Sunday, March 7, 2021

Circling back


What is this all about?

I believe the Democrats really did not expect to win the election, and frankly they were unprepared to run the government, this despite the apparent win in the election.  I believe there is considerable dishevelment behind the scenes and Biden is not actually physically able to be president.  Also no one wanted Kamilla the gorilla either., but somehow they won the election.

These people are not right to run the country, and the country knew it last November.  You might see in the stimulus bill the Demos copying the TRump administration.  Their administrative policies are not wanted, even though they control both houses.

I am just saying, could it be it is just a matter of time until the TRump administration circles back?  Many people are thinking this way, and wouldn't it be good to get rid of some of the old hands in Congress - that have been there for eons, who frankly are porked to the gills and really have no idea of what sensible governance is all about.  Pelosi should know HR-1 is totally unconstitutional.  My God, how could she be speaker?

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Good Shepherds in Congress



The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who doesn't own the sheep, sees the wolf coming, leaves the sheep, and flees. The wolf snatches the sheep, and scatters them. ...

IT had been a different America, when we fought just wars, and contained the enemy, and we judged our legislators by whether or not they were willing to help protect the country in this way.  Today most prominent leftist politicians have never fought for their country, men or women, although there are a few exceptions.   If the ruling class does not fight, and they are the ones that instigate these conflicts, then what is going on?

A man who owned a grocery store had it burned down by a street mob.  Perhaps for no reason, or maybe he charged too much for a candy bar, or .. perhaps because he caught someone passing a bad check, or stealing from the store.  Because the state refused to adjudicate these cases he was left without legal remedy, and the criminals are at large.  The man may have to leave the state to find a place where he can find protection of his property and his person.  If he does not he may be hit again, and possibly murdered.  There were restaurants in Madison senselessly set ablaze.  This is what Muslims do - the laws not applying to protect non-Muslims.  They clear the ground. The good shepherd, however, protects his sheep, and does not let them come to harm.

If the sheep stray,. the good shepherd brings them back into the fold.  For if some stray, so too would others, bringing the flock to harm.  When we see people like Biden, pretending to be a member of the faithful, I would not want to discourage his consideration of doing so, but I could not accept his pretending to be a member of the faithful when he is not.  For Cris sake, he is supposed to be the shepherd..  What he is really is a wolf in shepherd's clothing.  How many others in Congress are the same?  When they stray, who brings them back into the fold?

The entire flock is at risk.  WE are not being treated like a flock, but we are being locked down and scattered, and assaulted even without reason, and there is little response to protect us, and our shepherd doesn't even want to answer any questions about this.

Thankfully our true master, and the Shepherd above all shepherds, is our Lord.  The mystical body of Jesus, watches over us.  HE is the one that protects us.  He is the one that protects us from the wolves.  And he is the one that brings those that stray back into the fold - not because he wishes to control us or degrade us, but because he loves us.  By our faith he is our owner, and this underscore the importance of ownership- we are his and he is ours.  He cares about our well being, and increases the quality of our lives. 

Isn't it time for Jesus to break a few legs?

Friday, March 5, 2021

Managing Risk?

 I am not good at managing risk.  It is not that I am uninterested at doing that, but that analytically, I am unsure of how to do that exactly.  I suppose many people live a life that is risk adverse - playing it safe - and perhaps therefore they never do things they could have done because of fear of the unknown.  On the other hand it often happens people take high risks without actually realizing it, and the result is wholly destructive to them, like the people who backed off a cliff at the falls at Yellowstone Park, who slipped and fell taking a photo.

In politics you never know exactly what the consequence might be - if an action will have no effect, or create a small initial effect that will in time build into a large effect.  When many potentially destabilizing processes are ongoing and interacting, this might lead some to believe it is beyond calculation to say what the consequences of an action might be, so it is possible to say perhaps you are not the instigator of something negative- you could just blame it on something else.

Who assesses the risks in your federal government?  WHO assesses the risks?  Biden is not doing that.  He cannot put two sentences together from his own head.  It is disconcerting to me, the fact he is signing those edicts from the oval office, basically oblivious to the consequences of his actions.  If someone told him to press the big red button, some believe he would just press it like crossing a todo element off a list.

 So what is going on?  Ongoing Riots in the streets, possible attack on the Capitol Bldg., a very risky relationship with China, the insolvency/instability of our economy, an invasion of our borders by people unknown, with consequent damage to our institutions because they are unnaturalized, often dangerous, and are uncounted and unassessed.  Do not get me wrong here, but who is the monkey who is doing the assessing of the risks?  I hope its not the same people who invested in China to just happen to destroy all liquidity in international banking because of bad loans.

Bill Bennet said his gambling was not a problem because he could cover it.  Well, isn't the country in a state, intentionally created, in which we cannot any longer cover it?  IT seems like there are people like AOC who think, possibly because of quantitative easing, that they can always print money and everything is okay.  Actually that is not so.  We have already seen the prices of meat and all food rise, gas prices have risen recently, and housing prices also.  There are increasing fears of a larger inflation.  Do not weep for us, Argentina.

How can they run the government this way?  They do not even know how many illegal aliens there are.  How can they legislate without this central fact?  How  many people are living off public subsidies and what is our government's solution to this?  There are gross violations of the welfare system in parts of the nation, and ... what appears to be a fake health crisis for the sake of inducing the government to pay out more for vaccinations.  When are they going to investigate and fix these things?


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Legislating as usual

Everything is back to normal in our federal government.   They are busy legislating the Covid-19 bailout, and the Immigration bill.  

Wait a moment!  Are they doing this from within the Green Zone?  You cannot argue with the numbers.  These reps have alienated everyone, including the president.  It is nice to get a check in the mail, but not so nice to see prices increase for commodities like food.  What people need is sustained income, not this.  The Covid crisis is over, to almost everyone but Pharma and our reps.  Perhaps that is why these people have very low public support.  They are all unliked.  P. Trump gets twice as much approval compared to Biden, who is fairly unliked.  In fact it hardly seems like he knows what he is doing, and he seems largely oblivious to how much he is detested.

They pulled that stunt at the Capitol Bldg to coverup the voting scandal.  So what is next?  Well, if Biden left office, that could be okay.  He could take Harris with him.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

First Strike Strategy

 When Obama decided to compromise our national security by allowing China to make parts for vehicles in our military, we were forced into a first strike posture, for if we delayed at all, we wouldn't have parts for making more vehicles, or repairing old ones.  

Still there was great resistance to the idea that we should make our own parts, and build our own vehicles.  IF we did this tensions might be eased with conventional interactions, without the need of an all out first strike.

Now, in the present state of affairs, we might have to worry about carrying out a first strike.  Besides Biden being unable to operate the football, we should be worrying about the security and stability of our channels of communication.  If I were an enemy of the USA, that is where I would be spending my time.  Can we secure these channels, or do we depend on Chinese equipment there also?

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Troops in Syria?


We are seeing the Left roll out the assault on the Ukraine, once again.  This is presumably so the sons of the governmental officials can start skimming big money.  The plan is simple and we have all seen it before.  They present an opposing agent to press Putin, and well as attack Syria to threaten the Russian base there.  In this way they hope to gain concessions in the UKraine - next the eastern Ukraine gas fields.

They told us they would not put troops into the Ukraine, but look at all our expenditures- operations in Russia, the interface with the mob in the Ukraine, and troops in the Middle East.  AND for what?  Hunter's coke parties?

Biden is not calling the shots here - it is the NSC, and Soros who is.  I do not care about the Ukraine.  Let the Ukrainians have it.  I do not care to topple Assad either.  This is BS.  

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Urban Angst

There is a concern, like in Malls of homosexuals making out,  that Oreo cookies (really artificial food, perhaps even with bioactive gender bending chemicals included) will create a small wave of public Weltschmerz.  You know, like when you came up on a person with lovely long hair and thought to introduce yourself, just to find out - she has a beard and a low voice.  Damn, am I embarrassed now!

This happens, and of course they tell you it is only 0.25% of the population.  But hey, once it is encountered and people do not react, I swear it increases.  You run into more of this social confusion.  Man or a woman?  It is the first thing a social being wonders about.  For some it is the fear of them taking down their trousers and hey, great embarrassment.   People have been shot over this sort of thing.  It is sort of rule 1 of high etiquette: Present yourself socially, as who you are.  And this includes your sex.

True as it may be, all social interactions do not involve sex- but even so, "Excuse me sir, or ahem, madam!".  God am I embarrassed now.  Excuse me could you answer a question for  me?  If you ordered a wedding cake for yourself, how would you have it made?

To lessen the Weltschmirz, would it be too much to ask, to have the external expression of oneself, match the internal parts?  It may not feel like you, but if you look down there, to that God gave you and it matches your outward appearance, hey- that is you.  If you are still confused, after looking down there,  howsa about just choosing one or the other and just sticking with it?