Sunday, August 29, 2021

Blow Your Horn, Ye Followers of Faith!

 September 1 is the Jewish Feast of Toruah, which usually precedes the Jewish New Year, but these Days they are conflated into one entity- a blast for the Jewish New Year, but actually Toruah commemorates God telling Joshua to instruct the Israelites to blast their horns to conquer Jericho.  It was a solemn occasion, later becoming a holy period in which Jews recalled their covenant with God, and atoned for their sins- prior to the New Year blast.

IT is fair to say, The JEWs have left the building.  They do not honor their commitments to God, and do not recognize Jesus, the Christ, and Messiah to whom the covenant was passed.  Small wonder they have forgotten Toruah, except for noisemakers at their New Years- I would doubt if they actually observe even that. The Jewish community is contaminated with people I call the Latter Day Israelites, and they are mostly people who are anti-Christian, that is they would not convert to Christianity as they drifted around Europe, so they identified as Jews - Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  connecting themselves this way, they have influenced Jewry down old paths of faithlessness: the worship OF  Beelzebub (Mammon), Ashtaroth  (free sex), and Lucifer (Power through Deception and Evil device).  As one prominent "Jewish" Epstein-island-abiding spokesperson put it: " In America you can worship as you please, and it is fair to say that most Jews decided not to be people of faith".

He might be right, but I know there are faith-abiding Jews also.  In academia they were hard working, honest, and undertook reforms, and followed the rules of ethical behavior - but there were others.  I do not know why they were so good, but they were.  In other arenas the story is the same - some who are good, and many who are not.

I also know America is largely Christian.  We have not accepted generally, anti-Christians, and this includes the faithless Jews.  AS a practical matter this is true, even if legally it is stated otherwise.  We felt safe as long as our Judas-Christian ethics were embedded into the law.  Now it is changing and not for the better.  Christians get the brunt end of both sides of the stick: liberty that includes anti-Christians, and legal impositions imposed on Christian schools, day-care centers and hospitals, that are non-Christian.  In other words, liberty seems to apply to others but not to them.

If Jews do not care, we care about the captive people led by God who acquired a promised land.   It is part of our American tradition: people coming to a new land to obtain religious freedom.   It is part of our Christian tradition:   We study Moses, who was a pious and devout man.  The prophets of old were fulfilled in Christ.  

I, as a Christian, am going to celebrate Toruah.  This is a closing of the eclectic gate, and the opening of the gate of the faithful.  I am going to celebrate the fall of Jericho, by tooting my horn, in  its first blast.  I am going to direct it against the faithless Jews, really Bedouins, and entreat the faithful to join Christianity.

Here is what we are facing- Harvard, the best 2nd best academic center in our country, having a chaplain openly declare himself to be an atheist.  Whose kid is he?  Does he keep an office hour?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

US Science : Verdict?


You might have noticed, scientists rarely are sued, or taken to court, at least regarding a scientific question.  This is not because they are beyond reproach, but rather legally they are exempt from examination of their process and data.  Despite this they are asked to draft their opinions on important political matters and the bearing that science has upon decision making.  In American courts the people in the courtroom are considered mentally incompetent compared with the scholars and reputed experts.  We would not want judges to decide scientific questions.  On the other hand  scientists are known to lie, invent data, and be proxies for political interests, and foreign interests.  Just because they are credentialed, does not mean they will tell the public the truth, and the whole truth.

This sacrosanct position of the scientist in court, is possibly a throwback to early America and rule by aristocrats.   It is a way for them to choose a man with a beard who will tell people what they want them to say.  He probably has a deep voice, and wild looking eyes so if you disagree with him, you might be slightly afraid.    And if you do not believe him, they can eventually produce five more.  Without a resort to a courtroom process, the final verdict depends on what you think of what you are being told.  How much lying and equivocation can you accept?  Currently they are influenced by socialism.  One such person stated he would not want to work hard and make discoveries for this government.  So conveniently he takes lots of time off, sabbaticals, vacations, leaves of absence, and just plain staying at home or somewhere most of the time.  If asked, he can write a paper without much fear of someone examining his process, or his data.  They are the only profession in which a million dollars can be spent, with the produce being a few printed sheets of paper.  Although we would like to elevate socially people of intellect and knowledge, we must also reserve our praise, for they are known to publish plagiarized material for decades in some cases, without rebuke.

Al Gore as junior senator, was shocked that eminent men he held to have high standards of integrity, were actually lying right to his face, and later admitted to doing so without embarrassment.  From this arena has evolved the concept of global warming.  Would you trust these people to being you back some monkey bones from Africa and tell you they were from a human ancestor?  We have oft been lead down the primrose path.

I believed, since human lives were at stake, that the biological sciences were better.  At worst, they would want to do no harm.  However these days, with so many nationalities involved in research, it is not clear whether or not they might wish to harm people.  Ben Goldacre blew the lid off the autoclave pot, saying they rigged trials, terminated students who had findings contrary to the people who funded their projects, and ..., inter alia, faked their publications, inventing data, making up graphs and whole studies to increase their publication count.  Recently a Harvard medical scientist stated at least half the publications in major medical journals were just articles published for the sake of supporting some company or pill.  Essentially the researchers are like blackmailers.  IF you pay them they write nice papers, otherwise not so much.

Is real US science dead?  One might wonder, it certainly seems to be going that direction.  Without national production, the interaction real researchers need is often missing.   Here is the US they cannot experiment on animals and are told to use a culture in a petre dish instead for their experiments.  How can they compete with the Chinese who are willing to harvest organs from people?   IF there is some kind of mysterious purpose behind the Covid vaccinations,  what could it be?  This research could have been done in secret in many places.  Convening a panel probably could not answer your questions.  It is a reason to be suspicious of these vaccines. 

Images of red blood cells taken a month after inoculation, shows they have irregular shapes and tend to clot throughout one's entire body.  White blood cells seem to be ingesting broken and misshapen red blood cells.  This obviously has nothing to do with creating immunity, and seems to be a side effect of the nRNA process.  Smaller bodies, possibly remnants of spike proteins, are seen to be covered in iron- organic complexes as if they directly annihilated a blood cell.  This had led some to believe metallic nanoparticles were included in the shots.  Trying to get to the bottom of who is responsible for the large numbers of people with adverse reactions to the vaccines, is simply not possible.  Smoke and mirrors.  Just to find out some simple facts is not easy because of all the lies and misrepresentations,  No one can see notebooks of the scientists, and they cannot be prosecuted for malfeasance and lying to the public.  If you present these images of broken red blood cells to a researcher in pharma, the person might tell you honestly they have no idea what is happening there- some kind of blood anomaly.   Might it be involved in immunity production?  Maybe, maybe not.  They do not understand the whole body, just in order to make a pill or vaccine.

They have yet to get Hillary Clinton into court.  How likely could you get scientists to testify in court and to be cross-examined and asked to present their data and findings for examination?  But that is what we need, if we are to trust the authority of scientists.  It is easy to do.  Who wants to do it?


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Our Government's Internal Struggle


The fact that I am typing this, suggests there is an unchecked faction contending with operatives within our government that are a danger to us.  We can see this in this in the immigration situation, which in the struggle is out of control and a danger to the public.  We can see this also also in the Covid situation.

Let me describe the battle in the realm of Covid.  The first sign of a serious problem is Fauci outsourcing possibly dangerous studies to China, when a moratorium on these studies was imposed because of their potential danger, and because they were essentially weaponizing viruses.    While these activities were banned here pending an evaluation, Fauci transferred them to the Wuhan Lab in China, one would think would be a far more dangerous place for them to be.  The case for operatives with our government that are acting contrary to our nation's interests, is clearly evident here.  Not only were they transferred, but Fauci paid $600K for them to do the work in China.  IF China grabbed the viruses and experimented on their own, you could call it espionage, and weapons research in China.  But since Fauci paid for it - he would be implicated as an accomplice.   Let us recall here all the global deaths reported, that have arisen from this, including many Americans. 

Fauci not only did this, but he helped to implement the Chinese plan to contain the virus, rather than our own national plan.  This involved breaking our own national laws and locking people down with threat of  arrest.  Our own plan would have been far more effective, and would not have violated our laws.  We See again, Fauci was acting according to plans created by interests outside our government, heedless of our own laws, and largely in agreement with the Chinese.  If national forces were involved they would have checked into FAuci and the Gain-of-Function studies.  They would have examined the dates of the various variants and where they arose.  They would have compared the viruses in the US with those in China.  They would have checked the PCR testing, and halted the panic and fear campaign that was created.  They would have taken steps to keep the virus away from the elderly, rather than exposing them.

And if this is not enough to convince you of foreign intervention in our national policies, consider the vaccines.  At least twice, the strict national policies of the US were brought to bear on vaccines that had serious side effects on people, with  the exception of allergic reactions.  IF a few people showed the same adverse reactions, the vaccine was immediately pulled, and substitutes were sought.  IN THE COVID case reports to VAERS, a self reporting mechanism of the CDC showed thousands of adverse reactions, many similar, that showed a very serious adverse reaction with the blood, resulting in deposition of iron from the destruction of blood cells and clotting.  This immense adverse effect is being ignored.  It is estimated that millions worldwide have been killed or maimed through vaccination.  They are still promoting the vaccine, even for those who have no need for it.  Do you hear the call for the stoppage of their use?  No- not at all.  Why not?  The media are reporting vaccinations as a drive toward higher numbers.  They are oblivious to deaths from them, and people being vaccinated who would not have had any trouble if they had been exposed to C19.  Not only that, but in the UK, even people vaccinated who are proven to be exposed to the virus, are being told to lockdown.  They think C19 is transmissible even if you have had the vaccine.  So it would appear it has no protection from transmission, which means it is not even a legitimate vaccine.

Still we go on.  More vaccination, as people begin to request more information about the Wuhan Lab as the source of the virus.  As the summer here i nthe US begins, and cases are falling, we know that they have changed the PCR tests so fewer positives are reported, and also the vaccines are being given.  They are saying it is showing that the vaccines are dropping the infections rates, but they have not shown that at all.  They had to get the vaccines in, or it would become obvious they were not at all needed.

Why not suppress the VAERS reporting?  Because there are those who continue to use the old practices, that confront the hand waving people trying to get the vaccines into people.  Why promote HCQ and Ivermectin?  Because doctors know there are functional therapeutics available that were intentionally ignored and they told people this.  While we are being intentionally fed incorrected and misleading information, people are dying.  There is a purge of the elderly being promoted, especially among the Cuomo crowd.  This is very unamercian.  We do not have a problem with the numbers of our elderly.  Why are they being put to death for the slightest reasons?  It seems we are doing so, so that it covers the need for the French, English,  and Germans to do so.  How frightful, and unnecessary. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Our city hall in little Wausau and County people, under pressure from The old Grey lady, repulsed an attempt to cancel our culture.  With the diversity laws being promulgated by minorities, the road was cleared for the mass transport of people to our region, guaranteeing them representation in our government according to their numbers.  No doubt this is because the democrats are trying to  move people out of areas like San Diego and Brownsville.  

Not only this, but ,., using Covid-19 measures they have created an economic gateway for them using unemployment to move people off these jobs, and to move migrants into those jobs.  In essence, the existing culture would have been cancelled, and replaced.

No doubt the same plan is being used all over the US.  Want your culture cancelled?  

Apparently this is the way Harris is solving the problem with the border crisis.  This is not what we want.  We want our own culture, and border closure.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Imitation of Christ


There are Elvis impersonators, are there Jesus imitators?  The Federalist has a few writers that have addressed Christian issues, as they attempt to revive the faith, and exhorting people to make this more important in their lives once again for everyone's sake.   As they do they raise issues that are potential impediments.   

They raise the problem of Christendom, as the impediment to the imitation of Christ.  The trappings of religion- the buildings and ornate churches, and institutions that are geared toward the longevity of the church may have placed their financial solvency above Christ, changing the vatican into a museum, and victims of sex abuse, into people possessed by demons.  As church lawyers bore into sex abuse victims to obtain contracts favorable to the institution of the church, are they not essentially exorcizing them from gouging the church and attempting to bring it down?  And... why didn't the church deal with the perpetrators of these crimes as criminals?  We have an institution we fear is run by homosexuals for their own sake.

The mass has become less God worship, and more a feel good place to make  your offertory rendering.  The church has been Jewized, even having masses on Saturday.  Homosexuality is okay and the church is their refuge.  They accept Communism is the same as Christianity.  They believe the church and participation with it is for their aggrandizement - like a business or a personal agency.

Lo- what a chill when the church suggests less air conditioning, or that they contribute some of their time for a cause.  Yet, the imitation of Christ is about sacrifice.  They did not give Christ an award when he had ascended Golgatha.  They did not build him a mansion up there, and did not cover him with garlands.  If the divine covenant has passed to Christians from Jews, why are Christians less prominent? And actually imitating the Sanhedrin rather than Jesus?   The church had erased Jesus, making clerics imitative of women as the brides of Christ.

Jesus died to redeem our sins,  so we would not sacrifice an animal - scapegoating it - for our own errors.  This lie is the worst sort of evil - to give in to the tendency to blame others for our own mistakes.  Jesus took up the burden.  His church should do likewise.  We cannot atone for sins by giving out awards for goodness.  We remit our sins by sacrificing to make up for them, and the church's business is to assist us in this - not by saying three our fathers, but by calling us to sacrifice.  Not that self-sacrifice is punition, but rather it is the central point of Christianity- its glory.

Why is it the Jews control the press?  Control Congress?  Control medical care, vaccines. and insurance?    Why are we fighting their wars?  Why aren't Christians more prominent in our society?  Could it be because they are imitating Judas instead of Jesus?  They take the silver.  No sacrifice.  They want self-aggrandizement, a greedy I 'll take as much as I can get, for the least I have to do, thank you.  I'll try not to swear and avoid scandal.   This is living in the contemporary world, not addressing the world to come.  The killer of the Christian Way, was the public seeing, in their sacrificial roles, that church clerics were living like Kings in Golden Castles.  Whoosh!  Away went the Christian hospitals, and many Christian services and sponsorships,  Will the schools be next?

The Seven Hills Prophecy, is the way for Christians to reestablish some influence in their communities.  It calls for Christians to intentionally regain influence in family, religion, education, media, entertainment, and business. We must, for the sake of a better Christian life, a life of quality, be willing to accept less in money.  WE must supplant existing structures - Communist and Jewish - with our own.  We can do this as long as we are willing to do this for less than top dollar.  WE wish not to compete in the marketplace, but to intentionally undermine bloated and corrupt institutions.  TO carry  this out we have to regain influence in Congress, and at the present it is a Jewish and Communist pardiso.  As long as they keep endowing the existing public schools and healthcare at such high levels, no one will want to join a Christian faction.

Mother Church is abandoning its children , and future baptisms.  Everywhere her children are being assaulted.  In some places they are being literally exterminated.  They are being replaced.  The government is injecting critical race and LGBTQ ideology on the churches and schools.  Its liberty is imperiled.  

Friday, May 7, 2021

Are there real Voting Irregularities?


One person related: " You can tell the system is totally rigged- because after reports of many improper polling places, the government did nothing about it.  I bet they just  make up numbers, and just forward the person they want. Look: Obama said it: "Hardly anyone gets caught for illegal voting[sic so all you illegals go out and vote for the big D]"

There is only one way to prove to the public their vote counts: People in office must promote legal voting, as an ethic and as a practice.  Also there should be vigorous enforcement and stiff penalties for lawbreakers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Chinese Hogs

 The West has helped to build China up.  Now what we should do is scale our trade back.  The West cannot tolerate a continuance of the same trading regime, at a loss to their own countries.  When the scale back should have occurred, China wanted to continue on its same course, and in recent times it has become aggressively expansionary.  Small thanks for the West in assisting them to modernize their country.  What China wants is global control.  What was offered was a role in the global marketplace, ostensively for the staving of hunger.

No country can maintain trade of 50% or greater, over time.  It is harmful to its citizens, and reliance on other countries for production, is insecure.  China has used this situation, as a form of economic assault, demanding an even greater share of global trade instead of a scaleback.  Eventually, imports from China, to balance trade, must be cut back, as China redirects goods for foreign markets toward its own citizens.  As it is, trade with  China is about more than just trade, it is about control.  You can see this in Taiwan, in Hong Kong, and throughout the West including the US.  If China doesn't get what it wants, it releases viruses, and withholds goods.  It also infiltrates companies and assaults them over the internet. They have also disrupted trade with Taiwan.

Trade must be cut, for all countries trading with China, eventually to sensible levels- like 10% of GDP.  This is a large amount of trade for one country to have with all other nations of the world.  We should not care if China gets meat from the West, to bolster up its domestic production of meat, but these markets are unstable now because of China.  If China demands our meat, should we tolerate paying $10/lb for ham?  For trade to work, it cannot seriously stress your domestic system.  China stresses our meat supplies frequently, while exporting meat.  We have actually allowed them to own and control meat packing plants in our own countries.  This is intolerable.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Global insecurity?

 China overflies Taiwan.   Now, they are declaring a chip shortage and blaming it on C19.   Actually Taiwan is under Chinese assault, like us, and .. apparently many people here cannot tell one China from the other.  They are all Chinese, right Mr Joe?  Now, we cannot make cars, and probably airplanes, and possibly computers, and who knows what else ... probably elevators.  Mr Joe might start up some needed commodities here in the US .. by using infrastructure money.  IT could take a while, and if it is managed by Democrats, ... it might end up like Solyndra.  

As troubling as that is, you might have noticed our vaccines are made in Denmark.  No one knows why.  IT might be to keep rioters from assaulting a domestic company, rioters that are being supported by the Democrats, probably to get a global distribution of businesses.  This might be good for globalists, but it is bad for our national security.  

And, are you tired of meat prices sailing up and down?  What is up with that?  There is a shortage of chickens.  And ham, ahem, is $40 for a three pound piece.  That is not inflation- that has yet to hit.  It is a shortage.  Where are these commodities going? Where they have always gone - China, from the first days of  mad cows for China to today.  In global trade, you meet your domestic needs, then ship food away.  You cannot eat chips, unless they are from potatoes.  Ever tried to eat your cellphone, or watch?

Unattended Laws

 Our government is a system of laws, bound together under the terms delineated in our Constitution.  What then, if people decide to ignore segments of the law?  Well, it is sedition, isn't it?  

This came to the forefront recently with the large abrogation of laws entailed in imposing the Covid-19 vaccine.  The law clearly states that vaccines are illegal, if a therapeutic is available.  Covid-19 has at least two or three therapeutic regimes, yet they were ignored, the vaccines were made, and are being distributed.   The latest on this, is that the RNA vaccines are communicable, and hence even if you do not get the vaccines, the proteins are communicated through contact and breathing, and will induce an immune response  even if you did not accept a jab.   Designed this way, it is also an extralegal imposition.

The first instance of seriously unattended laws had been Hillary Clinton's illegal use of her server, and the mishandling of classified information.   Using a private system to avoid federal tracking of all your social interactions is a natural tendency, especially when a new system is started up like EMAIL.  Hopefully this is no longer the case - does anyone know what people are doing these days?  Hopefully it is not a free-for-all.  BUT this in combination with the mishandling of classified information, is clearly seditious.  Not only that but Hillary herself has practically stated it was her personal political choices that were involved in this.  They are unashamed anti-nationalists.  So are people like Fauci.  This is national sedition.

Living in the country, I am concerned.  If I stick my neck out for the country, will someone like Hillary expose me, and subject me to harm?  Maybe not today, but perhaps tomorrow.  Likewise, if my body is exposed to proteins/viruses from outside the country, will there be anyone to protect me?  Will it be extralegals from outside the country that will impose their solution for my health on  me?  Will I be protected?  Could they kill me?

As is customary, if DC does it, sooner or later their practices percolate down into the state houses, and eventually into all city halls.  They begin to ignore bodies of law they find inconvenient, and different political parties choose different bodies of law to ignore.  Often both parties ignore the same law for different reasons.  Take for example border enforcement.  Republicans want cheap labor supposedly, plus Democrats want illegal voters, equals no border enforcement.  Obviously as people overrun the border areas, including untold numbers of unwanted children, more must be involved than their stated reasons.  With many state laws, Republicans say they do not want overregulation.  This means companies pay them off, and they ignore imposing these laws on the companies.  At the same time John Q Public is ransacked by nonrestrictions on corporations.  People are losing their basic rights and protections under the law.  

As a citizen you know the law is there to protect you, and you might oppose a corporation for that reason.  In court however, you might find a SURPRISE.  The law requiring a corporation to do A and B, might simply disappear from the judges decision making, and voila - your protect is gone.  Lawyers, state officials, and elected reps know what is enforced and what is not.  BUT you, as a citizen,  do not know.  How can you choose your actions if you do not know what laws are to be applied?  The corporations, however, may be able to decide to do anything, including pushing people around and breaking laws liberally, just to clean up their mess by paying off a politician. Besides corporations getting away with murder, Marxists are using the climate to create committees that are deciding policy, independent of all laws.   Some are judges.  Watch out!  Those committee members may not be elected people.  This is calamity.  There are no respected rights for the general populace in this mode of operation.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Medical Behemoth - Too big for preventative care


Have you noticed that the government is not keeping up with Medicare payments?  This was bound to happen, since their rates steadily climbed much faster than the remainder of the economy, and has been doing so since the Nixon administration, when  the nonaccounting of their billing began.

The plan I believe it to make Medicare the single payer plan everyone gets.  To make it affordable and serviceable, they will make adjustments similar to Obamacare.  So for Medicare, without a supplement plan, you  might find yourself paying the first $1000 of coverage, and this amount could increase over time.  

There is global pressure to service people less.   In places like Europe, largely in debt and with an immense elderly population, there is a crash in the system, and people will have to pay large amounts for care, or go without care.  In the US the demographics are not that bad, but we are lumped together with other nations and so we are being treated like we too have a large elderly population.  Pressure is being applied to reduce Medicare payouts to the elderly and, in the next 10 years, if you expect Medicare to cover you for major chronic problems, think again.  The support will not be there.  Think dead.  

So if you want to live until a ripe old age, better stay out of that wheelchair, for it is your ticket to oblivion.  People will have to stay away from meds, and from hospitalization and clinic care.  Eat right, and exercise.  As soon as you are down, you are down for the count.

As our economy became less diverse, people fled into health care for their living for it had lucrative payouts from the government.  IT has become overweighted with too many employees.  You cannot have an economy imbalanced as that is. Major changes were necessary, and some are now here. This might include Covid-19.  Many felt as if this were a way for hospitals to shuffle the elderly over to Hospice and reduce care, for relatives in many cases were unable to discern what was taking place day to day.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Joe, the Sleeping Lizard

Recently, China crossed a Red Line in Taiwan.  While there was a reaction among allies in the US with Taiwan, people who have worked with them in the past, the fairly clear message is that Jos is sleeping, maybe golfing.  At any rate, half our missile force doesn't work.  Would Joe even notice if China made internal demands on Taiwan's government?  

Taiwan is lost, and China with its Covid gains, feels it.  Just why shouldn't the Taiwanese political elite grab a flight out of Taiwan?  Well, mostly because Biden and the Chinese are thinking long term,. I guess. 

What joe is really trying to do is put China asleep.  He is doing this by pretending to be dead, like a pigeon.  You can also do this with chickens.  They lay as if dead, and then predators ignore them.

WE all know the Chinese expansionary plan by now:  Overshadow with military.  Use leverage to emplace Chinese into key posts, channel Chinese goods to emplaced personnel.  Repeat until they have control over the government.  SO to establish peace, what Joe needs to do is tranquilize the pro-Taiwanese faction in the US by adopting a pivoting strategy, to escalate  or the opposite.  Otherwise he would have to:

1) Demand the removal of mainland Chinese from Taiwan, and all border incursions.

2) Put troops into Taiwan, with defensive weapons to show our resolve

3) Demand the stoppage of overflights

4) Lessen the dependence of the Taiwanese to mainland Chinese goods.

But wait!  Biden cannot even do this in the US, can he?  His response to this is to say, ...  I might have a mind to let the Chinese take over the US.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A Shooting a Day, keeps the Crisis actors employed?


What's with the press giving us a story every day of one or two shootings?  They didn't do that during the Trump administration. Crisis workers have to do something.  Maybe some little shootings and a few big ones thrown in.  More realistic.  The rule is, if it is featured on the news these days, it is probably a manufactured event or "fake news",

Since the media are controlled by the Jews, expect some Muslim shootings- good for keeping them out.  Here here.  No one needs militant Muslims roaming around, terrorists, or jihadis.  One event was interesting for it involved people from Los Angeles, and a foreign company from England, that basically wanted to distract the public from bad reactions to the Astro Zenica vaccine.  This suggests that as long as the Jews allow it, any company in the world can dial in an operation here in the US.  During the Biden administration this is wide open.    One might expect a school shootings here and there (good for limiting semiautomatic weapons) , and also a synagogue shooting, and a few swastikas'.  Will there be anything new?  Maybe a Latino gang masacre, and a maybe Latino drug pusher killing a gang of Blacks.

What we will not hear is a story about Soros and his corruptions in the Ukraine that has led to a direct confrontation with Russia.  

Thursday, April 8, 2021

A nail removes the other nail.

The last time civil violence broke out, it was in the Obama administration, as people vied for civil service type jobs in police and fire departments, and in the post office.  Postal workers went postal, as they took revolvers to work in their trunks.  Obama declared they needed to make the police exams easier so Blacks could qualify.  

Biden is on the precipice and hardly seems aware of this.  He is about to unleash a major flood of new workers into the US workforce by giving 100M illegals a green card.  .This will mean everyone will be fighting for jobs- to retain jobs they have, or to acquire a job.  Imagine including a $!5 minimum wage, that will pinch off the labor pool also, and ... it is tantamount to a civil war.  You cannot just do these things when there are people involved in such large numbers.  It is madness.  It is intentionally causing pervasive civil strife.

What can you do?  Get a firearm.  Try to get some bullets.  Bulk up, lose the fat.  Close off the forerunners - the coffee bean salesmen,  the marijuana dealers, and drug pushers.  AND demand limits to transfers to the national economy.  You might ask the question why we are bringing workers here when we could be hiring them from outside our country.

And remember Che: “The walls of the educational system must come down. Education should not be a privilege, so the children of those who have money can study.”


Monday, April 5, 2021


This according to a new report from DPI/WSSI. ( DPI Report )

"Science is cultural & situated within human understandings & norms of its time, which means it has historically been created & used as part of oppressive systems...still tends to reflect a white, male, heteronormative perspective"
Actually Science, like politics is not sexual, or racial. There is a necessary aptitude many people lack. It is bad to have gangs enter into Science- it is a source of serious corruption often, the groups having few ideas other than a sense of entitlement.

We have seen Black/Hispanic gangs enter into politics to overthrow the government, and entitle themselves. They are anti-government. In Science it is the same, they are anti-Science. Who needs gangs in our institutions?

What is the Black idea for transforming Science? They need to foster intellectual development in their groups, so there is a purpose. What is the idea for community development for Blacks? I have not heard any besides just stealing money from the Treasury instead of the Stop-N-rob store.
Hey Bro - Space is mostly Black man.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

S(he) is Killing the Competition

 The issue sucking all the air out of the room currently is about transsexuals in sports.  SO we will be voting on this hot issue and ignoring the Marxification of the political sphere, and the nonattendibility of established law, so we can vote over the miniscule number of people in sports that spoil the competition with large hormonals contrasts with the rest of the competitors.  This is kinky stuff, of little actual consequence.  

I was discussing this subject with a rustic individual, and he said he cannot imagine what sexual identity is.  I mean what if a person decided to be the opposite sex tomorrow, what would that person think of himself, and what would his family think?  WE are taking healthy people, and confusing them about their sex.  They are not gender-bendable.  The people who are, hermaphrodites, except for a very few, have no trouble selecting their sex, and living with it.  They have no confusion.  So why take healthy people, and make them mentally ill?  Not only this, but purse toting men, are often assaulted because they destroy women's sense of security, arouse fear of mental illness, and spoil the sport.  You really cannot disconnect identity from the biology.  It is fairly obvious that transsexual women should race with the men, or have their own race. 

According to CNN, they cannot figure out your sex at birth

Friday, April 2, 2021

Pageantry of Ancestry


There exists a natural form of Diversity that developed from variations in  the spoken word.  Populations fell into geographical niches.  We can ponder the significance of this.  One advantage of this is the natural adaptation of the culture to their place.  Also the separation between cultures created racial distinctions that strengthened biologically the human race as a whole.  We might see this playing out today, some people sickened by a disease, and others not.

We cannot create an identity for ourselves.  Our biology and past determine who we are.  We all in some way worship our ancestry.  Who can forget their mother and father?  Do we not honor our mother and father to be their son or daughter?  Who wants to forget their families, or where their families came from?  Our traditions provide coloration in our world, just as birds have different colored feathers.  We cherish these traditions, and are amused and share in the traditions of other cultures.  It may be argyle socks, or a distinctive hat, but it is part of who we are, and it gives us an identity without which we would have none.  It is also a remembrance of our families and their traditions.  From our differences flow the spices of life for every culture.

AS cultures encounter one another more intimately, can we preserve our cultural identities without destroying one another?  Perhaps we should reduce our cultures to shades of gray, as in Communism.  To preserve our cultures, we must rid ourselves of our demigods, those that say our culture is above all others.  What is needed is a sense of spiritual unity, one that honors all of humanity, for its own sake and coloration.  We must be willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole.  We can maintain our cultural niches, by living sustainably, but also in the longer term, adaptively.

I can not think of any better example of sacrifice than Jesus.  He was willing to die for the sake of others, rather than killing others for the sake of himself.  Before you reject Jesus out of hand as as the foreign imposition of a God upon you, consider the possibility that he is the advanced, evolved Godhead, the one that can bring redemption and salvation to everyone.  We do not need to forget our Odens, or Pachamamas, but need to realize they are the precursors in our cultures of the one great God of the Heavens, that will save and redeem them onto future generations.

At first, the leaders of the world will have to accept Christ, or at least his example.  They must be willing to sacrifice for the good of the whole, even onto rebirth if necessary.  We cannot tolerate nations that declare their supremacy, or they will destroy the whole world.  Nor can we tolerate cultures that declare their supremacy and they will conquer all else.  Nor can we tolerate cultures that say they only wish their independence.  They are Evil.  We all have a part to play in our global future.  We all must be willing to sacrifice for the sake of others, not because we are weak, but because we care about humanity.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fighting for your Rights


 Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am in distress.

Deliver me from the hands of my enemies and those who pursue me.

O Lord, let me never be put to shame, for I call on you. (Ps 31)

We are reminded of early Christians, who resisted Roman rule they considered to be brutal.  If you resisted you face accusations and possible arrest.  It is like now, with Marxists in the government.  The courts are not enforcing laws, and cavalierly may find you guilty of spurious charges because you resist them.  You are Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a dissident, to them. This is happening here in WI by Evers and Co.,   These people in our government, ignoring our laws and harassing our residents, are placing good people behind bars, with large fines.  People are being evicted.  They are showing people that resistance can only harm you.  This is a version of what happened in the streets when people guarded their shops and were knocked down and kicked by a group of rioters.  There is a direct link here between the government and these rioters.

A lady defied orders from the state of Michigan health Dept by allowing her restaurant to remain open.  She said the state had no right to close down her business.  Shortly after this the state allowed restaurants to remain open, but they continued the process against this owner as an example to anyone who would defy the government.  She is now in jail and fined for saying she was defiant.  TC_story

I know of another case in WI, in which a  state judge ignored the enforcement of the law against a business, and totally ignored the rights of a person that were protected by these laws.  The penalty to a person involved like this might be eviction, large financial indemnities, or even jail, etc.  a court proceeding may go against someone for being a Christian, or White.

These problems exist in at three states: WI, MI, and IL.  What can you do?  

Can you trust your government?  High skepticism probably is in order.  Avoid legal confrontations with the system if at all possible.  

This reminds me- should you truest their vaccine?  There are those who believer that Covid-19 was created in the lab, to deliver the vaccine to you for some unstated purpose.  Should you trust the government when it comes to this vaccine?  Surely, since they control the press and have not controlled people like Gates who visited Epstein's Island, and there seems to be an outside the country influence in this, I would say you have only yourself on whom you can rely.  It would have been different if you saw the government taking on high tech, making them toe the line with privacy, making the big companies respect the first amendment, but they did not.  It would be different if they respected the free press and allowed free discussion, instead of censorship- but they did not.  And we know the first party our government controls is us.  We are the recipients of their programs, whatever they are, and there is no transparency here is there?  If there is some kind of health program out there on the horizon for us- it may not be the kind we would accept, or want.  My advise: until there is transparency, stay away from the health care system as much as possible.  Wait until there is a leader that can talk extemporaneously, that you can believe represents your interests.

WE must come to the aid of those being oppressed, and watch for death panels in our hospitals. Networked Social workers, many in their twenties,  are stealing away our rights to control how the elderly are treated, and THIS MUST BE STOPPED.


Friday, March 26, 2021

Good aspects of Absentee Ballot Voting


As long as absentee balloting is not abused it is a viable way to do elections.  As long as there is an earlier registration with proper ID, and the person filling out the ballot is witnessed by a US citizen, it is okay to vote this way.  It is the mechanism for answering the call to vote in times of a contagion.  I believe it is still best to vote at a polling place, because it gives you a sense of being patriotic, and participating in our chosen social process of electing our leaders.  I would get the opposite feeling using a mail-in ballot of some other kind, one without proper registration, and no oversight on the handling of ballots.  I am proud of WI for requiring an ID for voting.  Thanks Guv Walker!  There is still a problem in Milwaukee- people delivering the vote after midnight somehow.  No doubt that affected the gubernatorial election, and the recent presidential election.  This is a shame- almost all of the rest of us voted properly.  There is also the possibility that a few counties had their vote flipped through external agency.  All they had to do is have election people plug the voting machine into the internet.  To True the Vote, all you would need is a scissors.

I like absentee voting because you get a ballot to see before the election.  You can see ahead of time, who is running unopposed.  In the next county election there is a bad judge- but she is running unopposed, so she is doing the bidding of some people as judge.  Her seat is entirely politicized.  Too bad for all of us that enter her court.  You can also scope out the candidates some, and get a sense of who they are.  There  is a guy here running for judge that has been a fixture in our city government for several decades.  He looks like a drunk.  IF I hadn't a chance to reconnoiter his candidacy, I would not have known he was a crony of the worst kind.  Ballots should be accessible to people a set period prior to the election so slots can be filled that are empty and people have a chance to review the ballot.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Petrocarbons as Stimulus


The government gives us a check, and curtails energy production for the nation.  What is the consequence?  To cut back products, especially energy, is to plunge the country into a relative depression.  At the same time printing money and issuing a stimulus check definitely will devalue money.  It is the willful shutdown of the system by a step, a benefit to our adversaries like the Chinese.  To them, it is a call for more of their production, and for this they receive more US dollars, albeit a devalued dollar.  This places them into the geopolitical top seat, and one must wonder if the Biden brain is seeped with Chinese massages.

IT is hard to be a big fan of fracking, but this produced energy and shifted the energy equation positively.  Economically, the only problem is translating this into US production.  Instead it goes into exorbitant Kerry-travel, and domestic transport of foreign goods.  The best supply and demand economics is supported by the energy sector as a utility.  They will drive the price of energy into the ground with oversupply and if your curtail production, the price pops right up.  It is that vital.  Petrocarbon energy is our stimulus, what keeps us going.  So too is domestic production.  They need to diagnose the condition of national production in the light of concern for our security.  This is not happening. We are shifting  into a vassal state of China.  The international equation is not balanced, and we need to retract our support for them, and defend ourselves.  If not Elon Musk and his rocket will be similar to Kim Jung Un and his rocket- really not going anywhere - really just a show.

WE should not be afraid of using our Yankee Ingenuity and Energy.  We should not be destroying it, but instead using it, actually for ourselves, protecting this resource so we do not lose it.

Monday, March 22, 2021


 When the Chinese lost their most important food source, seafood, the universities began to embrace foreign students as our economy switched to outsourcing.  More and more the universities, driven on by socialist/Communist components, went toward diversity and economic justice.  They were graduating foreign students, and increasingly over time abandoning the people whose parents lost their jobs due to outsourcing.  Some obtained degrees but there were few jobs there upon graduation for them, and often big loans to pay off.  The universities were grasping money here from them, knowing it would benefit the students little.  Many said it was worthless to obtain a degree.

Looking at this it seemed the universities, who were no longer supporting the nation, were doomed.  Why should the public pay to support them?  More and more they were switching away from real education and providing "fake" education.  As they degraded western values the content of classes was changed.  They were now all into socialism and support of foreign people and minorities.  They provided classes to educate the underprivileged, who were being taught how they had been screwed economically because of their race,   Why?  Because it was a way for the university to continue to be supported.  It was racism to discontinue these programs and classes.

The internet plays an important role in this story,  Administrators feared it.  What if the huge infrastructure that had been built up were lost because of online learning?  The infrastructure is a fossil for it existed as in the 18th century - as district sources of higher  education.  People had to travel to go there, often within their district.  With the internet you did not have to travel somewhere for your education anymore.  Potentially, the cost to students could be very low with the internet.  In the old system you have to pay for housing, lots of travel, and you lose the social network that supports you locally.  University towns had to have large numbers of apartments for students,   Large construction projects existed to create the playground for activities etc.  Universities were given large loans to expand that quelched their fears.  They felt safe supported by the organizations too big to fail.

The polyculture was grasping for its existence, and found the answer in socialism.  Most rainbow people didn't  care that much for the internet, but roused by screaming faculty they were into social justice programs.  To exist they would need these students and people of their mindset in Washington to submit the bills  with the appropriations for themselves.  This threat of social upheaval would provide the incentive and Antifa is the active threat.  No surprise university people were Antifa, and as so they seemed rather fake- but no doubt they were earnest about obtaining faculty positions, and repatriation to the US.

Now, we are aware that pooled education in situ, has adverse consequences when it comes to disease.  The lockdown basically had to end university classes to prevent infection.  To educate under these conditions is difficult.  In the past these institutions shut down, and reopened when it was safe.  Today, they could continue using the internet.  The Internet is the advanced way to avoid disease outbreaks.  So for classed teaching, it is the way to go.  It is safer for many reasons.

There is potentially much more money in an Internet-based Baccalaureate program for people talented in communicating educational material to students anywhere in the world (they do not need to be here for this).  People who can generate associated computerized learning programs are also needed.  If you taught Calculus and were a gifted instructor on the net, you might get 1M students all paying to hear your lectures.  This could be quite lucrative.  This might put the pizazz back into teaching the ABC's.

What is further needed, is a system of accreditation.  The rudiments of a degree have changed over time, probably beginning in ancient Egypt.  Today we could enjoy a broad offering of classes.  The rounded culture based degree program could be supplemented with  vocational programs possibly created by companies who would hire students directly.

The internet would help to democratize learning.  Education would be less about exploiting students, and more about giving people the ticket they need for employment, which would cost far less.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Smaller Medical Care Costs: Nursing Homes and Hospice Houses


These very expensive treatment facilities - here around where I live cost 7000-9000/month.  The cost is through the roof and quickly depletes a person's savings, placing them deeper into a dark hole from which they cannot recover.  Not only this, but if the stay if mandated by a social worker, you may have no say, and they might be committed outside the families volition.

The statement is made that even at these prices these place can lose money, and this must be supplemented from elsewhere. This is perfect place for Christian facilities instead of public hospital related facilities.  they too have financial shortfalls in providing care like this.

I have not inspected their budget sheets, but obviously if these facilities are run by people with commensurate salaries as  public institutions, and they are buying real estate for them, the costs would be the same except for taxes, from which the church is exempt.   To save they need to convert unused church property into these facilities, and use clerics as they had in the past.  IF the number of clerics is too small, they could use lay people with religious associations- so the care is from the faithful - all for less cost.  

An additional benefit is religious people would be making decisions and grandma would not just be withered to death with limpid palliative care, and the state apparatus would not necessarily have to be involved- it a public hazard from all I have experienced.  Karens galore - with compelled care having no recourse.  KArens are sensitive to the smallest things to commit grandma for her own good.  State based operations are truly problematic.  Imagine a person watching your every move at home while locked down, and sending you to a facility if you do one thing wrong.  That is what these social workers are like.

For those of you who reject Hospice altogether as slow motion Kevorkian care for even the non-terminal- well I believe there is a place for people who are about to die soon, and we could depend to Christian facilities to ensure this is not done to the non-terminal.

Social Disconnects

 Were you worried that people entering college would graduate without getting a job, especially after paying exorbitant amounts of money for tuition?  This was recognized before- the disconnect between education and the economy.  They tied to fix it by polling business leaders to see what kind of graduates they wanted.  I am not sure this happens anymore, but it should.  

The whole idea behind the press, is its special role in informing the public on matters that affect you.  This is so you can make changes, adapt, or take initiatives to improve conditions in which we are living.  IT has a special role to gauge the acceptability of our elected leaders.  It is supposed to be an adversarial situation, using questions to resolve what are leaders are doing and why.

WE all know the press is bought and paid for.  Wish it were not so.  They no longer honestly inform the public at least not very well.  For this purpose people have engaged an alternative press. This has been a good effort, but at times I worry that there is a social disconnect between the press and voting.   Since voting is how we civilly respond to an existing condition.  Without legitimate voting, we are like students going to college assuming it will help them, by continuing to spout off as an alternative press.  IT doth not lead to changes in our national leadership.  By fixing the vote, the result is a wall around Congress (really a message to the public saying we are just going to ram our way ahead regardless- we'll take our chances).

So is it unreasonable that they see the alternate press as drummers that are inciting civil disorder?  How could it be much different, if there is no way for the public to express itself civilly?  To avoid this confrontation our government can show us their concern for our input via the vote by taking aggressive action to fix the tampering and illegitimate machines they are using.  Even Obama had Acorn fired.  Old Joe has done nothing except deny any voter issues.   AS they say, they have sown the wind here.  They are asking for trouble.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

What to do with the Surge on our Border?


Why are there so many Latinos entering at our border?  IS there a natural disaster?  Famine?  Why is it only effecting children?  The number of children entering the US has tripled since the Biden administration took over.

Surely they are not seeking asylum.  There is no temporary condition that caused them to migrate, and there is no political scourge that sent them packing.  As Governor Abbott of Texas indicated the surge is a well coordinated assault on the border, to flood the zone overwhelming the border patrol, and then bringing in drugs and special pax into the gaps.

This surge is unparalleled, and unwarranted, except for the push of the coyotes, and the big promises they make.  They should intervene and stop this before all civil order breaks down in places like Texas.  

So far there has been lots of threats and friction between Texas and the Biden Administration.  This seems like the Biden administration is totally irresponsible- they have opened the border and left Texas without screening for criminals, drug cartels, and Covid-19.  As a consequence the state officials are threatening to  swing into action with the National Guard hopefully to halt the surge, and the cartel activities.

Biden my time


Changed my gene, now I glow in the Dark!

I am worried about our country after Biden's speech.  One fellow stated he was senile, and just read off a bunch of lies, not realizing he was.

Biden or the people for whom Biden is a proxy, has unleached a whole bunch of changes, and creating lots of problems - an uncontrolled surge at the border, rolling blackouts and worries about energy, joblessness, uncontrolled debt, broken down voting system etc. - and for some reason they chose to just talk about C19.  

IT has been pointed out that the Chinese are holding the IOUs for our debt, and because of this they have large influence on adopted policies.  Was the lockdown a Chinese mandate?  IT was certainly effective at transferring jobs to China, and empowering China.  Could be it was an economic attack, for which Biden will never blame them?  Let us right here and now praise those who refused to be locked down.  They countered China, and saved their economic activity.  For other places, it might be years before they recover from this.

Are the vaccines the answer?  And if they are not, is this a pretext for a never ending lockdown?  I have been told it will take a hot war to stop the lockdown.  As the debt is called up, the lockdowns comes down.  Even new variants of the virus are presented to continue this. Can we believe any of this  mainstream fake news?

A doctor from New Zealand who lost her job, stated we cannot develop a vaccine if we do not know what we are treating.  Some people have the flu, others a cold, others a form of pneumonia.  They can all create false positives in the PCR testing, which is our gold standard for detecting C19.  You can also include RNA fragments in this, that are part of our natural metabolism, and possibly a fragment of a virus of some kind that is biologically inactive.  Until they fix the detection method, they do not know if anyone has C19.  Also they cannot tell if a vaccine is effective.  The error rate of the PCR test is something like 58%.  When people stated the more testing you did the more C19 you had, they weren't kidding.  Simply put, we do not have the technology to test for C19, or for any virus.  The same can be said for Ivermectin and HCQ as cures.  How do you know they treat when people have various conditions, and maybe no condition?

The point of this "C19 Phenomenon", appears to be the lockdown condition, and the delivery of the vaccine, whatever that is - and it is not about the Covid-19 virus.  IT is either a fake vaccine for the sake of sales, or it is something else.  A few people are dying from the vaccine, so the purpose is important enough to warrant pushing the vaccine nonetheless.  It might be to control people's movements using the passport system as was implemented in England.  They can use this to control your going to work, getting on mass transport, etc.  If you recall China did this using software they developed on people's cellphones.  If it is this labelling/masking system, you might need a new shot to refresh it, and then ... an ambitious company might consider other uses- considering the vaccines as a delivery system for any kind of manipulation of your genes.

IMHO, the use of this tech to control disease is small - because the body and its genes are a work of art and resilient to this kind of manipulation.  It would be like tuning a circuit with many nonlinear controls.  You change one, and try to adjust the others but now you have changed several other things.  etc.  This manipulation is likely to result in infertility, or often death.  People have also worried about longer term effects ( > 5 years ).

What are we to think?  Biden was essentially on the Chinese payroll.  He does not criticize China for anything.  Supposedly they released a virus, and they provided a policy of lockdown we were all forced to accept, more or less.  We are now possibly implementing a system that controls our movements, like the Chinese system.  It is like the Chinese have Biden's testicles in a tower near Beijing.

Microsoft started a program to build nuclear-based reactors, that used depleted Uranium.  There is so much of it around, and you can only make so many artillery shells...   This program was stymied because of international concerns.  Results of tests may have been stored at DOE, and recall this was attacked a short time ago.  Was it the Chinese?  There is new technology in reactors that may make it possible to use these plants instead of wind turbines for energy.  And we need not share the technology with China.  Japan also has a new design for safer nuclear plants.  Will a company like Microsoft attempt to force the US to share this technology with China?  IF so how can we afford to go forward without this technology?


Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Q-factor in the economy

 IF you take away government handouts as national production, the $28T national debt shows we are not productive.  As time goes by our skills and talent to create a new economy are being lost.  The economy we had that had upward mobility and innovation is moving a ways behind us.  We have lost our pride, the pride the people had that built the world we were born into, that we inherited from earlier generations.  Monopolization has caused us to stagnate.  How many people earning 6 figures are worth their salt?  Do they feel they are pulling their weight?  Using their life fully, to make what they can of themselves, to make a better tomorrow?  IF we just hand wave, and put on a little show promising a better future but never deliver, living off printed currency, how does that make you feel?

Our birthright, from our baptism, made our life one of promise.  WE have the gifts the Lord has given us, and that our economy does not recognize.  WE are stuck watching Musk's rockets going no where and blowing up.  Through the mechanism of upward mobility people have some action.  They can try to better their lives and improve the future also.  What is the cost of this?  If people cannot meet the challenges we face, then nothing is lost.  IF they do meet these challenges, we all win.  Part of living is for the chance to do this.

WE live in a menagerie of gross products, based on production by cheap labor.  WE were locked down into this lackluster life long before Covid-19 came around.  How do you like those vaccines?  Aren't they great?  Mandatory you say?  Hell, what is that all about?  Forcing you to use their products made by cheap labor?  Having no design for our own lives, the big monopolies are making it for us.  You want something they do not offer?  Well, how would you like to be deplatformed by some LGBTQRST people?  Or maybe they could look you up on the internet and find out you used the word n* and lose your career and ability to take care of your family.  Yeah, how about that?

An economy is more than cheap labor.  Egyptians lived that way for thousands of years doing nothing, with people later dragging their coffins all over the place for fun.  What did these people live for?  Just to watch the Nile Rise and Fall?  You only have one life.  It is mandated, based on our faith that we make the most of our lives we can, to use our talents.    Should we just throw away our chance to make something of our lives?

Circling back


What is this all about?

I believe the Democrats really did not expect to win the election, and frankly they were unprepared to run the government, this despite the apparent win in the election.  I believe there is considerable dishevelment behind the scenes and Biden is not actually physically able to be president.  Also no one wanted Kamilla the gorilla either., but somehow they won the election.

These people are not right to run the country, and the country knew it last November.  You might see in the stimulus bill the Demos copying the TRump administration.  Their administrative policies are not wanted, even though their party controls both houses.  the press wants you to know, possibly to keep you from rioting, that it takes 60.

I am just saying, could it be it is just a matter of time until the TRump administration circles back?  Many people are thinking this way, and wouldn't it be good to get rid of some of the old hands in Congress - that have been there for eons, who frankly are porked to the gills and really have no idea of what sensible governance is all about?  Pelosi should know HR-1 is totally unconstitutional.  My God, how could she be speaker?

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Good Shepherds in Congress



The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who doesn't own the sheep, sees the wolf coming, leaves the sheep, and flees. The wolf snatches the sheep, and scatters them. ...

IT had been a different America, when we fought just wars, and contained the enemy, and we judged our legislators by whether or not they were willing to help protect the country in this way.  Today most prominent leftist politicians have never fought for their country, men or women, although there are a few exceptions.   If the ruling class does not fight, and they are the ones that instigate these conflicts, then what is going on?

A man who owned a grocery store had it burned down by a street mob.  Perhaps for no reason, or maybe he charged too much for a candy bar, or .. perhaps because he caught someone passing a bad check, or stealing from the store.  Because the state refused to adjudicate these cases he was left without legal remedy, and the criminals are at large.  The man may have to leave the state to find a place where he can find protection of his property and his person.  If he does not he may be hit again, and possibly murdered.  There were restaurants in Madison senselessly set ablaze.  This is what Muslims do - the laws not applying to protect non-Muslims.  They clear the ground. The good shepherd, however, protects his sheep, and does not let them come to harm.

If the sheep stray,. the good shepherd brings them back into the fold.  For if some stray, so too would others, bringing the flock to harm.  When we see people like Biden, pretending to be a member of the faithful, I would not want to discourage his consideration of doing so, but I could not accept his pretending to be a member of the faithful when he is not.  For Cris sake, he is supposed to be the shepherd..  What he is really is a wolf in shepherd's clothing.  How many others in Congress are the same?  When they stray, who brings them back into the fold?

The entire flock is at risk.  WE are not being treated like a flock, but we are being locked down and scattered, and assaulted even without reason, and there is little response to protect us, and our shepherd doesn't even want to answer any questions about this.

Thankfully our true master, and the Shepherd above all shepherds, is our Lord.  The mystical body of Jesus, watches over us.  HE is the one that protects us.  He is the one that protects us from the wolves.  And he is the one that brings those that stray back into the fold - not because he wishes to control us or degrade us, but because he loves us.  By our faith he is our owner, and this underscore the importance of ownership- we are his and he is ours.  He cares about our well being, and increases the quality of our lives. 

Isn't it time for Jesus to break a few legs?

Friday, March 5, 2021

Managing Risk?

 I am not good at managing risk.  It is not that I am uninterested at doing that, but that analytically, I am unsure of how to do that exactly.  I suppose many people live a life that is risk adverse - playing it safe - and perhaps therefore they never do things they could have done because of fear of the unknown.  On the other hand it often happens people take high risks without actually realizing it, and the result is wholly destructive to them, like the people who backed off a cliff at the falls at Yellowstone Park, who slipped and fell taking a photo.

In politics you never know exactly what the consequence might be - if an action will have no effect, or create a small initial effect that will in time build into a large effect.  When many potentially destabilizing processes are ongoing and interacting, this might lead some to believe it is beyond calculation to say what the consequences of an action might be, so it is possible to say perhaps you are not the instigator of something negative- you could just blame it on something else.

Who assesses the risks in your federal government?  WHO assesses the risks?  Biden is not doing that.  He cannot put two sentences together from his own head.  It is disconcerting to me, the fact he is signing those edicts from the oval office, basically oblivious to the consequences of his actions.  If someone told him to press the big red button, some believe he would just press it like crossing a todo element off a list.

 So what is going on?  Ongoing Riots in the streets, possible attack on the Capitol Bldg., a very risky relationship with China, the insolvency/instability of our economy, an invasion of our borders by people unknown, with consequent damage to our institutions because they are unnaturalized, often dangerous, and are uncounted and unassessed.  Do not get me wrong here, but who is the monkey who is doing the assessing of the risks?  I hope its not the same people who invested in China to just happen to destroy all liquidity in international banking because of bad loans.

Bill Bennet said his gambling was not a problem because he could cover it.  Well, isn't the country in a state, intentionally created, in which we cannot any longer cover it?  IT seems like there are people like AOC who think, possibly because of quantitative easing, that they can always print money and everything is okay.  Actually that is not so.  We have already seen the prices of meat and all food rise, gas prices have risen recently, and housing prices also.  There are increasing fears of a larger inflation.  Do not weep for us, Argentina.

How can they run the government this way?  They do not even know how many illegal aliens there are.  How can they legislate without this central fact?  How  many people are living off public subsidies and what is our government's solution to this?  There are gross violations of the welfare system in parts of the nation, and ... what appears to be a fake health crisis for the sake of inducing the government to pay out more for vaccinations.  When are they going to investigate and fix these things?


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Legislating as usual

Everything is back to normal in our federal government.   They are busy legislating the Covid-19 bailout, and the Immigration bill.  

Wait a moment!  Are they doing this from within the Green Zone?  You cannot argue with the numbers.  These reps have alienated everyone, including the president.  It is nice to get a check in the mail, but not so nice to see prices increase for commodities like food.  What people need is sustained income, not this.  The Covid crisis is over, to almost everyone but Pharma and our reps.  Perhaps that is why these people have very low public support.  They are all unliked.  P. Trump gets twice as much approval compared to Biden, who is fairly unliked.  In fact it hardly seems like he knows what he is doing, and he seems largely oblivious to how much he is detested.

They pulled that stunt at the Capitol Bldg to coverup the voting scandal.  So what is next?  Well, if Biden left office, that could be okay.  He could take Harris with him.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

First Strike Strategy

 When Obama decided to compromise our national security by allowing China to make parts for vehicles in our military, we were forced into a first strike posture, for if we delayed at all, we wouldn't have parts for making more vehicles, or repairing old ones.  

Still there was great resistance to the idea that we should make our own parts, and build our own vehicles.  IF we did this tensions might be eased with conventional interactions, without the need of an all out first strike.

Now, in the present state of affairs, we might have to worry about carrying out a first strike.  Besides Biden being unable to operate the football, we should be worrying about the security and stability of our channels of communication.  If I were an enemy of the USA, that is where I would be spending my time.  Can we secure these channels, or do we depend on Chinese equipment there also?

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Troops in Syria?


We are seeing the Left roll out the assault on the Ukraine, once again.  This is presumably so the sons of the governmental officials can start skimming big money.  The plan is simple and we have all seen it before.  They present an opposing agent to press Putin, and well as attack Syria to threaten the Russian base there.  In this way they hope to gain concessions in the UKraine - next the eastern Ukraine gas fields.

They told us they would not put troops into the Ukraine, but look at all our expenditures- operations in Russia, the interface with the mob in the Ukraine, and troops in the Middle East.  AND for what?  Hunter's coke parties?

Biden is not calling the shots here - it is the NSC, and Soros who is.  I do not care about the Ukraine.  Let the Ukrainians have it.  I do not care to topple Assad either.  This is BS.