Sunday, January 31, 2021

Rigged! Where is the SEC?


The crazy thing,  is, the SEC thinks Reddit is the problem.  What?

WE all probably remember Bernie MAdoff.  Jailed because of running a ponzi scheme, his real attraction was that he said he couldn't lose because he had inside information.  Something happened to his information I guess.  All his clients were angry.  Many were from California and Hollywood.  All JEWs.  I was angered to find out many of them got an appreciable amount of money back.  They all invested because they believed they had a sure thing, and all are probably guilty of insider trading.   NO one was ever charged.  There are people who believe they are different than everyone else.

But recently people from Reddit showed us how easy it is to foil people who short stocks.  Very easy to thwart.  No one ever did it, however, until now.  It took a group of people who wanted to save a down stock, of a game distributor.  They boosted the stock up and absolutely killed the insider shorters.  So easy to do.  AS a result, the banks that lost money complained, and the SEC responded by harassing the public traders, saying this phenomena ought to be illegal - intentionally driving the stock up like that.  Its probably fair to say the shorters were all Jews.  What isn't fair is the way these trades were handled: one set of rules for insiders, and another for outsiders.  The insiders pump money out of the system like opening a spicket.  They expect it to be there.  IT would be interesting to know who was all involved in the shorting, wouldn't it?  Will they obtain a C19 bailout?  Gosh, no I say.  Biden believes in appeasement.  Give em what they want.

IT is like the man who ratted out the people sheltering income in Switzerland, who was then arrested for releasing the names of people hiding money over there.  Why does these strange things happen?  In this case it was Hillary Clinton who straightened it out for the rich guys, and is possibly why she felt she should have won the presidency.

What can the JEws do if we squeeze their shorts?  Terrorize us?

But these people- our elected officials are running the voting game straight, right?

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Better Economic Theories?

 WE are at a loss for sensible economic theories.  WE endured Friedman, and his dialog with a people who supported a managed economy and followed Keynesian economics.  These ideas are not complex enough to tell us how we respond to the environment in which we find ourselves today.

Friedman's ideas are fine as applied to a uniform system, or to a national system open to Capitalist development.  His ideas breakdown when applied internationally.   So we see his advice to Chile, resulted is a great economic improvement there.  But many countries have different political systems and they cannot be treated as being the same.  Their goals are different, and what of economic trade initiated between hostile nations?  Where is the theory that says you can trade with a country that wishes to use its economic development to destroy your economy?  Where are the derived guarantees this can be managed successfully?  Would he approve or say two seriously different economies can operate as though they are one big economy?  

What of the great disparity in wealth distribution that has resulted from this mercantilist trade?  I believe there is no theory here.  It is just a bad experiment that has resulted in immense wealth for a few, that has cheated the average Western citizen out of the benefits of the trade.  Our purchased products should have been much cheaper, but they floated prices iu order to channel the wealth that resulted from the trade, to just a few.  There is no possible competition in this.  With outsourcing all competition was eliminated, so a few could control most global production.

WE are on the precipice here in the US, of an economic collapse and the precipitation of civil strife between those hired by the monopolists (Friedman would never has approve of this), and its victims.  Are we ever going to re-examine what we are doing?  A free economy  is a joke in our situation.  There is no freedom except for the very wealthy to do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences.

Where are the thinker in Economics today?  Are they all hired and extinguished by the monopolists?  Cannot the thinkers of  today take the Friedman approach, measure the results of various policies and determine viable modalities for competitive economics other than the monopolist-slave system that exists?  They are destroying human culture and Western values in the blind dash for wealth as a result trojan horse type complicity by hostile nations willing to abuse their own countrymen.  Perhaps they need to broaden their concepts somewhat.  Are there any surviving economists who can think?

WE can use Friedman's theories, All we need to do is make our political systems adhere to his assumed principles.  WE can have a global system and use Milton.  All we need is to obtain uniformity in political control, such that Monopolies are destroyed and there is a control throughout that fosters free development and competition.  I would add that open trade requires lifting lower countries up rather than tearing advanced countries down. Trade with people who do not honor their loans?  who steal ideas, who infiltrate companies and collapse them, or to dump products to target companies?  Should we trade with people who use slave labor?   Doesn't that drive all economic activity down to the level of slavery?

Friday, January 29, 2021

Drugs, and death

 According to Lara Logan who has spent time down on the border, she claims there are increasing numbers of Chinese coming across the southern border.  She distinguished human rights based on Judeo-Christian ethics, and blind migrants who think it is an irrevocable human right to go wherever they want.  

The US is a country that is overloaded with people, and the migrants from China, or from LAtin America do not know when they come here what the condition is.  We are in lockdown, and our businesses are being destroyed.  No one knows exactly the level of unemployment.  To take in more migrants really is unconscionable.  Border control is really needed to stop the flow.  Biden will leave everyone in, except provable felons.

According to Lara, the flow of migrants is equivalent to the flow of drugs. That is their ticket to survival in a place with high unemployment.  They are spiking drugs with substances that kill people like fentanyl, to replace them.  In Biden's addled mind, he seem unaware of this.  These street drugs are killers.  The social solution to a crush of new population, people believing America is rico, man - is violence.  It is the kind of violence we associate with Antifa, and under Biden I would guess it may double or triple.  Biden and PElosi are stoking their anger and directing them at Whitie.  This is irresponsible, and dangerous.


No End in Sight, Ever?


Leaders are worried.  As new variants of the virus are encountered, it is hard to determine where they are coming from, and going to.  The lockdown does nothing to stop the movement of the virus.  We are in a failed state in dealing with Covid-19, not knowing if the vaccines will work.  All the testing has done nothing to contain the virus.  There are no teams rushing in to deal with new variants of the virus.  So, what is plan B?

The complete utter failure of the existing paradigm, asks for something better.  We cannot tell even if someone is planting these viruses, or who it may be that is.  It is a strange situation- viruses usually get weaker over time, and in this, they are getting stronger.  That is a potential red flag. 

How do we stop planted viruses like this?  It  could be difficult if they are planted various places at about the same time.  This could be a form of global terrorism.  A little bug, created in a lab with ferrets, can crash the economy of the US?  THis could be done by several countries: Iran, N Korea, Russia, or China.  The group most likely to have access to so many places, is China.  It is similar to hedge fund activity isn't it?  Crashing economies and replacing them?  Could it be Soros?

There is only 1 way to deal with this, IMHO.  Shut the borders.  Stop the international traffic.  What is needed is a moratorium on biological weapons research.  Hans Blix is needed, or someone like him, to examine labs and determine what they are doing.  The impact of this is large.  Containment of biological materials needs to be taken seriously.   Ah, but where is the concern?

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Have you noticed? Few like Biden.


Despite media reports to the contrary, Biden started nonpopular and he is becoming less popular than that ever since January 20th.  People possibly will start to like P TRump again who obviously liked being popular.  Joe, on the other hand does not seem to know what being liked is, and whatever people think of him, it does not seem to matter.

There is no resounding acclaim that arises from his early decisions.  It has people wondering who is making up his lists of things to do.   IF people had enthusiastically voted for him, his early decisions would be expected and cheered.  No cheering!  Is it possible people voted for him, but not for his policies?  Is it possible he did not win the election, it was rigged, and so now the public reaction to policies formed possibly by the radical wing of the LEft is actually shocking, and unwanted?  We have gone from a leader who pressed his concerns against all opposition, to one who has no particular personal goals who can be moved from one position to another, as long as there is something in it for him, and by extension, for his family.

A good example is the cancelation of the XL Keystone Pipeline at a cost of many jobs.  It must've been on a list, but this plays poorly with the public who would like to see more jobs, not less, especially at a time people are locked down and many are unemployed.  It would have been Kerry that suggested the cancellation of the pipeline, for he was the one that suggested green jobs would exist, and in far greater number.  Well- people who care about the public would have started with the green jobs announcement, and after that got going, to cancel the pipeline.  There are many signs employment sucks, and will not improve.  Good thing we can rely on the minimum income some people believe is just around the corner, but ... who is talking about that?  There is no such program.  The reset seems to portend gloom for the US. Jobs, here in the US consists of demolition men, who salvage and demolish strip malls and retail stores.  The pain is getting deeper.   DC doesn't get it.

Are you surprised that rioters (BLM and Homosexuals) were not processed?  They trashed statues, burned down buildings and looted businesses, and kicked people's heads in.  What was going on here?  No legal process?  Does this remind you of all the crimes in DC without arrests by the DOJ?Just yesterday, based on classified documents released by P TRump, it is proven, that despite contrary evidence the FBI placed wiredtaps on P. TRump, by lying to the FISA court.  THis is a serious crime.  No arrests.  AS an individual, if you face the courts you might be surprised to find the judge is just a partisan hack, letting people off the hook, or blaming you for things other people did.  They are hacks first, and law enforcers seldom.  Where are the politicians out there to maintain law and order?  Leftist politicians are inciting this kind of irresponsible action, not fixing anything.    Hillary Clinton started it.  She is still at large.  P Trump tried to stop the slide into the sewer.  He is in court, facing false accusations, essentially blind gaslighting from the left.  WE hate all that.  DC doesn't get it.

What has happened to the Democratic PArty?  We all know- they have long ago eschewed their heritage, and cashed in.  It all started with dropping the "conflict of interest" concern.  They became opportunists instead of representatives, and descended into almost open bribing.  They began liquidating and selling off the public interests.  Apparently no one wanted to purchase the Washington Monument.  They are politically aligned with foreign interests that pay them for their considerations. As this happens, more and more,  our political system has shifted to monetise foreign countries and supply them jobs.  Who would elect such a governing body?  No one. And so it was necessary for them to rig the elections.  You better believe it.  WE do not want them.  DC doesn't get it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Constant testing!

 I thought about how a global pandemic could be managed.  At first blush, it appeared to me that national borders opening and closing were the best way to quarantine a disease internationally.  Then, even more division to further quarantine disease.

An open borders approach to disease control seemed untenable to me- allowing people and products to be moved around without restriction would spread disease as quickly as possible.  The only way to keep borders open is to test everyone, for everything, all the time.  Surely that is not acceptable.  Then, they would have to establish a perimeter, and close diseased people off if possible, or leave them wander, and perhaps lock them down, and then rapidly develop a vaccine.  The problem with that is there is no simple way to generate a vaccine, there is no recipe.  This technology does not exist.

Furthermore, races probably exist because of filtering by disease.  Regionally people are immune from certain diseases.  This immunity is lost if people are intentionally mixed.  Do we want to lose our natural immunity?  We will also come into contact with diseases for which we have no immunity.  The tinkering they are doing, could be doing more harm than good.  They know enough to cause problems of which they are unaware.  A real solution to diseases, is to understand immunity, and from all racial perspectives.  If we could generate the substances of immunity for a disease, for a particular race, we would have it all solved.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Two presidents


It must seem rather ominous. Somehow Biden got elected although he did not want the job.  I would guess the problem is largely the Chinese.  WE had a chance to keep that situation capped and controlled. but no - the response to the ecological disaster of the collapse of fishing was to open the door wide and goad China into developing.  At the same time people gave them all kinds of weaponry.

With Biden in office the Chinese have upped their intimidation of Taiwan.  You have military intimidation, and followed by incursion by the Chinese.  They are unchecked.  Hong Kong, Tibet, many islands in the Pacific, the Uigers, and now Taiwan.  They are too uncivilized to lead the world, and too large to easily stop.  They need to be cut down, and divided.  Instead our government is imperiled.  The longer we engage in this imbalanced trade, the stronger China will become.  WE will be eating grass with the cows.

WE require a super unification in the west, out of the sight of the Chinese, who are placing electronics all over to make independent planning more difficult.  Appeasement by the Left is such an awful display of cowardess, really.  They must be dealt with, or they will start murdering us in the years ahead and our Defence system will let them, to avoid war.

The Demonocrats, lost favor with the public because they abandoned US labor.  Their strategy was to rely on support from foreign countries, and to flood the country with illegals as a replacement for the US Middle class they abandoned.  They now are equivocating the former Middle class with domestic terrorists in order to have excuses to disenfranchise them.

The overtures we have made to reduce the dissimilarities from country to country has directly diminished Us.  We abandoned religion- the first step toward disintegration.  Christianity had provided unity.  Some people have stopped caring about other people here, first those in finance.  You can see the evolution of the C19 event- beginning with some members in Congress on the left, who sided with China, and Big Pharma, and medicine, to keep the cheap pills rolling, and to launch a pandemic to lockdown the public to transfer this economic activity to China.  Latinos helped to spread the panic connected with this.  Also the lockdown was used to corrupt the vote by the left with the mail-in ballots.  This all works because the media are operating like hired hands, hiding Latino actions in the voting and spreading the pandemic, also hiding the roles of Big Pharma, Medicine and China.  

Where is the national response to the corruption of our vote by illegals?  Where is the response to CHinese corruption of our system, the seizure of our jobs, and the complicity of our lefty politicians?  Whatever it was, ... it went down with P. TRump who is being blamed with rousing violence, by a group invaded by leftist provocateurs who were the only people who smashed windows in the Capitol Building.  WE are all out here, talking about this.  Clearly the left is active, and those on the right, talking lots.  They are deconstructing the US, on purpose.  Obviously what is needed is something to counter Davos, and for this group to take the offensive, rather than waiting for the next shoe to drop from the Nazi Schwab et al.  It might appear daunting but all they have is money, whereas we have our patriotism, the affinity for the US way of life, our belief is God, and a reverence for our heritage.  And if that is not enough, ... there is the concern for our lives which are slowly being carved up, and our bodies cremated, and the lives of our children tossed on stormy seas.  AS US citizens we can be carved up, or perhaps we should stop the Davos meetings if possible.  So far they are having little collegiate meetings and enjoying parties, busily planning from an international perspective that places no emphasis on the preservation of the citizens of the US.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Juris Imprudence


Does Russia have lawyers?  They do, but very few: 1:100,000.  They are not needed, except for criminal trials.  There is no process for anything else.  A committee creates the rules people must live by, and if they break these rules, they simply encounter a police force directly.  A problem they encounter there is much is done underground, and it is often not easy to determine who did what.

What Marxists are doing across America, is turning off "due process", that is they are not enforcing laws.  So Hillary Clinton breaks a bunch of laws - whoops, no prosecution.  The DOJ is sending around its agents as bag men.  The FBI, what is it they are doing again?  The MArxists apply the law only to their opponents, and then in a sloppy way.  The MArxists want to rid themselves of policing also, and that is great is you are a criminal, eh? IT would seem to make sense if you got rid of all law enforcement, then police would seem to be nonessential.  Actually that is untrue.  IT is just the perspective of a criminal accustomed to "due process".  But in a real Communist state, there are police, lots of them.

China is an interesting country when it comes to the law.  They have a Constitution, and a legal framework based on socialism.  They have also created a need for lawyers, and I believe it is mainly applied in the realms of real estate and finance - so it was generated to go along with the west.  AS China gained more control of its internal affairs, however, the legal profession there has collapsed somewhat.  People have quit, largely because of graft and bribing.  Its relic legal system is in some ways probably better than we have currently in places in the US.  Imagine if all the people in the US were named Ping.  It would seem biomeasures would be essential there, to have any chance of applying laws widely.


Friday, January 22, 2021

Day 2: Whoa Party


Is this man really our president?  This is day two of the president of the party of shame.  My God, who is it they say we voted for?  Well Joe didn't define himself, so he is calling himself a man of democracy (because at least half the country believe he was not properly elected), and a man of unity (because at least half the country doesn't accept his presidency), a man of nonviolence ( because people generally think Pelosi, Harris, and Biden all incite Antifa riots) .  a man of generosity (because he instructed the DOJ to give funds to certain Democratic groups), and a man of religion (ha ha- not even credible to a drunk person.  Biden actually read the Vatican the riot act, and tried to kill YHWH), and a man concerned about your health(actually locking you down because of the China virus, and giving millions more of our jobs to China).  But to date he has not called himself a man of honor (a stretch too far?).

What we clearly remember is P. Trump giving one resounding speech after another wooing the vote in the American way.  Biden for some reason appeared to not want his candidacy, hiding in his home, running the constant gaffer machine to throw interest in his candidacy away (see how his gaffing has disappeared).  Despite not really running we are told he won.  Either the public is insane, or there is something wrong with the vote.

 Stuffing those ballot boxes was not done by people who wanted Biden as president, or even Harris.  It was done by people who wanted to rid themselves of P. Trump who wanted law and order, and to diminish the dependency we have on China.  So criminals stuffed those boxes: illegal aliens and their home countries possibly.  They voted for the ticket, and nonprosecution of the law.  Then there are criminal factions within the Democratic party, who want to escape with all their corrupt pay-to-play schemes.  Biden himself wants to promote China as a pay-to-play scheme for himself.  There is all the graft of partisans in the DOJ and the FBI- who themselves broke laws, or were corrupted by money to ignore infractions.  What did the criminals do?  Promote legal tallys?  

WEll the media supported the Party of Whoa, and now they are looking them over, and you can almost hear them think: "What is the H*** did we do?  Whoa! "  His administration is more like a group of bad crisis actors.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Pride and Prejudice

 WE decry the corruption in our government, that harms all of us.  One source of trouble is the party prejudice that exists.  Already Biden is having the DOJ give out money to certain Democratic factions.  This was also done under Obama.  Since when is that valid?

But is more than that.  Under our party system, in recent years, the FBI has not pursued cases involving egregious crimes when they were committed by Party members.  Usually this involves Democrats, but there are cases like this involving Republicans, but the crimes are not as bad.  The most notorious case was Hillary Clinton's purge of classified information, not prosecuted by James Comey, so she could run and win in the presidential election.  She left classified documents exposed by the thousands, and told us she didn't know what the C stood for.

This is evil, when the crimes are so severe.  As Americans there is a bar, and we can give preference to party members in minor ways, but we all ought to agree about stopping severe crimes (felonies?) whatever the party one is with.  This is acknowledging the importance of jurisprudence, and it makes judges more respectable, and less corruptible.  Imagine being a poor businessman, and coming before a judge who just slams you because you are a Republican.   You could go through the court system and have no one consult a law book.

Biden is a corrupt person.  He is giving away our healthy economy for the betterment of his family and the Chinese who are paying them.   Ouch. He should be stopped.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

President Unelected Biden

The protests around the Capitol were fueled by concern over the tainted election, the one in which Democrats incited illegal voting, The courts ignored, and Congress elected to ignore the vote's illegitimacy also.

I believe this is the first time anything like this has happened.  In this case one party wholly disrespected the proper voting, then gained an advantage in Congress from the voting, and decided to ignore examining the vote.  Not only this, but then tried to impeach the standing president, even desire to have the impeachment trial after his term in office had terminated.

This is the most caustic form of politics that has ever existed, and also the most criminal.  Many people believe they have treated P Trump this way because he was a DC outsider.  Many also think he is the duly elected leader of the country.

We currently live in a state of emergency.  And in the handoff between administrations, even with all the existing misgivings and identifiable crimes of office holders, and all the bribes taken, it appears that Biden, an agent for the Chinese government,  is actually going to be sworn in, pretending to be religious and that his oath is sincere.

It is up to Miller, whether or not there is an examination of the vote.

Interment camps for Japanese in WW2

 WE have heard much recently about the violation of human rights in WW2 internment camps.  P Roosevelt made the hard decision, between targeted arrests and broader racial arrests on the US Western shore, especially near US military bases.  It was known from the military and signals intelligence and people's reports, that the Japanese were present there to send reports back to Japan on US activities.  They used radio communications for their reports. No doubt some were just writing home to Japan, but they were passing information possibly detrimental to the US cause.  Some said the removal of these people was not racial. They removed only Japanese.

For several years before the war with Japan, Japan reported the need to expand, to obtain more living space.  WE tried to accommodate them, sending them supplies they required to run their society, including gasoline.  We had done all we could to assist the Japanese without harming ourselves.  Roosecvelt drew the line on trade from Japan when it impacted US jobs at the 10% level.  Japan attacked first China in 1937, and then the US in 1941.  

Citizens were important in identifying Japanese spies, who besides reporting ship placement and numbers, were spying on US companies and stealing US corporate secrets.  Something similar started in the US with China when Chinese scholars were invited into US government bureaus in 1992.  They stole documents and programs used by the government, and many were ousted by the chiefs of bureaus since  they were involved in anti-american activities.  US citizens also were married to Japanese businessmen, and many were divorced, or suspected in sending secrets to Japan and aiding the enemy.


The Handoff


Well, today supposedly the day P TRump hands off the government to Joe Biden, agent to Communist China, a country that has been slowly attacking the US through infiltration, and organized opposition to our government.  They are continuing to steal US jobs with the lockdown. There is also a confluence of radical, often homosexual feminists gathering around Kamela Harris, who supported the Chinese lockdown and riots in the streets.  Then with the addition of evidence that the election was rigged in a large way, today might be an interesting day, as patriots want to restore order in DC, and wish to keep our government away from people who would destroy the government as we know it.

IF Biden dares to show up, his takeover may be limited, or even postponed, or this group may find itself under the scrutiny of military tribunals.  In addition, there is also a possibility there might be attacks from external parties like Antifa, using aircraft or drones to create confusion and further the cause of weakening our government.

DC has become a sort of Superbowl.  Andrew Cuomo has decided to stay out of DC for the inauguration.  Some are saying it may be a virtual inauguration.

Monday, January 18, 2021

How can Christians Live with Evil?


Evil is all around, but not to resist it, is to let it grow and gain strength.  While the Christian church is trying to affirm its liberty to exist, its place in our society is uncertain.  For example, a society that polices its citizens, to protect good citizens from pernicious harm  I would identify as essentially Christian.  How could that stand beside a Sharia system that disadvantages people based on their religious tenets?  WE also have people who advocate releasing criminals into society, and also those who do not like policing - apparently no order.

For myself, I am for order.  I believe if someone will injure me, perhaps because of race, or because of my religion, then that is an evil act.  People who act to harm society generally, to destabilize it, are also evil.  So if there are those who are part of a drug cartel, causing the deaths of many people because of the drugs they sell, even if they say they are Christians, they are evil.  Homosexuality is also an evil.  To tolerate homosexuality, is to cause future destruction.  It is part of a cycle.  It is an entry to every kind of sexual depravity.  Other sexual-related problems such as cheating in a marriage is a minor matter compared to the systemic growth of homosexuality.  It is evil, and the less there is, the better.

If we court a large, diverse community, it can only exist as segregated units, and this weakens our country generally, and makes it more likely that conflict may result from one region to another.  It is ridiculous for someone like Biden to invite large numbers of incompatible people to the US, and then say he is for unity.  He must be an idiot.  What they are creating is a possibly explosive calamity.  Never before have so many unnaturalized people been jammed together is such a short time.  WE have built up our Christian communities, and they are being oppressed by the uncontrolled disorder being brought in among us.  Nancy Pelosi declared P TRump is about making America White Again. She is inviting predominately colored people into the US when there is both low salaries and low employment.  Obviously she is trying to cause a broad conflict. This is evil.

Allowing companies to destroy open communication, this that interrupts and arrests the converse of open dialog as a social intercourse, and pathway to a growing evolving society, is also an evil to us.  Political factions that tolerate no dissent  are inhumane and a form of Fascism.  Conversation, as in political interchanges, separates the wheat from the chaff.  It produces a pathway to the future.

AS I pointed out earlier: Marxism is evil, for it displaces God, and replaces him with a committee or dictator. There is also the systemic nonenforcement of our laws: No protection from the courts.

Another pernicious evil among us is the possibility companies will alter our dna without our consent.  This is a direct attack on our persons, and the thought of this is no different than turning us into Frankenstein's monster as an experiment.  These ideas are evil, and globally repugnant.

Evil is rising.   We must stop it, and remediate the damage.  Say it is our Christianity that drives us, or say we believe in a safe, civil society of good people who will not harm us, and who respect each other.  We must see ourselves in a larger role than people who will not swear, or people who only say nice things.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Big Tech


Is Google or Facebook a monopoly?  Yes' surely.  But isn't it strange, that they all have the same culture?  Twitter, Apple, and Amazon included.  It is not individual monopolies that are bothersome but that all these data gathering and processing companies- have the same culture.  What one group does all the other groups do.  They are monopolistic conglomerate.  This is not by accident, but they must select or choose people that all have the same ideology.  They can do this because perhaps, they recruit from all over, and acquire visas from our government- so they can maintain an international Marxist culture.  I would imagine any MAGA people in their building would end up in the wood chipper in the basement, and used as culture material to grow artificial meat products.  What would Marxists do with all that data?  Well they could stage fake events and have them portrayed as real, to impact on certain groups they would find bothersome.  They could promote groups they like, and inhibit groups they do not like.  They could manipulate elections, and coordinate actions in the streets.  They are a big problem for the nation, and collectively and individually they are problems for our country.

What is bothersome, is that P. Trump did not go on the offensive and rein them in.  The recent bouts of censorship, something we Americans do not take lightly, was entertained by them - and they feared no alienation of the public.  We were shocked, and we still are shocked at what they have done.  It was a crackdown against ideologies differing from their own, and we became aware of how these companies control the internet.  Obviously they have too much control when not a single venue can be found for other points of view.  These people are a potential danger to all of us- having the ability to launch cyber attacks or disrupt commerce that they control.  They could launch these attacks from a foreign location.

They are not irreplaceable.  Word is: they are mediocre, and could simply be replaced.  We are tolerating them for no good reason other than they are diverse, and multicolored.  

Addendum:  A report from Naomi Wolk is indeed frightening.  The motif is repeating itself everywhere.  The tech companies are gathering data on all of us, including all Covid-19 test results and your DNA with it.  They are also storing and utilizing all your medical records.  They wanted our DNA so they just took it, and you have nothing to say about it- no dissent.  No disagreement.  That is Klaus Schwab talking.  With tracking, in some places they are catching people and locking them up in company detention centers.  They are becoming the enforcement in places in England.   They are providing data to our government and other governments, and can alter them at their will.  They are also collecting all financial data on you- all your credit cards, loaning info, real estate, etc. They are moving quickly to take over.  WE must stop this.

Paying down the debt?


The new unelected president promised to raise taxes on the rich.  What for?  It would take a lot to pay of the $100T they owe.  Better late than never, eh?

Still those socialists see this as money the rich have, that they want.  It is a matter of equality.  They shouldn't have any more than anyone else has.  You could tax their income.  In England they actually taxed their net worth, as socialists attempted to even the scorecard with the aristocrats.  In the long run, after getting the aristos to actually open their castles for tourists, they connived to get their wealth back, and many of them are wealthy again.  You know, "Make the aristocrats great again"'.

I have my reservations about this, after all people like Biden have attempted to establish a dynasty for themselves.  They and their families have taken sizeable bribes.  After Biden is out of office, does he really want to tax himself and reverse all his ill begotten gains?  There must be a catch in there.  Time to check the Panama banks and see what is down there these days.  Julian, Have you been teaching Daniel?  Don't you think it is high time? Panama, Daniel, Daniel, Panama.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Jesus versus Marx


Commnunism v. Christianity

Both presumably present social solutions to problems.  Did Marx give his life for his people?  No.  In fact he hid from his people, running from apartment to apartment using fake names.  Did anyone follow him?  Well, maybe one person and his family.  He died not fighting spiritually or physically for his cause, but rather of something like C19.  He was never even arrested.  He complained about nations that sought dominion.  He swore frequently, employed caustic rhetoric, and savagely complained: lacking grace.

Here is housing in Moscow

Here is neo-Colonial housing in Virginia

 I am not an expert in architecture but one of these images is full of life and represented forms that we see as beauty, and the other is purely functional, minimalistic and gray as a corpse.

Did Western society stagnate for 900 years?  No.  But China did.  Russia begrudgingly advanced technologically without a single worldly invention.  Same as India.  I disliked planned obsolescence- the waste of material goods just for the sake of sales.  But I also dislike buildings that we intended to stand for 1000 years like Science Hall in Madison, WI.   No one hangs out in that building.  If you had shoes that lasted a lifetime, how often would you wear them?

Elon Musk might be a technical wizard, or at least a great motivator.  But he is dumb as a stone to think leasing is as good as ownership. He should convert his company into a leased company owned by the banks and see how it goes.  I think he is doomed to failure, resembling Flash Gordon.  He is landing those rocket boosters. Huzzah.  But why go to Mars Flash?  Maybe just to say it was done.  The people perhaps adjusting to leasing everything, however, do not care about space.  they want a terran revolution.  STEMy minorities are just doing these activities because they are promoted.  They really have no interest in going into space.  Would banks pay for Musk to build a Mars spaceship and then rent it to him to go there?  What for?  To bring back some rusty looking rocks?  No- he is at best window-dressing for a banker take over.  We will tire of seeing him land those boosters, and soon he will be going around in little circles like NASA.  If he had an actual mission it could help- a desperate scarcity and a search in space for what we need.  He doesn't have it.  As soon as his resources are required elsewhere the banks would rent his equipment to someone else.  His Communism, if that is what it is, looks a little like the Moscow building.  He could marry anyone.  He could dress anyway he wished.  Here his unshaven personage is with his soulless, vampire-like wife:

They are already producing ugliness, and that is the product of their love.  He has married a baby factory.  He is smiling because this wedding thing is a joke.

Compare with Superman : 

The S is for "Spiritual", right over his heart.  He stops the bad guys, the disordered.  He makes things right, bringing order back.  That is what Christians do.  He flies like a spirit or angel.

In a rental society, everyone is homeless, a traipser on banker turf, or their proxy realtor's turf.  The spiritlessly manage remotely.  Your existence is stripped down to the essentials required to stay alive.  You are not flying, but being blown around by the wind.  Advice from someone who escaped Communism: "Forget better red than dead.  Without private ownership there is nothing special about being alive. With ownership people take care of things, make them special, arrange their property to make it beautiful.  They dream. They invest.  They feel like living."

You can find the dispirited in the US too: Row housing, and houses of cards - monstrosities that cost millions without a tree or flower.  They have no design, no grace, no life.  Elements are plopped down as if part of an unpainted, sparse set on the Truman Show.  Some have no furnishings.  They are a passage to a better place at best, or a coffin.  Some people have so much money they purchase these monstrosities as an investment probably, and they absolutely have no taste or sense of value whatever.

What is there to right society, if you cannot elect a leader that can do so?  It is Christianity.  It makes human rights possible, and brings order.  It distinguishes the good from the bad.  It elevates the Enlightened.  Do we get this from sending our children to Christian schools and teaching them not to swear and follow rituals?  Partly I suppose.  Partly too, because they are taught to obey the law.  But teaching children is hope for the future, not today.  Today's Hope comes from the mystical body of the militant Jesus, and those that follow his example.  Like Superman, his goal is to stop the damage and demolish the evil ones, not set them aside or give them pay increases.  Communism and Christianity are oppositional: Judas against Jesus; the greedy, aristocratic committee versus service to our Lord God, who dwells within us, and rules above all.  Or Superman against Lex Luthor if you will.  Communism therefore is evil incarnate: the enemy of Life, freedom, and brotherly love.  It is from the Trinity, that we dare to poke our heads above our fears and have the audacity to declare God as our King, to say our lives have meaning, and declare ourselves the servants of he who is above all.  This is Life, and liberty for Man, and rule of the People for the People as a declaration of divine will.  We have Free Speech because God ordains it, and hence we dare to open our mouths. We are given a Free Will, and a man be damned that tries to take it away from us.

What of those who dare to spit upon the divine order?  What kind of country, or world do they wish?  It is hard to fathom, but to entertain them, to go along, in short order declares itself as evil.  Christianity must defend itself from the onslaught, or be no more.  WE are accustomed to going to church, or seeing a little classroom presentation, as our Christianity.  To exist in bad times we must be more.  WE must defend Jesus, and realize he gave his life for us, and we are asked to sacrifice for him.  Nothing less is required.  There is a time for guitar music, and a time for defending Jesus and everything he stands for.  Right now the problem is a techno-state related censorship.  Right now our freedom to move about is impeded.  Right now people are losing their jobs and businesses.  Right now there is an arrogant political body that has little respect or care about the rest of us.  Right now people are trying to implement Communism in the US.  We must rise up, and make  our presence felt.

Business Fascism

During the Clinton Administration government operations that paralleled existing businesses were phased out.   In the Bush era the creation of numerous private-public partnerships were intended to create flexibility in government operations, bringing entities into and out of government operations.  This ultimately lead to sprawl as the government paid for private parties to run businesses that expanded the usual government ops - like Soros' companies, and foreign aid companies.  WE saw Hillary Clinton turn the state department into an operation similar to Madeleine Albright's foreign labor business.  With the lost jobs for Americans, emergent mega-companies began to change the American landscape.  Large real estate operations across many states emerged, international techno corporations became immense, and were never demonopolized.

What we are seeing today is these large companies taking over control. They disrespect all our customs and laws, and they threaten the people in government who are supposed to regulate them.  Many of these corporate people are not too bright, but they are aggressive.  During Covid-19 they have been busy crushing the little people beneath their feet, foreclosing and evicting.  They control local and state agencies, and justice systems through intimidation.  The little people, lacking resources and standing in courts, are being huddled up, placed into compact housing and the plan is to let them die: the sooner the better.  They are isolating themselves and waiting for the dark shadowy stranger in the night to release them.  I have heard stories of judges whose families have been threatened, and they being assaulted and police would not respond to assist them.  

Today our president, representing the federal government, and it regulatory authority, was impeached. Schumer is trying to get the Congress to pass a measure that will ban him for running for office again.  Since when can they do that?  We are seeing the big corporate powers here attempting to close down federal authority.  What they desire is to oust the president, and just blacklist him.  They attacked all his supporters causing them to scramble and fear for their futures.  The judges are standing down.  They are attempting to crush all dissent.

C19 deaths are exaggerated,   The real damage to the populace is loss of income.  People are being crushed in large numbers, many living off small incomes prior to C19.  They are huddled down, and some are rioting in the streets.  People are being murdered, and judges are saying they will not adjudicate cases against the rioters. Criminals are being released, so there are people out there willing to do anything for a little support.

There is a big, bad enemy within.  They have been gaining strength for a decade or more, and no one did anything to bring them under control.  

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Eclipse of the Trusted: Real Story of Ashley


Ashley was a yet another crisis actor, a hired plug for the interests of some Congressmen, and their financial backers (could be Google for example).

Very little is known about her except she was a bit of daredevil.  They say she served  in the Air Force.  Her history there- what she did was not known, but it is safe to assume she had learned how to parachute.  What she did was parachute backwards like falling out of a plane, but in Hollywood you fall onto the floor instead, usually on a cushion.  You wouldn't need the cushion if you had a cushion strapped to  your back.  It might take a few practice runs to keep from splitting your head open on a marble floor.  Here she is about to enter the cargo bay door (actually a frame from a broken out window) wearing a cushion with some kind of neck support.

If you examine the videos, there are many reasons to believe it was faked, including the fact the policemen aimed to her left, and not directly at her (live ammo?).

IT was all part of an operation that had been planned out.  She yelled "Go Go" before climbing onto the window and falling backward onto the floor with a flag wrapped around her head.  She was part of a guardian air force security team in the DC area for some time, and ... there is a person named Jamie Babbitt who is a Hollywood movie producer.  I little digging in that area might bear a bit of fruit in understanding what took place.  It is rather amazing- all the cameras that were there photographing this.  For live action shooting perhaps it was hard to control the people who had penetrated into the area.

I am afraid This is the new reality.  The media is treating any fake operation like this, as reality and it just keeping going on like that.  IT probably started with reality TV: really fake TV presented as real to all Americans over their TVs.  So exciting to have a part.... her participation started last September.  The reason reality TV wasn't used in the past was it probably was too expensive.  These monopolies have large resources.

Our elected reps are now enshrouded within a vale of wannabe crisis actors, divorced from the general public.

film of operation

This report is brought to you by Zuckerberg, who is currently censoring Donald Schultz. 

Saturday, January 9, 2021


Tammy Baldwin brazenly just does what she does- said Biden won the election and now it is time to move on. That is a lie. She does not know about the vote manipulation. How could she say Biden won? In fact, Biden's behavior proved he did not run- didn't want the job, or something. He was talking like a demented person, and still won. HE demonstrated he couldn't lose, and the reason was 100's of bad actors manipulated the vote and were allowed to by people like James Comey gave away the programs that can manipulate apps on the voting machines, to places like China and Pakistan.

Attack on the US

 AS people came from Italy with typhus, they entered through Ellis ISland and were screened.  They were not allowed on the mainland until they were clear of the disease.  Back then it was recognized however, some people were carriers even if they had no symptoms but this was a small problem, because there were so few like that.

Diseases are not to be taken lightly.  They can devastate the ability of a country to care for itself, and stresses the medical system to the breaking point and beyond.  That is almost always the case because disease can spread fast.  In the Obama era all caution was thrown to the wind regarding the spread of disease.  Obama advocated people with ebola should be allowed to enter the US and we would just suck it up- pay for equipping our hospitals to handle foreign diseases.  It wasn't long and that myth has been exploded with Covid-19.  Imagine if ebola has mutated and became more contagious- what then?  They laughed at tuberculosis, and now it is recognized as a domestic problem because of unconstrained immigration.  We are seeing the medical system cannot even handle a disease that for most is like the flu.  Their vain hope to keep people from dying is to create a fast vaccine, and frankly that is dangerous.  Our medical system is riddled with politics, and its interaction with governing bodies varies from one location to another.  The whole system is a vast failure for the containment of disease.  It can be said, that our internal organization for handling disease, presupposes border protection as the mainline protection.   Globalists might say it is "state's rights" that are the problem.  but it is more than that.

The adoption of a lockdown as a strategy is also a failure.  IT presupposes the disease will spread, and only tries to control its rate of spreading.  The idea is that the hospitals can handle a slower spread.  WE have seen that the hospitals were vulnerable to the disease, and there was great confusion about a therapeutic.  In other worlds largely the hospitals were killing people with ventilators.  The hospitals could act as a kind of quarantine system mostly.  The lockdown policy can be called a reset but what it is actually can be called economic devastation, and this is independent of the disease.  If C19 were just a cold, the devastation of lockdown would be just as bad.  The destruction of one's livelihood destroys lives and people actually perish in lockdown.  This destruction is worse than C19, and the longer it goes on, the worse it is.  

How long can a country withstand lockdown?  Lockdown is an immediate Depression.  Call it the Lockdown-Depression.  Compared to the Great Depression, I think Lockdown-Depression affects more people and is worse.  The longer it goes on, the more that are affected.  Financially one would suppose there are limits to how long social support can continue.  In the Great Depression the problem became food availability, and lacking income people found themselves vulnerable even if they were farmers.  the current consensus is that we can pour out these resources short term, but these would last only about two years, and after that - for many - well, you might be on your own.  The adoption of a lockdown imposes direct damage to the economy, and if the disease is a cold which it could be - people being panicked ito a lockdown - then there is much economic damage for basically no reason.

Usually broad economic damage is viewed as an attack on your country - a war - just short of outward conflict.  In this case China floated the virus, and a lockdown was imposed.  The system that did this basically assaulted us.  Whether the vaccine works or not, how hard would it be for China to float another virus and protract the lockdown?  Gates was right- there could be another virus in 6mo or a year.  What would we do to prevent total economic devastation because of our adopted policies?

The same open transportation system that supports unrestrained international trade (and probably evasion of imposed duties ) also permits the open travel of disease.  And the cargo itself can spread disease.  In the plague it was fleas in the ships cargo that spread the disease.  The plague was stopped by stopping the ships.  We are not there yet.  But the adjustments we have made to continue to operate internally in an open state, even in a pandemic - the lockdown - is a total failure.  There is no acceptable solution to the problem of disease.  It is like keeping a wound open.  Without a barrier, there is no stopping the infection.  the correct response is not to lockdown, but to stop the pernicious trade and restrict international travel to something more like the Ellis Island approach.  We need to be able to tool up to support industries that protect our internal stability and security.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Babbitt the rabbit


There is all the gesticulating.  Possibly in San Francisco there is special pizza.  What happened at the Capitol?

Well it appears from out of the crowd of protestors, a subgroup entered the Capitol Bldg unimpeded.  They did nothing- no fires, no guns, not even any looting.  Instead of going after Congressmen, they carried off the podium.  No one was even arrested, except for a few people who violated the curfew.  They entered just as Republicans were seemingly about to declare their nonconfidence on the vote.  This then laying the ground for pretended outrage by people like Pelosi, because they took some papers in her office and threw them on the floor.  Then the nonconfidence disappeared because of bad Trump.

There is extensive footage around Babbitt leading up to, and following the supposed shooting.  IT appears that she was mulling around a small group near a door entrance to a Congressional wing, she then stepped forward into a line in front of the doors of about 9 people, and was immediately shot.  I don't know but it could have been sorta a Clint Eastwood blood pellet in the mouth, and a bag of fluid in her backpack..

 There was a well known Babbitt: Bruce Babbitt, former Democratic governor of Arizona, who served in the Clinton WH as Secretary of the Interior.  They like to use their own names because it adds to the family cred.

Well, hate to let all that pizza go to waste.  Here is the guy who might be our next president, if you leave it up to the Chinese who might be controlling our voting

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Medical Costs!

 I have said before C19, that medical bills are like going into a restaurant with a menu having no prices, possibly falling asleep during dinner, and waking up to find out how much your meal costed, or actually you might never know what is costed.  This is theft, guaranteed to a sector of our society.  

If you had a bad heart, imagine finding out your procedure cost you $400K when you thought it would be a $5 copay.  Imagine C19 costing you $50K or something like that.  In the C19 case the government paid, and apparently cases were drummed up.  You know, you really ought to have a ballpark indication of cost to you, and that what you were told should be binding.  It is a patient's right.

Of course you can say with this flexural system they can give breaks to poorer patients.  Yes, and they could do that anyway with charitable funds, or an income scale.  This is a matter of two things: the medical system bowing to financial responsibility, and the government caring about the funds that go to medicine.  Ovwer the last 20 years medicine has on average increased pricing  10% per year.  It is a runaway train, unsupportable by our tax base.

This blog, True News, suggests psychiatry as a solution, but not for the patient.

You have a right, not to die of that heartattack.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New America

I made up a name for our new country, but actually I guess there will not be a name.  We are here locked down because of a disease almost all of us has not seen, and possibly taking a dangerous vaccine to assist us that people are saying we must take.

This is not the worst of it.  As we sit and our businesses flag, we can watch as we may see the first president who has won an election, that cannot take his seat because he hasn't enough supporters to allow him to do so, even though he in all likelihood won the election handily.  The specter of Kamila killing Biden may be a possibility.  Vlad, does Biden know what he is doing?

IT will not be long until the legal system we rely on to protect us from transgressions, is simply turned off.  Life and Liberty will be at risk.  Without lawyers,  it will be wolves and sheep out there.  Our very popular Biden leader tells us: "You are doomed".  Hey, good.  I hope we are doomed.  It sounds like he is setting low expectations just around the corner.  Hey, what is your leader for?

He is for canceling your moon program, just to spike all those kids with STEM classes.  Instead they will pour massive amounts of money for a time, into social programs.  You might wonder, "How long can that last?".  A few years according to Biden.  It might last long enough for some of  those who are afraid of C19, to actually die a natural death.

And if that is not bad enough- recall the pension fund shortages.  Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development says C19 has created a financial sweep into the banks as they collapsed businesses not under their control, to essentially control everything.  They are buying up all the ruined real estate, and moving assets outside the country.  Think hedge fund-like activity of people like Soros.  With complete control, there is nothing to stop them from grabbing all the pension money, including that in the stock market.  Hey, you will not need it.  They will pay for awhile and then... well you probably would not need it after that.  

Is there anything people can do?  Organize and stop the small number of people who are inducing these changes?  Well, if you did not believe in the second amendment and were attacked by a gang, like what was your plan?  There is a force that can move mountains.  But can people think well enough to use it?

WE will be a captive people.  Without freedom we are slaves.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

The Courts in COVID-19 Land


There are two schools of thought regarding C19.  First, there is the New England School (NES).  they are the highest paid, and often recognized as the most intelligent school, based in Boston and NY, and in league with the corporations that deliver medicines to people.  They are often considered to be the most authoritative.  The second school, for lack of another name, is the Wisconsin School (WS).  It could also be called the German School.  These people promote the use of vitamins, and alternate treatments, even laetrile, acupuncture, faith healing, preventative treatments, exercise, sunshine, and chiropractics.   This side of things arises because the NES remedies do not work, or are too expensive for them.  There is often the feeling among them that there is a penny cure for which a clinic would give you a $5K treatment that probably would not help.  And who knows actually what the charges are or were?  There are unknowledgeable crackpots in the WS surely, but there are also informed people, and professional people in this school.

There are undoutably stories of treatments that worked for people.  The realm of human health and the factors that influence it, is vast.  So there are miraculous faith based cures of things like cancer.  But I have a story of Dr Mueller, who, about 1980, prescribed the use of maggots to cure a woman's infected leg.  Dr Mueller was an old German doctor who sometimes seemed to employ nonstandard treatments.  He applied the maggots and in a few days her leg was completely cleaned up- no infected areas or dead tissue.  Everyone marveled at the cure, but they were unsure of subjecting themselves to such a cure.  Recently in 2004, such treatments were approved by the FDA.  now the treatment costs $10K, whereas Doc Mueller did it for nothing as part of an office visit.

An example that illustrates the distinction would be cancer treatments.  This started with the observation that radiation killed cancer cells at a faster rate than normal cells, and hence it could be used to protract life for people with cancer.  The NES used this to make this the mainline treatment.  It was expensive although it could have been relatively cheap.  It is seen today as a brutal treatment, prolonging life but often in a degenerative way.  People often opted to have no treatment, preferring to live a relatively happy life for a limited time.  Meanwhile they tried cheaper alternative treatments.  They were willing to go to Mexico to obtain laetrile treatments.  There were reports of cures, and improperly applied treatments that poisoned people.  Laetrile was eventually dropped as a cure, however there are still those who believe the NES suppressed it as a cancer treatment to maintain their own  protocols that cost much more.  The idea of a smart drug like laetrile that would target just sick cells and destroy them, lingers in the minds of those who would like to help people with cancer.

People challenged the FDA in the case of laetrile.  Laetrile if used properly was found to be nontoxic in court, and hence it was found it could be used since FDA approved protocols often are involve painful, disfiguring, unpleasant and risky.  A similar argument could apply to using ivermectin and hydroxycloroquine in the case of C19.  These drugs are thought to be beneficial unless improperly used, and they are nontoxic.  There are no other cures or medical procedures as promising.  The FDA has not offered anything of any benefit.  If the alternative is these vaccines, obviously the nonapproved drugs offer less risk.  IF vaccines are developed there ought to be legal remedies against them, as there is against the lockdown as part of the C19 protocol.   Here they are attempting to use another government agency to impose restrictions on workers, to force vaccinations on them.

Thus there is an understated role of the courts in providing definition and oversight on determinations made by regulatory bodies.  Since we are talking about scientific processes in the case of the FDA, then the courts have a role to play in Science generally.  So for example in the EPA, if a determination is made that CO2 is a toxic substance and must be curtailed, this can be, and should be challenged in the courts.  Otherwise we are in danger of a few written papers, and a regulatory body radically changing our lives in ridiculous ways.

Science should not be held above our courts, and Constitution.  IF that is allowed they might become political, and TAKE OVER.  Canada is allowed to have scientific findings examined, and hence it is possible to find scientists guilty of fraud, and making misrepresentations.  When a pharma related person claims C19 is spread by people who have no symptoms, where is the proof?  This is something a court can examine.  We need not listen to so-called little Faucis making proclamations, and assume the consequent protocol is as good as law. 

The role of the courts was brought into consideration recently because of the voting debacle.  IT is unbelievable isn't it, that the SCOTUS would not judge whether or not invalid voting existed, and what the remedy might be.  Similarly it is unbelievable that Fauci could be supreme commander of the world, or a professor/researcher can make any assertion whatever without responsibility.  Governors do not have the right to proclamate anything they desire.

Everyone knows by now the PCR test is largely invalid - 40% false positives, including positives from artifacts of a simple cold.  Like getting a state to patrol the border, the solution is for people to take action in the courts.  It might be the only way to find out what is going on, what the facts are, and what action needs to be taken.