Thursday, October 29, 2020



We continue to face an unwanted subterranean revolution few of us want.  Obama launched the homosexual acceptability movement.  I was surprised to find they were parading around as many cities as possible afterward.  They wanted freedom, ... but parading it around, I mean wasn't it asking for a backlash?  Like always there are many aspects of the homosexual lifestyle that are underground, but if above ground we find them offensive.  Back in the old days: "Ask no questions, and we'll tell you no lies."  Things like open homosexual affection today are hidden,  but not long ago people tried without much success, doing this in malls.  Did they kill the malls?  I know when they did this they were arrested in many cases.  People still deeply dislike being approached by a homosexual, as a potential sexual partner.  And, they detest Gays working at Disney, and homosexuals injected into films as social programming.

So this lifestyle, except for the pronounced parades, has receded although perhaps not around San Francisco.  They are more actively engaged in their activities than before, but much of what they do, and what people do to support them is masked. I dare to say we do not have to bake them wedding cakes (a big showcase situation for public consumption), nor are we to be forced to let them adopt our children, or anyone else's.

In their subterranean world, however, they continue to seek out children for sexual relations, and some do this through adoption.  The glut of children in the US and elsewhere in the world has made them available even to those who seek these relations, and without fanfare or obvious advertisement pools of children are used and then discarded, for another pool of children.  

WE have two major things to be concerned about.  First, sex with children by homosexuals is leading other adults into sexual relations with children.  This is bad.  I do not understand how adults want just a carnal relationship like this ... but they are susceptible to this behavior.  Second, to give homosexuals the chance to be happy with children, people are pandering to them, and producing them.  This secret activity is widespread and kept subterranean, and all liberal entities not only hire homosexuals, they create an atmosphere around them they want, and this includes supplying them children.  This is what Pizzagate is, and Ellen Degenerate's Wayfair.  It is a political putsch, going forward although illegal- BECAUSE they do not care about the law.  As the Pope stated: "It is against the law.", as if it stood in the way of people having fun.

It has been a long time since some churches embraced homosexuality.  Now, the Methodists are separating into two groups because some could not reconcile Christianity and homosexuality.  They were already expected to divide into two or three factions, but they have been delayed due to C19.  It could also be that these groups hate to undergo schism, and are still trying to cover all bases and keep it together.  That is a matter of power, not of principle.  In this case the pro-normal church no doubt will be the faction to endure.

Christians will be facing a time of crisis.  They need to separate themselves from obvious corruption, in order that their appellations do not fall on deaf ears.  IT is easy to do- the bishops declare themselves orthodox or not, and parishioners then go to whatever church they believe is right.  It probably is the only way for the real church to shed the disorder.

WE all know Francis grew up in a brothel, and served as a bouncer.  How did he become a priest?  I thought perhaps he had a time in his life he saw the error of these ways, - BUT what if priests were visiting the brothel?  Could that be?  Could there be that many priests in brothels that he ultimately became Pope?  As the Pope embraces the notion of civil unions, people would be shocked, just that he has taken these strange positions before.  How can he do this when being a homosexual is a mortal sin, and anyone in a civil union is condemned to Hell?  IS he inviting them to Hell?  This Pope and his neo-religious ideas are starkly contrasting with his establishment.  Please- no one ask if we can take our dogs to church.  Francis: "Is there a Hell?"  If you say no, it is the surest way to find it.

WE cannot abandon our Catholic friends in Africa who cannot accept this change, in such stark contrast to the faith.  We cannot ignore the tests we have coming to us in the near future, and we should not accept disordered lives like this, not caring about their lives.  It is a shame we did not intercept their recruitment when they were younger.  We must reject this corruption.  If not to save children from corruption, then to avoid the destruction they cause in civil matters- they being involved in Seattle protests, and all BLM activities, and as mayors in cities like Chicago and DC, they incited violence and withdrew police.  In DC they threatened to burn the White House down.  Destructiveness is part of their life cycle, and to avoid that you must avoid letting them rise to the occasion.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Ukraine: Free for All!


IT seemed rather neat: we almost took over the Ukraine, and we did not use the military!  They did it with the world bank, and some mercenaries hired from Israel.  There was talk the Crimea was perhaps a lost colony of the Jews.

There may have been a reason, that non-state operations went the wayside of history. Just imagine the mess: individuals with mercenaries taking over a region, and then they either kill each other or buy each other off, the mafia moves in,  I mean, could you say this is a victory for democracy? 

The Ukrainian experience has not taught us this is a good model.  Rather what we have seen is an exodus of people from the Ukraine to other places including New Jersey and New York.  The country itself is unstable and corrupt, and likely to remain so for a long time to come.  The pro-Ukrainian takeover group has infiltrated the CIA, the NSC, the State Department and to some extent the Congress.  Infighting between those who want further commitment to the Ukraine project and those that do not have affected the smooth running of our government, and this created an assault on the president.

The oligarchs chosen to run the Ukraine are all Jews, an affront to the people of the region.  Jews have been brought in from all over- Canada, the US, and Israel to run the country by Soros.  This has become more of a type of robbery than the establishment of a free nation.  We have done little to nation build, and the people who live there are poor.  We should not desire to rob the country, and deprive the poor there.  This is like the attempted takeover of Germany after the collapse of the Chinese trade, only worse.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Multilateral Confusion?

One problem with an open system is you find it difficult to track who is doing what, for what purpose.  With C19, did the globalists do something?  Was it their plan?  Were the Chinese involved also?  G8?

Who knows?  What purpose was there for springing this virus on us?  Was it the lockdown and the reboot of business?  Was it a global labor dispute?  

The nice thing about a central government, is that problems are their problem.  Their job is to protect the country.  If you have several centers of action, who is responsible to act, to stop actions being taken by someone that threatens constituents? Alliances might mean a perpetrator is also in league with those who are to protect us.  How are we to know with much certainty, who is doing what?

This is what C19 shows us.  WE have multilateral suspicions, and no certainty.  We have several groups throwing doubt into the situation.  Non-nuclear states, meaning having no particular central authority, leads to confusion, and this ... might mean they do not respond to immanent danger, or suspicion might lead to errant confrontation.

We are certainly seeing the growth of crime, and rogue groups whose allegiance is uncertain.  We are also seeing international pressure acting against our country, for which we have not mounted a concerted effort to counter.

The fact that shows multilateralism is a failure, is to see that censorship prevails, and no one did anything about it.  There has been no correction.  Also the justice system seems to have been turned off.  No wonder Blacks think they do not want police, they are accustomed to that at the federal level.  What crimes are taking place out there?  Money laundering?  Yep.  Corrupt reps?  Yep.  Drug and human trafficking?  Yep.  Corrupt Foundations?  Yep.  Well- crickets.  Journalism also isn't functioning.

Dodgers won.  Those Latinos like baseball.  You know immigration is up to the federal government, not the MLB.

Italian Protests


Street protests have broken out in Italy, because of the protracted and severe restrictions there. All along free countries have felt restrictions imposed on them were improper, and poorly designed, and also that the pandemic was hyped.  

Beyond this they feel at a loss to have an impact on how their government is reacting.  They are afraid impositions from outside the country might further harm them, perhaps with some other disease that is worse.  They do not see sensible steps being taken to protect them, rather they are being treated as prisoners.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

October Surprise : Failure of the Corrupt Press


There may be other unexpected surprises.  But what we have seen starting about October 15th, is the collapse of the Fake New York News merchants.  This is a rather big thing.  The "press"  as they call themselves are realizing that if P. Trump wins the election again, they are finished.   It may already be so, for the social media giants have put out the word the voters are not listening to the "press".  This started a panic, and they imposed a huge wave of censorship on public accounts as a possible solution.

The failure of the press was evident long ago when CNN attempted to have the border controlled, and the Chinese trade reversed.  Although American loved them for this reporting, the people controlling the outsourcing, and the banks did not listen.  In other words the free press failed to rouse the public to stop bank deregulation and its aftermath.  Politicians did not listen, and were bought off.  They then switched and intended to influence the voters to back the bankers and globalism.  Their ratings sank over time, and they lost all influence on the public, as Internet sources became more influential.  If you sought the truth, the collection of information and free thinking there was your best bet.  WE can thank in part Bill Gates for pushing computers and the internet for communications.  Ironically, Bill is funding the Stasi-like program to kick people off social platforms that are influential and unaligned with his international agenda. You can pay to talk, but you better say the right things, eh?  It is being manipulated to control communications, rather than be a conduit for information.

Why do members of the "press" show up at work?  Because they are still being paid.  The real free press is always close to the grassroots.  It started that way, and that is always where it will be.  The printing press showed the power of the truthful voice.  Today it is the Internet, and hopefully its restriction will not force people to seek some other means to communicate.  But for the time being the truth is still getting out, blasting out in fact, and as long as people embrace the Internet as a vehicle of commerce, that will probably be so.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Stasi campaign


We once had straight debates, no sharing questions ahead, impartial moderators, no earpieces, and people largely went to the polls unimpeded.  We are now in another universe.

In the same way Obama had used the IRS to attack Republicans, now people are being trained to attack Trump supporters though the net in  military type operation of information collection, and working on organizations to mess up their lives and businesses.  They do this as an assault in the streets and also over the net.  They are an international group spread out over the globe who target individuals that work against their agenda.  They can enter a zipcode and give a list to a local agent that then attempts to complicate their life through stalking and interference.  One sign you are under attack is unusual information requests.  

They are funded by Soros and Gates.  These Stasi-type operators should be sought out and arrested as international criminals.  Through intimidation they hope to influence the election.  It is shocking, all the mainline people who are being deplatformed, just for criticizing Biden, or simply because they are religious, donated to P. Trump, or have deviated from the dogma on C19.

I myself was deplatformed from Facebook.  This desperation on their part is almost an admission of failure.  Sadly they are committed to making people's lives miserable as they sink.

Final Debate


We all know how party politics can play out at its worst.  I ran into this when I called my rep over an issue, and the person involved with breaking the law was with the same party.  Somewhere during the Obama administration people in your party were allowed to break the law, just because they were in your party.  So say your governor was Democratic, and you were an official with the same party, you knew ahead of time you were covered.

Above you see the face of fear.  Joe is being called out for things he did in an earlier administration.  This sort of confrontation is new to Joe.  He is a tenderfoot in this arena.  He can scarcely believe someone is accusing him of something other people were doing, outside the country.  His response is predictable: My people will cover it- say the Russians did it, rigged it up.  He is tired, and naked here.  Should we feel sorry for Joe?  No!  Of course not- he broke a whole fistful of laws.  He and Hunter were on the take.  Not only that, he felt above the law in other ways, and in fact, "The Chairman" as he was called, took license with women and children, approaching them as he had, and lying to cover it up.  You know he did this, because he pulled the same games with his secret service detail.  they used to say, to know a candidate look at his kids.  Well, we are looking at Hunter, and boy according to all accounts that is a disaster.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

 IF you ever believed in the noble savage- natural man - as goodness, a counter-example can be found in San Francisco, where, because of the lack of police, people have been ransacking stores and just stealing whatever they want.  A third Walgreens is closing because of theft.

There was also the incident of a missionary in his boat who landed on an island off the shore of India, who was immediately murdered on the beach.  This is not the scene that is painted in Walden Pond, or in Mutiny on the Bounty.

There may be a noble savage somewhere, a self-sacrificing person, longing for fairness and equality in the wilderness of the globe, but where might he be found?

Have we erred, in letting our homeland be overrun by foreign people, so much so in our larger cities we cannot any longer carry out our civil life?

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Science of Mask Wearing


Two ladies from OSHA, expert advisors to businesses on the usage of masks, SAY they were shocked to find the lockdown was followed by a general order for healthy people to wear masks.  This, they relate, is very unhealthy, as well as being an infringement on people's rights.  Most masks also do not stop the virus.  This well-intentioned usage of masks, is an error:

Mask Whistleblowers tell all

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Do Christians get abortions?


A Black woman from Africa, an obstetrician and a Catholic explains why she performs abortions.  She does it for the health of the mothers.  An alien notion I told myself, in an overpopulated country.  Perhaps they are not really Catholic.

Then the alarming fact: Catholics are as likely to obtain an abortion as anyone else - here in the US.  It would seem all that doctrine and value in living as a Christian means little to people in the community.  Personally I doubt this statement, for I know many who gave up children for adoption rather than abort their children.  The power of faith seems to be nil.

We should not be worrying so much about overturning existing abortion laws, but rather worrying about slippage- full term abortions, and maybe in some cases post-birth abortions.  We might also be worried about the misuse of children in homosexual "families".  Another possible chapter of decay is the way the palliative care in hospitals and nursing homes are arrayed to push the elderly into the hither beyond.  Openly they push hospice programs for the elderly in their homes.  Sure I am for saving money, but I do not want people to die before their time from a morphene drip either.  We also have a national outbreak of prurience.  We face many challenges as Christians, and if no one stands up for their principles we may lose out on all these fronts. 

What happened to the moral suasion one would expect?  All the preaching about abortions, and the church cannot keep its own from having them.

Could anyone vote for Joe Biden, the man who forced the Catholic pope to resign and be replaced?  Joe is all for Catholics being like everyone else: providing abortion on demand, and acceptance of homosexuals in the church as married people, to whom they must adopt children.  This is not our religion, but rather the undoing of our religion.  No wonder his son Hunter is having babies with strippers, and is reputed to having sex with children.  Many in that circle are doin it.  If homosexuals can do it, why not others, eh?  Hey Joe, what you doin with your left hand in the photo with the Pope?

The Constitution provides for the protection of religion from state assault.  By pushing atheism, and that is what Marxism is, they are forcing Marxist principles on religious people.  Then a Marxist committee replaces God- the very thing JPII fought to stop with all his power.  How could we adorate him, and then abandon everything he believed in?  To be replaced with what?  Someone like Kamala Harris?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

The first amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion.  If that is not true, then this is not America.  Where is the court case reaffirning that right?  Have we lost our 1st amendment protections?  what about our 2nd amendment?  Yes, we have guns, BUT now we have no bullets.  In effect no 2nd amendment either.  Yes we have religion, but ... no moral suasion.  Every loose as a goose Christian is a reminder to everyone else- they have no influence whatever.


Monday, October 19, 2020

Global Climate and C19


The greenhouse effect of the atmosphere has increased the surface temperature half degrees Celsius over the last 50 years plus or minus about 1/4 of a degree.  The greenhouse effect is created largely by water vapor, methane, and carbon dioxide.  As water vapor in the atmosphere increases in the spring, carbon dioxide is washed out of the atmosphere with rainfall.  Since the influence of water vapor on temperature actually is greater what we need is  average global water vapor measurements if the goal is to reduce global temperature.  One would expect global water vapor to increase due to increasing human activity, although there are other factors involved such as algal blooms the oceans and sea ice coverage.

Changes in carbon dioxide levels are due to combustion.  This includes heating for homes, energy for industry and electricity production, plus burning of fuel used in transportation. Bill Gates recently suggested the economic recession caused the C19, mostly affected car and air transportation, but over 90% of combustion was unaffected. If you look at the data from the Mauna Loa Observatory, the effect of the recession on carbon dioxide levels is in the noise.  Doubtlessly we can do more to reduce pollution from combustion of coal and hydrocarbons due to human activity.  For example, we could try to minimize transportation due to trade.  We could also attempt to lessen the energy that is used for heating homes in colder climates. One interesting fact is that we create as much pollution from transporting goods from China as we do from all coal-fired plants in North America. Is that right Mitch?Besides human activities, uncontrolled fires contribute significantly to pollution. Simple measures taken to restrict fires would reduce this.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Predicting the Election Result: Globalist Companies


There is lots of complaining about censorship exhibited  by companies like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. I myself have been censored by Facebook for being a Trump supporter, and a critic of the Left.

I began to think, which I sometimes do, that these companies have a special place in terms of prognosticating the election. They really make polling obsolete except as a propaganda device. These companies can create micro-maps of who supports the different candidates and so they have an excellent idea of what the political arena is and where it is trending.

So placed in that light it must be the case when they gazed into the crystal ball they must've crapped in their pants. The public witnesses the anxiety of these companies, the large rally assemblies for Trump, and an overwhelming number of yard signs for the incumbent.

Do the politicians care?  Despite all the potential irregularities of the election they chose to go forward regardless. All the public gets to decide is whether or not the government will appear to fight for them.  you never know the public could surrender. The main problem with the trump administration continuing is that it's difficult to keep up the paisley fighting – punching here, punching there, punching everywhere – but never marking anyone.  BTW I wonder how that wall is going?  Someone please put some brass knuckles in his gloves.

I was wondering, could the president as law enforcer make a direct arrest? I mean President Clinton married Anthony Weiner. This would simplify the process slightly wouldn't it?  Ask not if you should arrest the president of the country, but rather in the country if the president could arrest anyone.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Quo Vadis?


As we approach November 3, I consider voting with some trepidation. We have had some kind of an encounter between the candidates, however I don't feel that they've discussed important issues people care about, and I don't feel that the media has helped us focus on what the important issues are.

Caring about national identity and sovereignty, I hoped Pres. Trump would succeed. Instead he seemed to be surrounded by people who were disloyal and confrontational. He was accused of being transactional by John Kelly, although Kelly as Chief of Staff was duty-bound to simply follow instructions from the president. As Kelly boggled up his initiatives, he publicly called him dishonest for not carrying them out. There was a ferocity in the assaults on the president's administration. They were outrageous, unethical, and driven by a fascistic fervor.  He was spied upon using the state apparatus, falsely accused and impeached. The president did not even bother to remove Vindman  from the NSC. His supporters were compromised repeatedly until they were afraid to continue their support. Recently the president was pummeled at his town hall meeting by a female interrogator that he agreed upon. It would appear that the president is a very poor judge of character. This basic dynamic does not appear like it would change anytime soon. The Pres.'s ability to arouse people through speaking was not turned into his political advantage. He did not find more people like himself to support him from outside the system. At times he seemed opposed to those who openly supported his agenda.

Opposed to the president politically are a Motley group of pandering grifters who mostly have lost their national constituents or never had any. Most people feel they have sold out the country for their own personal gain, giving jobs to foreign nationals, leveraging payouts to their relatives, compromising the enforcement of laws, and recently supporting open insurrection and violence in the streets. There is not much you can say about this group, they are a scandalous national disgrace.  They follow the dictates of their inclinations to depravity. We shall find out that Hunter Biden not only had a child with a stripper, but enjoyed being sodomized, and was in the possession of large amounts of child pornography. Add him to the Epstein list along with Anthony Weiner, Jon Podesta, and Bill Clinton. You might wonder why candidate Biden sniffs little children.

From where do we get the Fascistic  fervor?  There is the appearance this is a general upwelling from our populace but that is not so.  Who is perverting our politicians, or frightening/luring them to the point they appear to go along with courting strippers, or having sex with children?  Well for years the slimy, lurid mess of syndicate people connected with NXIVM have been the instruments of banks and bankers.  They are connected to the grimmy world of international intrigue, the drug trade, espionage, etc.  Look at the corrupt Eliot Spitzer.  He was the gleeful participant in hookerdom to show allegiance with the banker mob, and forerunner to all this.  He was happy to say foreigners should have driver's licenses, and gay friends of his hookers should get married.  Give children to these Frankian homosexuals?  Whose agenda was that? Who is regulated? The banks?  Everyone knows Volcher either couldn't get it up, or was he really a misogynist?

IT pays to look into who Spitzer is.  At first as Attorney General he was champion of the people: took on organized crime, shored up consumer protection, pursued White collar crime and Wall St.  Like many of his ilk running with the Jewish mob, and from affluence, they change once they get elected to higher office.  WE finally see him for who he is:  Older money, interested in keeping it at all costs, and getting richer.  There are many like him.  They are willing to do anything, destroy anything, make any deal abroad, sell out anything, even cause riots to diminish control over themselves, and to get wealthier.  And yes, perpetrate a false pandemic, just to bankrupt companies that detract from their bottom line.  Who would do such things?  Would anyone say they actually want to rid themselves of all government mandates and really mean it?  I mean like social security?  like paying taxes?

What of the people?  the Teepee people.  Say you have a country, but then you take away the border.  Now, you no longer have a national jurisdiction, a  national identity, or sovereignty.  You no longer have national rights, you know those guaranteed to you in the Constitution.  You do not have a country.  You do not have military protection.  You no longer have job stability. Even law and Order is no longer guaranteed.  Take for example, you have a deed to a parcel of property: 100 acres of forest on which you build a home.  Then one day they tell you there are no longer boundaries to your property.  It is now community property.  Property now belongs to everyone.  Now you are no different than anyone who sets up a teepee on your land.  If the community decides you must remove your home, then your home goes.  If the community decides to clear off all teepees, then all the teepees have to go also.  Everyone has everything, and no one has anything.  As you move, you can take your home with you.

Getting rid of national borders, is to open yourself up to control by China.  They have as much right as anyone else to say how you will live.  Corporations can tell you where to go, how you may live, and whether or not your group should be allowed to survive.  They can start stomping on people they dislike.  Do you think these fascists believe Black lives matter?  Well, do you punk?  The techno people simply turn off your switch, and boom, you are now talking into a long hose and no one can any longer tell what you are saying.


Friday, October 16, 2020

Here is America under Biden

Doesn't seem to be the sorta guy you pay $10M to, just for a face to face.  Here is our dog-faced Pony soldier: Our Brother Souljah.  Our standing in the world is fallen.  We appear to be petty, corrupt people to foreign nations.  This invites them to assault us, probe and ponder if we might be overthrown.

You know all the main politicians are doing the same thing as Biden: Kerry, Pelosi, McConnell has his shipping.  They are the governors of the enterprises in which they have direct relatives.  In WI we have a law: no one can be the direct supervisor of a relative in the control chain.  Just think of all the public corruption that is possible if federal and state controllers allow their relatives to break all the codes and regulations!  And who is the loser?  Well, it is the little guy who has the rules and regulations in order to maintain order, his rights, and fairness.  It is a federal fault if the media present fake news and no one does anything about it.  It is a state and city's fault if they allow builders/developers break laws, go unlicensed, or mistreat renters.  The breakdown happens often because of the "aristocracy", the chain of related people involved.   If people are living without a home, why is Brother Souljah living in a marble Palace?

Public Media outlets : Proper regulation

There has been a serious clampdown on publicly generated news material on international-tending platforms.  Large numbers of people, myself included have been tossed off Facebook, and Youtube.  Apparently, any agenda that does not suit them is hate speech, or public nudity.  The mode of operating and maintain a public outlet for information, does not operate according to our US standards.  IT is like the phone company blocking your calls if you are talking about a subject they do not like.  Would they do that if they could listen in on your phone conversation?  Technically that would be difficult.  It is easier in the digital realm, and with AI it may easily be our future.

IT seems fairly sensible for the government to require licensing of public platforms, and that their application  includes a description of how they operate, and it must meet our national standards.  One requirement is that communication be transmitted without interception, and that they are private.  Second, a media outlet must be politically neutral, and censorship only apply to the usual things: obscenity, illegal activities, etc.  This is probably why political material is classed as hate speech- they are actually forbidden to outright block material they personally dislike.   Now, clearly they are just openly blocking content they dislike, really daring the government to stop them.

What happens if a Saudi prince buys CBS and begins transmitting content to the US, propagandizing, promoting Sharia law, hinting at jihad in the US, and condemning US actions abroad, etc.  Let us say some Congress people agree to let them do this.  What action should be taken?  

In the same way, all media outlets ought not be controlled by foreign entities, or agents of a foreign power.   They might own a company, but not operate it.   To maintain a diversity of content, ownership ought to be diverse, and operators should meet US standards. In the past people chaffed at the bit when the military leaned on the networks and sanitized broadcasts.  Now, foreign groups and political operators are controlling content.  It is out of control.

So what happens?  Do we ignore this deplorable situation?  What had been under loose control by our military, regarding just ongoing operations, has become controlled by the banks and Jews, and all the foreign influence at these networks have turned the media against the government.  They show open disregard for the president and show a false image of the state of the nation every day to us.  The same takeover at these stations, is happening in our streets as well.  All orchestrated and controlled really by just a few people.

These stations ought to be our  national stations.  Their audience ought to be the US.  They are egging on foreign people to enter the US, and to cause trouble here.  They hammer with their messages and agenda presenting fake events as real news.  they told us hospitals were full when they were empty, they told us Blacks were rampaging when in fact it was lesbians and criminals.  They told us about the death of several Black people, who were all faked.  They are telling us now that our president is washed up and they are taking over, either by vote, or by riots.  

Not a pretty picture.  They are outside the bounds of a proper operating system.  To serve the national need we require accurate information on what is going on in politics and the nation.  We have litte information these days,. and little to discuss, and consequently there is difficulty in voting, and making informed decisions.  It is as bad as EDGAR and the stock market.  This is BS.  Are you mad?

They are creating the environment for a clash- the have created the false impression P. Trump is losing, and in fact he will win by a large margin, and THEN they will say he cheated in the election.  They have already told us this is the plan.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

P. Trump did not handle the C19 crisis properly! Now look: ITs all his fault!


AS I drove around today, I saw at least twenty Trump-Pense signs, and actually no Biden signs.  Wonder what that means?  Its not something you hear about in the News.

Do people actually believe this condition is P. Trump's fault?  The Chinese spread C19, possibly in coordination with the medical community here and some corporations.  That several democratic governors decided to spring forward with an insurrection and defund the police at the same time, also is not his fault.  I would assume these people who did this, intending to overthrow Trump and his government, are guilty of serious crimes.  I hope statements are taken and they are arrested, quietly, so they cause no further rioting.  Figuring prominently in this group a a bunch of lesbians from NYC who have occupied seats in several state houses.

Here in WI we have elected several homosexuals, and Tammy Baldwin is closely linked with the lesbian community in NYC.  We do not need her.  The thing about the homosexual community is that they believe we are all against them, and they intend to take control, and make you pay.  It is part of their cycle: the destruction brought on by a growing homosexual group.  They should not be trusted as public officials.  This cause for concern was well born out in recent events.

Mental Illness: Pot Smokng?

 These days we might be asking ourselves: Is it the uncontrolled migration, could it be the fluoride, or could it be pot smoking, or perhaps even lead in the water inlet pipes?

Whatever it might be, ITS HERE.

So maybe perhaps we should try to cut down on possible causes.  Lead is a known problem, one that many cities are ignoring.  It is said they knew this was a problem 2000 years ago in Rome.  There is a case for fluoride making people passive, making them unable to respond, and imperturbable.  This would be bad if conditions required a timely response, and they did not respond.  The influx of criminals with all sorts of possible conditions, from all over the world, can only be handled by reestablishing civil order, and then treating whomever you can, although doing all the world's problems is undoubtedly beyond us, and so we must limit migration, fix the problems at their source, and then teach them to treat these people that they do not want.

Now consider Pot smoking.  The craziness of our culture corresponds to pot usage.  It seems to cause "relaxation" of some kind, a lessening of tension, and then its polar opposite: high anxiety, paranoia, and scrambled up thinking.  Are we seeing some of this?  Either pot causes these problems, or else we have many mentally sick people attempting to help themselves with pot, and this may make their condition worse.  

Could it be something in the water, Alma?

False Positives: COVID-19


WE have been hammered with the concern regarding undetected positives for C19 testing.  They wanted to create the fear of nondetection: people walking around with the virus but not knowing it.  This is unwarranted since asymptomatic people do not spread the disease.  however, if you attempted to reduce this number by cooking the sample more, you risk more false positives: people declared to have the virus that actually do not.  

The seriousness of the false positive error is actually worse, like an innocent man who is found guilty.  In this case your personal commerce goes to zero and you are treated like a leper, and in fact you are totally healthy.  What they ought to do is cook less and reduce these false positives.  How many times have we been told recently by people: ball players, politicians, etc. that they have no symptoms but tested positive?  This gives me the idea that the false positive rate is fairly high - maybe 30%.  they should retest somehow to make sure  beyond a reasonable doubt, you have C19, before they cause you unemployment, and forced lockdown.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Pandemics are bad for International Commerce


Despite the fact that the flow of goods spread diseases, for example C19 was found in frozen meat intended for shipment, we see that either this is ignored, or the shipments are sent anyway.   Similarly the fear that the Chinese were spreading the disease through test kits, also seems to be ignored.  And people continue to clamor for open borders, and the only way to stop recurring outbreaks is to close borders.

C19 being whatever it is, the basic concepts do apply to real, cogent outbreaks as well.  The borders should be closed, commerce should be halted and products examined for contamination.   People are decrying the spread and trying to blame P. Trump, when they force policies of openness that promote the spread.   

 The classic example is Nancy Pelosi promoting tourism to Chinatown in San Francisco back in Feb.   She stated racism was reducing tourism, creating fears that result in difficulty for Chinatown's business.  AS Americans were told not to vacation, to go to rustic areas, and engage in tourism, people were being told to never mind C19 in Chinatown, EVEN THOUGH the Chinese supposedly were spreading the disease around.  This was a rather pro-Chinese position, even though it would endanger the Chinese and the tourists.

No doubt their business was being hurt, so too are all kinds of US businesses.  First, Chinese were not being allowed into the country and so they were not visiting Chinatown.   Secondly most people were in lockdown so they were not going anywhere - nothing to do with racism.  Third, the Chinese were the direct vector for the disease.  

What was Nancy thinking?  Did she want to kill off the Chinese, exposing them and all tourists to the disease?  Why single them out?  Was her doing this actually racist?  Well- the Chinese thanked her so they did not seem worried, but HAPPY there were no restrictions.  So what then, ... if it was not attempting to kill them, then .... could it be that Nancy knew the virus was not dangerous and she wanted to make the Chinese a special case?  they could escape the lockdown restrictions because they were the race of our favorite trading partners?

If the pandemic were serious, what Nancy did was like taking someone through the tourist area with the disease and having them kiss all the retailers.  

(Addendum:  Many Chinese shops were closed.  The Chinese said they used protocols developed in Wuhan and knew how to control the virus.  They placed flyers in all the shops, and they only had 1 or 2 cases despite the elderly population and the dense living quarters in Chinatown. )