Thursday, April 8, 2021

A nail removes the other nail.

The last time civil violence broke out, it was in the Obama administration, as people vied for civil service type jobs in police and fire departments, and in the post office.  Postal workers went postal, as they took revolvers to work in their trunks.  Obama declared they needed to make the police exams easier so Blacks could qualify.  

Biden is on the precipice and hardly seems aware of this.  He is about to unleash a major flood of new workers into the US workforce by giving 100M illegals a green card.  .This will mean everyone will be fighting for jobs- to retain jobs they have, or to acquire a job.  Imagine including a $!5 minimum wage, that will pinch off the labor pool also, and ... it is tantamount to a civil war.  You cannot just do these things when there are people involved in such large numbers.  It is madness.  It is intentionally causing pervasive civil strife.

What can you do?  Get a firearm.  Try to get some bullets.  Bulk up, lose the fat.  Close off the forerunners - the coffee bean salesmen,  the marijuana dealers, and drug pushers.  AND demand limits to transfers to the national economy.  You might ask the question why we are bringing workers here when we could be hiring them from outside our country.

And remember Che: “The walls of the educational system must come down. Education should not be a privilege, so the children of those who have money can study.”


Monday, April 5, 2021


This according to a new report from DPI/WSSI. ( DPI Report )

"Science is cultural & situated within human understandings & norms of its time, which means it has historically been created & used as part of oppressive systems...still tends to reflect a white, male, heteronormative perspective"
Actually Science, like politics is not sexual, or racial. There is a necessary aptitude many people lack. It is bad to have gangs enter into Science- it is a source of serious corruption often, the groups having few ideas other than a sense of entitlement.

We have seen Black/Hispanic gangs enter into politics to overthrow the government, and entitle themselves. They are anti-government. In Science it is the same, they are anti-Science. Who needs gangs in our institutions?

What is the Black idea for transforming Science? They need to foster intellectual development in their groups, so there is a purpose. What is the idea for community development for Blacks? I have not heard any besides just stealing money from the Treasury instead of the Stop-N-rob store.
Hey Bro - Space is mostly Black man.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

S(he) is Killing the Competition

 The issue sucking all the air out of the room currently is about transsexuals in sports.  SO we will be voting on this hot issue and ignoring the Marxification of the political sphere, and the nonattendibility of established law, so we can vote over the miniscule number of people in sports that spoil the competition with large hormonals contrasts with the rest of the competitors.  This is kinky stuff, of little actual consequence.  

I was discussing this subject with a rustic individual, and he said he cannot imagine what sexual identity is.  I mean what if a person decided to be the opposite sex tomorrow, what would that person think of himself, and what would his family think?  WE are taking healthy people, and confusing them about their sex.  They are not gender-bendable.  The people who are, hermaphrodites, except for a very few, have no trouble selecting their sex, and living with it.  They have no confusion.  So why take healthy people, and make them mentally ill?  Not only this, but purse toting men, are often assaulted because they destroy women's sense of security, arouse fear of mental illness, and spoil the sport.  You really cannot disconnect identity from the biology.  It is fairly obvious that transsexual women should race with the men, or have their own race. 

According to CNN, they cannot figure out your sex at birth

Friday, April 2, 2021

Pageantry of Ancestry


There exists a natural form of Diversity that developed from variations in  the spoken word.  Populations fell into geographical niches.  We can ponder the significance of this.  One advantage of this is the natural adaptation of the culture to their place.  Also the separation between cultures created racial distinctions that strengthened biologically the human race as a whole.  We might see this playing out today, some people sickened by a disease, and others not.

We cannot create an identity for ourselves.  Our biology and past determine who we are.  We all in some way worship our ancestry.  Who can forget their mother and father?  Do we not honor our mother and father to be their son or daughter?  Who wants to forget their families, or where their families came from?  Our traditions provide coloration in our world, just as birds have different colored feathers.  We cherish these traditions, and are amused and share in the traditions of other cultures.  It may be argyle socks, or a distinctive hat, but it is part of who we are, and it gives us an identity without which we would have none.  It is also a remembrance of our families and their traditions.  From our differences flow the spices of life for every culture.

AS cultures encounter one another more intimately, can we preserve our cultural identities without destroying one another?  Perhaps we should reduce our cultures to shades of gray, as in Communism.  To preserve our cultures, we must rid ourselves of our demigods, those that say our culture is above all others.  What is needed is a sense of spiritual unity, one that honors all of humanity, for its own sake and coloration.  We must be willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole.  We can maintain our cultural niches, by living sustainably, but also in the longer term, adaptively.

I can not think of any better example of sacrifice than Jesus.  He was willing to die for the sake of others, rather than killing others for the sake of himself.  Before you reject Jesus out of hand as as the foreign imposition of a God upon you, consider the possibility that he is the advanced, evolved Godhead, the one that can bring redemption and salvation to everyone.  We do not need to forget our Odens, or Pachamamas, but need to realize they are the precursors in our cultures of the one great God of the Heavens, that will save and redeem them onto future generations.

At first, the leaders of the world will have to accept Christ, or at least his example.  They must be willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole, even onto rebirth if necessary.  We cannot tolerate nations that declare their supremacy, or they will destroy the whole world.  Nor can we tolerate cultures that declare their supremacy and they will conquer all else.  Nor can we tolerate cultures that say they only wish their independence.  They are Evil.  We all have a part to play in our global future.  We all must be willing to sacrifice for the sake of others, not because we are weak, but because we care about humanity.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fighting for your Rights


 Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am in distress.

Deliver me from the hands of my enemies and those who pursue me.

O Lord, let me never be put to shame, for I call on you. (Ps 31)

We are reminded of early Christians, who resisted Roman rule they considered to be brutal.  If you resisted you face accusations and possible arrest.  It is like now, with Marxists in the government.  The courts are not enforcing laws, and cavalierly may find you guilty of spurious charges because you resist them.  You are Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a dissident, to them. This is happening here in WI by Evers and Co.,   These people in our government, ignoring our laws and harassing our residents, are placing good people behind bars, with large fines.  People are being evicted.  They are showing people that resistance can only harm you.  This is a version of what happened in the streets when people guarded their shops and were knocked down and kicked by a group of rioters.  There is a direct link here between the government and these rioters.

A lady defied orders from the state of Michigan health Dept by allowing her restaurant to remain open.  She said the state had no right to close down her business.  Shortly after this the state allowed restaurants to remain open, but they continued the process against this owner as an example to anyone who would defy the government.  She is now in jail and fined for saying she was defiant.  TC_story

I know of another case in WI, in which a  state judge ignored the enforcement of the law against a business, and totally ignored the rights of a person that were protected by these laws.  The penalty to a person involved like this might be eviction, large financial indemnities, or even jail, etc.  a court proceeding may go against someone for being a Christian, or White.

These problems exist in at three states: WI, MI, and IL.  What can you do?  

Can you trust your government?  High skepticism probably is in order.  Avoid legal confrontations with the system if at all possible.  

This reminds me- should you truest their vaccine?  There are those who believer that Covid-19 was created in the lab, to deliver the vaccine to you for some unstated purpose.  Should you trust the government when it comes to this vaccine?  Surely, since they control the press and have not controlled people like Gates who visited Epstein's Island, and there seems to be an outside the country influence in this, I would say you have only yourself on whom you can rely.  It would have been different if you saw the government taking on high tech, making them toe the line with privacy, making the big companies respect the first amendment, but they did not.  It would be different if they respected the free press and allowed free discussion, instead of censorship- but they did not.  And we know the first party our government controls is us.  We are the recipients of their programs, whatever they are, and there is no transparency here is there?  If there is some kind of health program out there on the horizon for us- it may not be the kind we would accept, or want.  My advise: until there is transparency, stay away from the health care system as much as possible.  Wait until there is a leader that can talk extemporaneously, that you can believe represents your interests.

WE must come to the aid of those being oppressed, and watch for death panels in our hospitals. Networked Social workers, many in their twenties,  are stealing away our rights to control how the elderly are treated, and THIS MUST BE STOPPED.


Friday, March 26, 2021

Good aspects of Absentee Ballot Voting


As long as absentee balloting is not abused it is a viable way to do elections.  As long as there is an earlier registration with proper ID, and the person filling out the ballot is witnessed by a US citizen, it is okay to vote this way.  It is the mechanism for answering the call to vote in times of a contagion.  I believe it is still best to vote at a polling place, because it gives you a sense of being patriotic, and participating in our chosen social process of electing our leaders.  I would get the opposite feeling using a mail-in ballot of some other kind, one without proper registration, and no oversight on the handling of ballots.  I am proud of WI for requiring an ID for voting.  Thanks Guv Walker!  There is still a problem in Milwaukee- people delivering the vote after midnight somehow.  No doubt that affected the gubernatorial election, and the recent presidential election.  This is a shame- almost all of the rest of us voted properly.  There is also the possibility that a few counties had their vote flipped through external agency.  All they had to do is have election people plug the voting machine into the internet.  To True the Vote, all you would need is a scissors.

I like absentee voting because you get a ballot to see before the election.  You can see ahead of time, who is running unopposed.  In the next county election there is a bad judge- but she is running unopposed, so she is doing the bidding of some people as judge.  Her seat is entirely politicized.  Too bad for all of us that enter her court.  You can also scope out the candidates some, and get a sense of who they are.  There  is a guy here running for judge that has been a fixture in our city government for several decades.  He looks like a drunk.  IF I hadn't a chance to reconnoiter his candidacy, I would not have known he was a crony of the worst kind.  Ballots should be accessible to people a set period prior to the election so slots can be filled that are empty and people have a chance to review the ballot.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Petrocarbons as Stimulus


The government gives us a check, and curtails energy production for the nation.  What is the consequence?  To cut back products, especially energy, is to plunge the country into a relative depression.  At the same time printing money and issuing a stimulus check definitely will devalue money.  It is the willful shutdown of the system by a step, a benefit to our adversaries like the Chinese.  To them, it is a call for more of their production, and for this they receive more US dollars, albeit a devalued dollar.  This places them into the geopolitical top seat, and one must wonder if the Biden brain is seeped with Chinese massages.

IT is hard to be a big fan of fracking, but this produced energy and shifted the energy equation positively.  Economically, the only problem is translating this into US production.  Instead it goes into exorbitant Kerry-travel, and domestic transport of foreign goods.  The best supply and demand economics is supported by the energy sector as a utility.  They will drive the price of energy into the ground with oversupply and if your curtail production, the price pops right up.  It is that vital.  Petrocarbon energy is our stimulus, what keeps us going.  So too is domestic production.  They need to diagnose the condition of national production in the light of concern for our security.  This is not happening. We are shifting  into a vassal state of China.  The international equation is not balanced, and we need to retract our support for them, and defend ourselves.  If not Elon Musk and his rocket will be similar to Kim Jung Un and his rocket- really not going anywhere - really just a show.

WE should not be afraid of using our Yankee Ingenuity and Energy.  We should not be destroying it, but instead using it, actually for ourselves, protecting this resource so we do not lose it.