to mention the very loud "We could be nuked" message, that is absent.

With Elon buying Twitter (we found out that the staff there were paid to do what they did), Biden has decided to move more stridently toward directing the public narrative by creating a Ministry of Truth- he will tell you the truth, and his controlled sources will echo those truths- no matter how many people die, no matter if it makes sense to expose ourselves to nuclear risk over nothing important to us, etc.  Making this a state run operation is at least 50X as bad as Nixon's behind the scenes operators.  They want to screw us, and look good too.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Jefferson's Freedom of Religion

 If a foreign religion allows the marriage of 10 year olds, and those people come to our country, are they free to exercise their religious beliefs without restraint?   Its a fairly relevant question just now, with the Afghans moving in.  Can pedophiles escape jurisdiction if they show they are following Afghan religious precepts?

Thomas Jefferson is largely responsible for stipulating that the government shall not restrain religious practice, and in this he included the Hindus and Muslims.  How widely traveled was Mr Jefferson?  Well, he spent a great deal of his life in Virginia- but he did travel as far north as Chimney Point, VT, in the US.  This is half a degree in latitude south of Wausau, where I live.  Mr Jefferson traveled west as far as Spring Falls, VA.  To be fair, he did visit England once, and Italy.  But he was self-schooled and over time acquired lots of books.  So he may have read about the Griffin.    We may assume his knowledge of people was limited, and hence his understanding was academic and somewhat impractical.

We have seen religious incongruities in America-  Plus, several groups huddled up within our country since its inception to avoid religious conflict.  First, there are the American Indians.  I WAS SURPRISED to find out the Great Spirit promised the land to the Indians and that it would remain free for their use.  Nothing wrong with that religious belief.  Based on religious confusion they still believe that the continental US belongs to them.  They were willing to fight for their way of living, in direct confrontation with our laws, which gave control of land to our government, to be given and sold to US citizens.  The Indians, for the sake of appeasement, were given reservations to live on, much smaller than the free range they had, but extensive considering their population.

Now if the Indians wanted to come to the US, with their Great Spirit, should we have let them in?  Jefferson would say yes, and they had the right to live according to their own customs(inc religion).  This would lead directly to a confrontation over land and a war.  Obviously that would be an error.  Before they were allowed in, they had to give up their expectation of land use, or they would be incompatible with our laws and customs.  If their religion led them to kill settlers, then their religion would be invalid.

Thanks for the horse! Thanks for all the land!

Suppose the Indians came from India, and wanted to move to the US.  Lets say they were fighting with other factions there, and wanted more space and freedom.  Should we let them come?  Howe would we know if they were suitable, or perhaps a chronic problem?  The answer here might be surprising, but ... if they converted to Christianity in India, then they would be compatible for they would obey and respect our laws, and not some other laws.  IF they had not given up their own religion, they could move here in ever larger numbers until they would impose their own laws, and then.. it would be a huge problem.  This is our own custom for accepting foreign people as our own citizens.  Most Indians converted eventually to Christianity and many moved off the reservation.

Then there is the strange story of the Mormons.  They are obviously a social residual, having a free mind, desiring to take polygamy off the stone tablets, claiming themselves to be a lost tribe of Israel, and these tribes apparently practiced polygamy, as did other Semites in the Middle East.  There is basically the same problem with Afro-American Blacks claiming to be Muslims and accepting polygamy.  Christian values underlay our laws and polygamy is prohibited.  The latest challenge was the Davidian sect in Utah, they believing like the Mormons, the wild west still existed and you could make it into anything you wished.  Not so.

The Mormons stood alone, doing it their Way.

The Mormons were forced to move twice as far West as Daniel Boone, Boone saying the government and taxes were against his religion.  They wanted to escape Eastern society, and they did for a time- but eventually they had to accept Christianity and our government.  We no longer have free space like the Mormons found in Utah.  In fact there is no free land here, at all anymore.  The only free land to be found is up in the Yukon, under special conditions of use.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Acting in Faith

God instructed Joshua to march around Jericho seven times with priests blowing trumpets. There arose people in the divine Spirit, who acted outwardly and quickly extinguished the wayward people of Jericho. They were captured or taken up into this, and acted in accordance with God's wishes. It was a type of rapture. 

 God is transcendent. He can call to individuals, and through them to groups. In this manner, God convenes with men, for the sake of altering man's existence. This might mean 1 person, or all humanity. We have a free will. Acting in concert with God's wishes is a choice, but for men of God their faith is determinant. To bring about divine changes in our world, we must carry forth his wishes in our societies. 

 Some believe Christian rapture is like the Protestants believe- that we will literally rise into the clouds as if by an anti-gravity beam. I doubt that. It would make the "end" like Heaven's Gate- the cult. That is in fact senseless, and untransformative. What is required is a turning toward the spirit, a slower process, requiring more of us than merely yielding up our soul, or body and soul. 

 There are people who say it is a good day, the sun is shining and God is in his heaven. This came from the era of Henry VIII.  It was the ascendency of an aristocratic order over the ecclesiastic.  They are relating that rapture events can be fearsome. But undoubtedly, at times this is entirely necessary to correct conditions that have strayed beyond Christian forbearance. The necessity for the transient assertion of divine action, is needed lest God be dead and our lives determined by a select elite. There is a danger of being mislead in this, but God's calling is clear, unambiguous, and unmistakable according to those in the know. It will not be about money, or sex, or power for a man, but following Christ's lead. 

 How many times has God called to men, or a man? Look at St Paul. That was 1 incident that set the course for Paul's entire life.. NO doubt, many, many times. How often have men stared at a den of iniquity beyond bearing, and nothing is done? Satan dances. For normalcy to obtain, Godly actions must arise as often as needed to keep our lives stable and safe. How often have your heard: "It is not right, but what can be done?" In recent times, a Jericho March was held at the Capitol Building in DC. Jews were called to convert to accepting Jesus. Many things were happening, but it was a calling for them, to correct the corrupted election system and restore the Will of the People, which is a protected thing, by the people of faith. Without them, it is nothing but a ruse. I did not receive this calling, but I would be susceptible to act if called. It clearly is an important responsibility.

When people declared their Christian conscience would not permit them to fight in WWII, they referred to the fifth commandment - but this does nothing to distinguish a moral war from an immoral war.  That Christians might have to fight, is obvious if Christendom is significantly altered, for we must defend our faith and way of life.  In the area in which I live many were against the war - Christians against Christians.  We knew a resolution could be found between civilized people. However, It was the elites that demanded it, and Jewish industrialists that activated it for profit, just like in the Ukraine and now Belarus.  The resistance to the European war unfortunately was too weak, and so it happened.  The faith of men and their call to action was too weak.  They faltered.  Today Jews are assaulting other countries for profit, and will not stop because it is how they make their money.  Whose life will pay for that? In WWII in Europe 60M died.

We live in perilous times.  Men are not be called to conscience, but rather told to have no conscience.  Many here expect to live off free money, derived from Chinese toil.  How long would that last?  Without corrective action, how long can our drifting culture remain stable?  We might avoid war with China if we are reasonable, and if 300M Christian Chinese have the requisite influence.  If all they do is light a candle, and fail to distinguish Communism from Christianity, their influence would be small.

Perhaps rapture is the wrong word, for that suggests a very strong interaction- but divine transcendence can be anything, perhaps a mere summons of some kind.  The attempt to describe these, often suffer for a lack of words.  Many have described being afraid, shocked, ... but not everyone.  Moses went right up, and got the tablets.  The hesitancy to act has often been described, but often the alternative to acting and following God  is even worse than one's fear for oneself.  At  the Jericho March, Jews were converted merely from experiencing the event, and being asked.  Pretty good.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Blow Your Horn, Ye Followers of Faith!

 September 1 is the Jewish Feast of Toruah, which usually precedes the Jewish New Year, but these Days they are conflated into one entity- a blast for the Jewish New Year, but actually Toruah commemorates God telling Joshua to instruct the Israelites to blast their horns to conquer Jericho.  It was a solemn occasion, later becoming a holy period in which Jews recalled their covenant with God, and atoned for their sins- prior to the New Year blast.

IT is fair to say, The JEWs have left the building.  They do not honor their commitments to God, and do not recognize Jesus, the Christ, and Messiah to whom the covenant was passed.  Small wonder they have forgotten Toruah, except for noisemakers at their New Years- I would doubt if they actually observe even that. The Jewish community is contaminated with people I call the Latter Day Israelites, and they are mostly people who are anti-Christian, that is they would not convert to Christianity as they drifted around Europe, so they identified as Jews - Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  connecting themselves this way, they have influenced Jewry down old paths of faithlessness: the worship OF  Beelzebub (Mammon), Ashtaroth  (free sex), and Lucifer (Power through Deception and Evil device).  As one prominent "Jewish" Epstein-island-abiding spokesperson put it: " In America you can worship as you please, and it is fair to say that most Jews decided not to be people of faith".

He might be right, but I know there are faith-abiding Jews also.  In academia they were hard working, honest, and undertook reforms, and followed the rules of ethical behavior - but there were others.  I do not know why they were so good, but they were.  In other arenas the story is the same - some who are good, and many who are not.

I also know America is largely Christian.  We have not accepted generally, anti-Christians, and this includes the faithless Jews.  AS a practical matter this is true, even if legally it is stated otherwise.  We felt safe as long as our Judas-Christian ethics were embedded into the law.  Now it is changing and not for the better.  Christians get the brunt end of both sides of the stick: liberty that includes anti-Christians, and legal impositions imposed on Christian schools, day-care centers and hospitals, that are non-Christian.  In other words, liberty seems to apply to others but not to them.

If Jews do not care, we care about the captive people led by God who acquired a promised land.   It is part of our American tradition: people coming to a new land to obtain religious freedom.   It is part of our Christian tradition:   We study Moses, who was a pious and devout man.  The prophets of old were fulfilled in Christ.  

I, as a Christian, am going to celebrate Toruah.  This is a closing of the eclectic gate, and the opening of the gate of the faithful.  I am going to celebrate the fall of Jericho, by tooting my horn, in  its first blast.  I am going to direct it against the faithless Jews, really Bedouins, and entreat the faithful to join Christianity.

Here is what we are facing- Harvard, the best 2nd best academic center in our country, having a chaplain openly declare himself to be an atheist.  Whose kid is he?  Does he keep an office hour?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

US Science : Verdict?


You might have noticed, scientists rarely are sued, or taken to court, at least regarding a scientific question.  This is not because they are beyond reproach, but rather legally they are exempt from examination of their process and data.  Despite this they are asked to draft their opinions on important political matters and the bearing that science has upon decision making.  In American courts the people in the courtroom are considered mentally incompetent compared with the scholars and reputed experts.  We would not want judges to decide scientific questions.  On the other hand  scientists are known to lie, invent data, and be proxies for political interests, and foreign interests.  Just because they are credentialed, does not mean they will tell the public the truth, and the whole truth.

This sacrosanct position of the scientist in court, is possibly a throwback to early America and rule by aristocrats.   It is a way for them to choose a man with a beard who will tell people what they want them to say.  He probably has a deep voice, and wild looking eyes so if you disagree with him, you might be slightly afraid.    And if you do not believe him, they can eventually produce five more.  Without a resort to a courtroom process, the final verdict depends on what you think of what you are being told.  How much lying and equivocation can you accept?  Currently they are influenced by socialism.  One such person stated he would not want to work hard and make discoveries for this government.  So conveniently he takes lots of time off, sabbaticals, vacations, leaves of absence, and just plain staying at home or somewhere most of the time.  If asked, he can write a paper without much fear of someone examining his process, or his data.  They are the only profession in which a million dollars can be spent, with the produce being a few printed sheets of paper.  Although we would like to elevate socially people of intellect and knowledge, we must also reserve our praise, for they are known to publish plagiarized material for decades in some cases, without rebuke.

Al Gore as junior senator, was shocked that eminent men he held to have high standards of integrity, were actually lying right to his face, and later admitted to doing so without embarrassment.  From this arena has evolved the concept of global warming.  Would you trust these people to being you back some monkey bones from Africa and tell you they were from a human ancestor?  We have oft been lead down the primrose path.

I believed, since human lives were at stake, that the biological sciences were better.  At worst, they would want to do no harm.  However these days, with so many nationalities involved in research, it is not clear whether or not they might wish to harm people.  Ben Goldacre blew the lid off the autoclave pot, saying they rigged trials, terminated students who had findings contrary to the people who funded their projects, and ..., inter alia, faked their publications, inventing data, making up graphs and whole studies to increase their publication count.  Recently a Harvard medical scientist stated at least half the publications in major medical journals were just articles published for the sake of supporting some company or pill.  Essentially the researchers are like blackmailers.  IF you pay them they write nice papers, otherwise not so much.

Is real US science dead?  One might wonder, it certainly seems to be going that direction.  Without national production, the interaction real researchers need is often missing.   Here is the US they cannot experiment on animals and are told to use a culture in a petre dish instead for their experiments.  How can they compete with the Chinese who are willing to harvest organs from people?   IF there is some kind of mysterious purpose behind the Covid vaccinations,  what could it be?  This research could have been done in secret in many places.  Convening a panel probably could not answer your questions.  It is a reason to be suspicious of these vaccines. 

Images of red blood cells taken a month after inoculation, shows they have irregular shapes and tend to clot throughout one's entire body.  White blood cells seem to be ingesting broken and misshapen red blood cells.  This obviously has nothing to do with creating immunity, and seems to be a side effect of the nRNA process.  Smaller bodies, possibly remnants of spike proteins, are seen to be covered in iron- organic complexes as if they directly annihilated a blood cell.  This had led some to believe metallic nanoparticles were included in the shots.  Trying to get to the bottom of who is responsible for the large numbers of people with adverse reactions to the vaccines, is simply not possible.  Smoke and mirrors.  Just to find out some simple facts is not easy because of all the lies and misrepresentations,  No one can see notebooks of the scientists, and they cannot be prosecuted for malfeasance and lying to the public.  If you present these images of broken red blood cells to a researcher in pharma, the person might tell you honestly they have no idea what is happening there- some kind of blood anomaly.   Might it be involved in immunity production?  Maybe, maybe not.  They do not understand the whole body, just in order to make a pill or vaccine.

They have yet to get Hillary Clinton into court.  How likely could you get scientists to testify in court and to be cross-examined and asked to present their data and findings for examination?  But that is what we need, if we are to trust the authority of scientists.  It is easy to do.  Who wants to do it?


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Our Government's Internal Struggle


The fact that I am typing this, suggests there is an unchecked faction contending with operatives within our government that are a danger to us.  We can see this in this in the immigration situation, which in the struggle is out of control and a danger to the public.  We can see this also also in the Covid situation.

Let me describe the battle in the realm of Covid.  The first sign of a serious problem is Fauci outsourcing possibly dangerous studies to China, when a moratorium on these studies was imposed because of their potential danger, and because they were essentially weaponizing viruses.    While these activities were banned here pending an evaluation, Fauci transferred them to the Wuhan Lab in China, one would think would be a far more dangerous place for them to be.  The case for operatives with our government that are acting contrary to our nation's interests, is clearly evident here.  Not only were they transferred, but Fauci paid $600K for them to do the work in China.  IF China grabbed the viruses and experimented on their own, you could call it espionage, and weapons research in China.  But since Fauci paid for it - he would be implicated as an accomplice.   Let us recall here all the global deaths reported, that have arisen from this, including many Americans. 

Fauci not only did this, but he helped to implement the Chinese plan to contain the virus, rather than our own national plan.  This involved breaking our own national laws and locking people down with threat of  arrest.  Our own plan would have been far more effective, and would not have violated our laws.  We See again, Fauci was acting according to plans created by interests outside our government, heedless of our own laws, and largely in agreement with the Chinese.  If national forces were involved they would have checked into FAuci and the Gain-of-Function studies.  They would have examined the dates of the various variants and where they arose.  They would have compared the viruses in the US with those in China.  They would have checked the PCR testing, and halted the panic and fear campaign that was created.  They would have taken steps to keep the virus away from the elderly, rather than exposing them.

And if this is not enough to convince you of foreign intervention in our national policies, consider the vaccines.  At least twice, the strict national policies of the US were brought to bear on vaccines that had serious side effects on people, with  the exception of allergic reactions.  IF a few people showed the same adverse reactions, the vaccine was immediately pulled, and substitutes were sought.  IN THE COVID case reports to VAERS, a self reporting mechanism of the CDC showed thousands of adverse reactions, many similar, that showed a very serious adverse reaction with the blood, resulting in deposition of iron from the destruction of blood cells and clotting.  This immense adverse effect is being ignored.  It is estimated that millions worldwide have been killed or maimed through vaccination.  They are still promoting the vaccine, even for those who have no need for it.  Do you hear the call for the stoppage of their use?  No- not at all.  Why not?  The media are reporting vaccinations as a drive toward higher numbers.  They are oblivious to deaths from them, and people being vaccinated who would not have had any trouble if they had been exposed to C19.  Not only that, but in the UK, even people vaccinated who are proven to be exposed to the virus, are being told to lockdown.  They think C19 is transmissible even if you have had the vaccine.  So it would appear it has no protection from transmission, which means it is not even a legitimate vaccine.

Still we go on.  More vaccination, as people begin to request more information about the Wuhan Lab as the source of the virus.  As the summer here i nthe US begins, and cases are falling, we know that they have changed the PCR tests so fewer positives are reported, and also the vaccines are being given.  They are saying it is showing that the vaccines are dropping the infections rates, but they have not shown that at all.  They had to get the vaccines in, or it would become obvious they were not at all needed.

Why not suppress the VAERS reporting?  Because there are those who continue to use the old practices, that confront the hand waving people trying to get the vaccines into people.  Why promote HCQ and Ivermectin?  Because doctors know there are functional therapeutics available that were intentionally ignored and they told people this.  While we are being intentionally fed incorrected and misleading information, people are dying.  There is a purge of the elderly being promoted, especially among the Cuomo crowd.  This is very unamercian.  We do not have a problem with the numbers of our elderly.  Why are they being put to death for the slightest reasons?  It seems we are doing so, so that it covers the need for the French, English,  and Germans to do so.  How frightful, and unnecessary.