Sunday, November 29, 2020

Revision in Voting Systems


If you own a computer, and obviously at least you are using one. you know Google can and does strafe your machine, and probably so does Microsoft, and the Chinese, and possibly the Russians.  They could be making small changes to your system and you would be oblivious.  Inside one of those updates, there could be anything- a virus, or a program to copy a directory to another location.  Many years ago already the attempt to control machines over the internet was established- you know - like remote control of aircraft, or ships.  If you have a cellphone data from your phone could be transmitted anywhere and most people would be totally oblivious. Apple placed location algorithms into its ROMs, so there are intrinsic modules in their phones.

So, if they place computers into voting halls, and connect them together, and one is connected to the internet, OBVIOUSLY anyone could alter things on those machines,  There is no question about that.  The question is who did it.  That is why it is a good crime.  It is hard to trace who did it.  We know this because crimes have been committed with computers and no one was found to be guilty.  In the NE for instance, someone spun up a turbine at a power plant, attempting to spin it to such high speeds it would explode.  We still do not know who did it.  Could have been a Russian, and perhaps the kid down the block.

Many system are still fairly wide open, and hence insecure.  They could place high levels of security into voting systems, and even use them to screen voters.  Nothing of this kind can be found.  These machines are fairly simple, as dumb as a slot machine.  They are there for one reason: in case someone wants to alter the tally, it is easy to do so, and it is also easy to obtain a current tally and transmit it somewhere.  You could imagine yourself on a modem doing this.

The limitations of these simple machines was fairly obvious all along, going back to when they were first used around the time of the Gore-Bush election.  People then stated paper ballots were secure, but these machines were a total joke.  We still have the same machines, more or less.  The machines are connected to Democratic operatives- fact.

So it seems our election system is totally insecure.  It is not the kind of system one would expect in a leading nation of the world, is it?  Have they been toggling votes since 2001?  Who decides what they wish to toggle, and who delivers the votes where?  Since electronic traces do not exist, and actually no internet traffic was blocked from anywhere during the election, anyone in the world could have altered the vote counts (recall it was Hillary that invited the Russians into her campaign, and where they might have become aware of our voting systems).  They are made to be fouled.  Tracing the party or parties that did it- almost impossible without gates, and on-the -fly security measures.  We have people who can just manage email, watching these machines.

It is possible to imagine P. Trump won the 2016 election, after all he was a populist and spoke to the issues important to most Americans.  This was after the existing parties went along with outsourcing all our jobs and telling us we are no longer needed, expecting to win with a facelift.   Fairly adept politics by P. Trump, right?  I think it is obvious, after the Mueller investigation as a payment, that the DNC undertook to fix this election since it is the only way they could win.  Biden made this obvious- he did not run and won.  He told us he would allow foreigners to invade the country, and what is wrong with China?  It is obvious the fix was in.  This is not like what P. Trump did to win. Rather than tantalize P. Trump by saying he cannot prove there was fraud and by whom- he should be asked how can the system be modernized so it works, and who was the likely culprit in fixing the election?  

I believe it was Soros et the Tides Foundation that did it.  Track the money if you can.  Like In Canada they were there far in advance of the election, and then moved out ahead of the deployment of these systems.  Like in the Ukraine, the infrastructure was set up by Soros.  Then operatives toggled the votes who were aware of these systems.

What now?  IT was an invalid election.  Fix the system and then go again.  I wonder how many races were affected?  I believe it would take two years to get secure systems in place.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Mr Joe Crasharoo


As P Trump is once again embroiled in a side issue, the nation is sliding into economic collapse.  there are many people out of work, partially because of C19.  These people cannot afford to pay rent.  There are also many home foreclosures in process.  And food lines.  It was just a week ago I was still being told there is nothing wrong with the economy. 

And what's your answer Joe?  First thing he shall issue executive orders to 1) Regulate the banking system 2) Reform the civil service, and 3) provide a jobs program called the CCC.  Oh wait that was FDR.  No- Joe is going to 1) open borders to unrestrained immigration, and 2) lift the ban on immigration from certain Muslim terror states.

When C19 is over, and many feel that will be when Joe takes over, the economy held up artificially by the Cares Act will collapse also.  Is it possible the people of the nation could have voted for Joe?

Almost certainly, we did not.  The vote was fixed, and not by minorities behind closed doors necessarily.  One sign of who was involved in overthrowing our election, was the ultimatum imposed by 160 companies on P Trump- vacate now, or we will not support Republican candidates in the Georgia election.  This is the sort of thing that does not care about the proper resolution of the election whatever.  Did they car about the election itself?  Would they have rigged the election?  Of course.  the people running these global companies are the enemy of the nation's people.  Joe did not win the election, and he surely knows that.  These people rigged up his win, or are acquiescing to it.  They want the weak leader in office to act as their proxy.  Biden as criminal is a tossaway anytime they want to rid themselves of him.  We might find comical Joe at the bottom of the reflecting pool.

What these companies are offering us is, well, nothing.  They promise a collapse, and ensuing chaos.  Have we been supporting them in the stock market, or through the use of their products?  Perhaps we should stop that.  Visa is one of the companies, the same that corrupted Nancy Pelosi.

We have faced the same process before.  Theodore Roosevelt has to bust the big Trusts, and he did that.  We can do it again. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020



Often it is thought that the Right is the Fascist faction, but no- rather it is the Left.  If you doubt it look to see who is censoring what.  The goal here is to control minds through controlling speech.  If they cannot do that Musk is working on controlling thought using electronic devices.  People on the Right believe in free speech and free will.   

With the the attendant social changes being made the socially violent reaction of ostracization to simple speech is startling and alienating in a country with the first amendment.  Even in Europe people are provoked to laughter because of things like religious totalitarianism that demands nonblasphemous speech by others outside their religion.  This contrast can be dangerous and is alienating to Western minds.

Through circumstances and partially by choice we are mixing very alien cultures.  What is the best way to do this?  The tendency for eastern people is to use social coercion to obtain conformity.  We would see this in the west as Fascism.  We have gone from a largely tolerant society, now to one that tolerates nearly nothing.  Gangs out there enforce their code.  Looking at today's headlines: Ken Jennings of "Jeopardy" is under assault for a wheelchair joke, a school administrator is out because of a homophobic statement, and a major editor of a feminist newspaper is out because the staff confronted her over transphobia.  People's lives ands careers are at stake.  We have lost our sense of humor and bounce.  People are losing their tolerance toward people with differing opinions, to the point of violent outbreaks.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?  WE have smashed alien cultures together leading to a lack of tolerance and we are on the verge of violence.  We have to be afraid that talking might destroy our careers and family.  The rigidity in employment opportunities is leading people to become extremely intolerant.  

Frankly, I have not learned the new pronouns and probably never will.  We are a western nation, and we believe in free speech.  That is our standard.  People who cannot tolerate free speech are guilty of hatred and hate crimes if they act out against the speech of others.  That is how we build tolerance: free speaking and jokes, which are often a friendly way of expositing a cultural contrast.  Like two alienated friends, we adjust to one another based on our understanding of one another.  This is not what happens with intolerance obviously.  Free speech is a bridge, no speech is a barrier.

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Live Exercise

WE all know what a live exericse is: Instead of pretending to fire guns, and run around like you are under attack, soldiers use live ammo, and make the event as close to reality as possible, for the sake of gaining experiential knowledge of the "real" thing. This can happen- becaue the exercise is closed, and it is a simulation, so you really cannot aim to kill someone, right? Instead of a pantomime, they act like it is real. Someone could get shot by accident, so there is that concern as they go through the exercise. An actually real event, would have to entail real combat, real enemies, and real death. that is not permissable. 

 Should it be allowed that the media could report combat taking place, as a report about a live exercise, treating the exercise as real? You could view this as just an extension of the exercise. But the public are not part of combat readiness, right? Should they be compelled to go along, frightened by the media, as though the military attack is real? I would say no. P. Kennedy had children drilled to prepare for a possible nuclear attack. There was a real danger in Cuba, of a possible missile launch. People were frightened, and possibly felt more secure knowing there was a plan of action in case of emergency. BUT this is different than announcing like Orson Wells, that we are under attack. Missiles have been launched. Duck and cover! Thousands have been exposed to radiation they do not know about it. Seek medical assistance if you have the following symptoms... Is that not so? This is more than a live exercise for the sake of preparedness. It involves people that are not part of the exercise by choice, so actually for them it is not an exercise, but the real thing. They might stampede over to emergency rooms, with people being trampled to death. Enemies of the state could actually spread real radiation about in the confusion. All of a sudden the action is real- it is an assault on the public brought on by a "live exercise". Creating real fear in the public arena, is just plain terrorism. They cannot be involved in a preventative exercise like this that intends to terrorize them, and subject them to all the consequences of that. It is against their basic rights to have the government, or any group do that to them. Terror is not needed for preventative drills, It is a way to take away people's rights. 

 What P. Obama did, most presidents would not have done before him- but then he is/was a Muslim, and the guy who gave the Iranians billions of dollars, overlooked Benghazi, praised US traitors like Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, wanted uncontrolled Muslim immigration into the US, etc. Could he have thought like a terrorist when it came to public policy? So, take the New Town school shooting. Although it is not totally clear even now, but it was a live exercise with actors presented to the public as a real shooting. Probably the people involved believed it was for a good purpose - to get the guns out of people's hands, especially AR-15 type weaponry, and to keep weapons away from children, and people with serious mental problems. Also it was a drill, right, so emergency people could act it out, and say they learned something about preventative measures - the use of door locks, of school security measures, there was a discussion of whether teachers should carry, etc. All this could happen without the fright created by the media, treating this as real, right? The use of fright, to scare people into giving up guns - is terrorism. Hollywood/Clinton may have actually organized this, and they implicated Obama in it. 

 The media are the bullets in the guns. How do they decide what they treat as real? Truthfulness in reporting had been goal number one. They wanted to court the public trust, for the sake of their commercial rating. but clearly they have departed from this- away from education as a tool, to overtly representing false events as real, to terrorize the public, for groups like Hollywood, for the Democratic Party, for the banks, for Google, etc. They are on the path to abandonment, as the public now routinely doubts anything they say, and they are often right about questioning the verisimilitude of the media. People no longer want to know if it is true news, they want to know what can be done about this. The media are treating fake events as real- riots, demonstrations, shootings, etc, and ignoring real events like fraudulent voting, the national debt, runaway visas, examining the dysfunction at the FBI and DOJ, and the corruption of public officials.

 Which brings us to the great reset we know as Gate's live exercise: the Pandemic. They appear to have frightened the public into lockdown, destroyed companies and businesses, and made off with trillions of dollars of public money. We are to believe it is because they are listening to Schwab, and imposing rule through fear using this as a device. Guess what? It appears Schwab is a Fascist, right? So who will save us? Could it be, ... the financial industry, and corporations and their backers? Will we run to the UN that has been rearranged by Soros? Who are the real Fascists here? Whoever they are, the last group whose opinion it is that matters is the general public. Someone asked: "What is this all for? How does corporate know which services and products the public wants?" We are seeing ourselves increasingly isolated, powerless, with electrodes in our heads eating largely vegetarian diets, unable to separate virtual reality and real reality. We do not need to escape Earth to go to Mars so the human race survives in the event of a nuclear war. We need to go there to live a life of self-determination, to follow our dreams, and to exhibit our creativity. We need to really seriously consider this. There are more promised catastrophes awaiting us. We are having the Pandemic exercise now, and tomorrow we have the EMP catastrophe, and the cyberattack catastrophe.  Are we prepared?

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Are the Tides Turning?

 A report on the conjunction of Soros' Tides Foundation, and Dominion, shows vote fixing is possibly part of an international process serving the globalists, specifically the World Economic Forum.  So, this is rather big news.  Globalists fixed the vote in our national election.

So the question is: "What are we going to do about this?".  Isn't it a direct assault on our country?  They would seem to be the enemies of democracy everywhere.  The obvious thing to do is to infiltrate their organization and destroy it.  What are the chances?

The name Dominion harkens back to its use in religion, and our "Lord's Dominion".  They are declaring their goal is to utterly dominate the globe.  How many smaller races have they already fixed, judgeships, mayors, Congressmen, etc?

Too bad Julian Assange is not out and about.  He could have have the whole nine yards, the fumblers unable to get a handle on much of anything.  Could be why he doesn't have access to a keyboard.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Therapy to overcome Homosexual attraction

Would this human be better off if he had Conversion Therapy?


Members of the extreme left are upset that two Trump appointed judges have determined that conversion therapy is not illegal.  This is according to the first amendment, the right to religion, and the state shall not interfere.  A good example is a priest who has same sex attraction, who wants to get over it so he can be a good priest, should have the right to find professionals who can help him.  The same is true for an individual who wishes to just change his orientation so he can identify differently.  Should counseling be denied to these people, to force them in one way or another? 

There was a woman connected with Howard University who identified as Black, although racially she was white.  If she sought conversion therapy to be white, should it be denied?  Should Blacks all scream- it is racial bigotry in action here?  Are they are trying to kill Aunt Jemimah?  If she is coaxed to convert then does this not harm her Aunt Jemimah soul?

Often under consideration is a child who has been molested, who has been abused by someone who somehow gained influence over the individual.  How could anyone deny them therapy to reverse the brainwashing they incurred?  What this might involve could by anything, including sexually corrupting the child.  For this reason, and because parents might deem it important for their child, in the child's own interest,  to undergo conversion therapy, shouldn't that approach be available to them?  

Legal proceedings are one thing.  They involve clashes between opposing groups, or are synthetic- created for the sake of argument.  In reality, however, you can always find a therapist willing to help a child, to overcome tendencies harmful to them, or to help with conversion as they transition from one situation to another.   It may not be called sexual conversion therapy but it is there to be found.  It is great to see this- to actually have the legal right to acquire therapy.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Urban Safety


There was a time you could walk down the street, and all you had to think about was identifying a pleasant smell emanating from somewhere.  After 9/11 this changed.  Smells created worries- "what is that?"  C19 is no different.  People are afraid elements exist in the environment, in products, sprayed on food, and possibly sprayed on the seats of mass transport, that could be endangering our health.  We faced ecoli problems from transported foods.  Internal social tension is making people afraid.  There exist many foreign elements, people who are our enemies who live among us.  There are many products in our country, that are made in foreign places, by people who do not know what noxious or dangerous materials are. and of they know, they do not care.

Do you recall the day that Ralph Nader led the way to Consumer Protection?  We do not hear much of that anymore.  Starting about 1995, consumer protection became a concern of the individual consumer.  You could go into Walmart or Kmart and see products with banned ingredients.  No one was telling you about it.  If dangerous elements were to be found in the subway, who would tell you?  The medical system is poor at recognizing environmentally dangerous substances, tending to interpret everything as biological. Many public health organizations these days, do not even measure lead in your water, even though they know aged inlet pipes exist with lead jointing.

Of recent concern is the recognition that many C19 symptoms could be explained by radiation exposure.  The extreme hypoxia could be explained by damaged red blood cells, and pneumonia induced by ionizing radiation.  Are we being poisoned by enemies of our state?  Is it possible food is being sprayed in supermarkets with radioactive materials? In the past we worried about gaseous atmospheric clouds of radiation, and later the possibility of dirty bombs, and now perhaps we should worry about micro-exposures.  there is also a long list of drugs and substances that can cause hemolytic anemia, like arsenic, various metals, Nitrofurantoin(used to fight urinary infections), and anti-malarial drugs. 

Beginning in March of this year, radiation specialists are reporting widespread signs of radiation distress in people, not dissimilar to damage from xrays or radiative cancer therapy.  The second wave of C19 they believe is natural, but they think the first wave may have been caused partially by radiation releases.  If this was the case would our government know?  IF they did would they tell us?

Instead of relaxing monitoring, and ignoring public health issues, perhaps we should do the opposite: be more vigilant.  We are in the mode that such vigilance is just an unnecessary cost.  We wait until there is a problem, and then address it.  We have seen how this C19 event has wrecked havoc with our economy.  Proactive concern could have kept this damage to a minimum. Without it, we may not even know what hit us.  WE have not improved the technological sophistication of our methods to keep up with the potential hazards.  We do not even have an accurate C19 test.