Sunday, February 28, 2021

Urban Angst

There is a concern, like in Malls of homosexuals making out,  that Oreo cookies (really artificial food, perhaps even with bioactive gender bending chemicals included) will create a small wave of public Weltschmerz.  You know, like when you came up on a person with lovely long hair and thought to introduce yourself, just to find out - she has a beard and a low voice.  Damn, am I embarrassed now!

This happens, and of course they tell you it is only 0.25% of the population.  But hey, once it is encountered and people do not react, I swear it increases.  You run into more of this social confusion.  Man or a woman?  It is the first thing a social being wonders about.  For some it is the fear of them taking down their trousers and hey, great embarrassment.   People have been shot over this sort of thing.  It is sort of rule 1 of high etiquette: Present yourself socially, as who you are.  And this includes your sex.

True as it may be, all social interactions do not involve sex- but even so, "Excuse me sir, or ahem, madam!".  God am I embarrassed now.  Excuse me could you answer a question for  me?  If you ordered a wedding cake for yourself, how would you have it made?

To lessen the Weltschmirz, would it be too much to ask, to have the external expression of oneself, match the internal parts?  It may not feel like you, but if you look down there, to that God gave you and it matches your outward appearance, hey- that is you.  If you are still confused, after looking down there,  howsa about just choosing one or the other and just sticking with it?

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Fetal Body Parts: Sold!

 The Thomas More Society is providing a defense for a man who was doing an undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood, at two clinics known for doing large numbers of abortions.  He was charged with 15 felonies, and faces a decade behind bars.


The first and foremost concern of Christians ought to be the baptised.  What is Baptism for anyway?  "Is the Pope Catholic?", as Pat Buchanan has said recently.  SO counseling all denominations of Christians ought to be the primary concern. Part of this is the guarantee if they keep their baby, the very worst possibility would be it would be adopted out to a good Christian family.  

The problem of doing this, is the courts have demanded that Christian adoption agencies have to adopt out to homosexuals, i.e. they cannot deselect any group, except habitual drug users and the like.  It is a matter of religious liberty, to decide how Christians may live, and so, litigation ought to focus on allowing Christian agencies to follow Christian principles.  That is what sets them apart, and makes them special.  It is not acceptable that they must get out of adopting children as the solution to this situation.

WE may reason out how we wish to live, and we can inculcate these values to others, but ... we cannot impose these values on them.  One question, always up for discussion it seems, is : Shall abortions be allowed for Christians, and under what conditions?  The idea that abortions are unallowed up to the point of fertilization, is rather silly when the body itself aborts the unborn until late in the term of a pregnancy.  We use the words born, and the birth, to indicate a new life is now there, not at the time of conception, but rather at the actual birth, you know- at birth.  Our nation was born on July 4, 1776, not at the first insemination of the idea of becoming independent.  Our monkey bodies, without the light of day, are not much.  If you kept them in an enclosure until adulthood, you would probably be aghast at what was there(cf. Genie ).   It might remind you of one of your regressive relatives.  What comes out of the womb can best be considered a blank slate, or a vessel.

This life does have potential though.  Where we can focus our attention is to monitor development in the womb, to give a potential mother information on the babies state of health.  We have the technology to examine the baby in the womb, in almost the same manner as out of the womb.  From examining the mother's health, and the baby's, we can tell her if her baby will be born healthy.  That is important to a mother.  Babies of Christian parents that will be born healthy, should be promoted, and protected.  If necessary, Christians may need to directly provide a sustaining environment for the family if needed.  Right now the parents are often financially as naked as their baby.  The goal is to find support for  more than just a nuclear family, which in itself, is too fragile.

Does my pro-life position seem regressive, in the light of global overpopulation?  Nope.  Shouldn't I accept homosexuality as an antidote?  Nope.   My reasoning, limited though it be, is Christianity is a force for good on the planet.  It is still the civilizing force.  It is not an Empire, but the way to augment and instruct the soul.  It hopefully, is the destiny of Man, for its own good.  It is the road to salvation, and peace.  The main mistake of Christianity in the recent era, is to accept being carved up, and almost dissolved. It has given up the spiritual for the material. It has been categorized and equivocated with other religions, even jungle religions.  It is not the same.  It is the religion of Universities, hospitals, peaceful and safe living, with a forbearance for the rights of every person.  God is our King!



A while ago now, people questioned the sense of translocating our industry to China.  We were told there would be innovations that were only possible because of relocation.  The industrial centers would be like a human operated machine.  I believe there was an improvement in efficiency, but none in sustainability, except the monetary sums of the international traders left them feeling they could pay for multiple generations.  Pretty good sustainability, eh?

No, but actually our products are not being designed with reuse in mind. The materials are arrayed so little recycling and reuse is possible.  The operators of this system still want to sell as many units as possible, rather than create products which last.  Trying for endurable items is a seeming impossibility, but we can go a long ways into  making the materials reusable.  We still use what we do as we have, and then if we run out of something, it becomes a matter of strategic importance.  WE should not succumb to this pattern but we have.  Imagine if we could recycle rare earth metals.  Wouldn't that be good?  Where are our thinkers and engineers on this?

AS we have entered a vast expansion in the distribution of goods, we have given no thinking to recycling all these materials.  We are dooming our children to a dark future of digging in our garbage piles for sustaining materials.

The enduring wealth of the people in a place like Bangalore, is in picking in their garbage, something for which their emigres will blame us in the future, if they get over the hills of refuse before they starve to death.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Marxism is Everywhere, in the footsteps of Migrants

 They divide the world into three classes: the peasants, the kulaks, and the corporations.  The names may differ but the dynamics are all the same.  I will discus the situation in India regarding their farm strike. The kulaks are sort of the middle class.  They are property owners and resist Marxism because they are owners.  They also resist corporate control, which can easily happen because the markets can be controlled by corporations that distribute farm commodities and the kulaks farmers are left to accept low prices for their goods or to just destroy them.  The goal of the corporations is to essentially control, and acquire all farm properties, leaving the kulaks as peasants.  In Russia the kulaks were murdered as they resisted absorption into the collective state farm system.  It was the peasants that killed them, who were controlled by handouts from the state.

The peasants feel they are owed a living, whether they are employed or not.  They want institutional and social support for their families.  They feel they are owed this because they have had to live as peasants.

The peasants want Communism, and they are being egged on by corporations to press their case.  There will be no Communist state, however, since at the end of the this, the corporations will impose the state of their choosing.  Every country has a rabble underclass, and people who identify with them, in order to create national instability.  This is arranged this way by corporations who want no government but themselves, and the rule of the banks, who communicate back and forth between the companies.  Before setting the peasants into their proper niche, they will be used to dispossess the kulak class, by the corporations.  This is the reset, BLM, and White Supremacists.  The peasants (like Antifa) are being promised incomes without employment.  The corporations are manipulating the government to ignore the enforcement of laws in the courts and by police, and to hearken to corporate desires.  You might be aware of this, even at the local level.  In the USSR many kulaks were deported, murdered, or evicted from their homes and placed into work camps - like the gulags.  Women worked in the gulags as did men.

For the suburbanite kulak class in the US, people  who worked for a living, paying off loans to get a home, the American dream, well, watch out for the rude ejecton.


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Looking for Jobs


WE do not know who shall vote in our next election- maybe many countries.  Obama's friend Bill Ayres stated everyone in the world should be allowed to vote in our elections.  That is good for their feet, for they do not actually have to be physically present here to vote.  

Speaking of COVD-19 and voting and after a few weeks making the determination that we have acquired herd immunity, well now many people will be looking for work.   They have not even received a stipend to tide them over, many have not received their unemployment.   It will be harder even more, because wages are depressed.  I would imagine many families will reach the breaking point.  They will have to take whatever is leftover, that other people do not want to do.  Additionally many Latinos if they acquire amnesty may be able to apply for any kind of work, substantially increasing the worker pool.

Instead of a giveaway, it might be better to have a jobs program that would allow people to gain experience which they can turn into later longer term employment.  This was done by Jimmy Carter in the CETA program, the government providing supplemental funds to employers who apply that would consider these workers for permanent jobs.

Despite the suddenly growing population of people looking for jobs, I have yet to hear of any consideration of expanding businesses to accommodate this, instead people broadly are being offered one time stimulus checks to allow us to buy more Chinese products and keep their machines working.

Unemployment has reached an active 15%, but this does not count the underemployed, nor does it address those who stopped looking for jobs going back to the last recession.  Altogether the nation has never looked so bad, having so many people who have no role in our society.  Obama said it: " We are seeing some grass shoots, but you know the government cannot make jobs, it is up to you."  HE said this just after our jobs were shipped away to China.

Walls of My Residence are Glass


Laws generally distinguish between someone else’s property and your own.  They also distinguish the space within your domicile from outside space.  These are all different jurisdictions.

We are a country dedicated to liberty, i. e. if the government or a business has no right to do something to you, it is left up to you has this should be disposed.  So within the walls of your home no one has a right to enter without a warrant.  In some states there is an eminent domain rule that allows you to shoot someone who enters your home, threatens you and will not leave.  You can also take off your clothes and run around if you so please.   Within your home you have the right of privacy, and as Louis Brandeis declared: “ You have a right to be let alone.”

I am concerned about electronic invasion of my property and the loss of my rights within my home.  In various ways we have not had the government protect our rights within our home.  Like our once and future president, we are subjected to electronic eavesdropping.  You know the FISA court isn’t necessary if the president can be talked into having an Amazon echo device.  TVs can also surveil you, or you can open the door to personal surveillance yourself by hooking a Zoom camera up to your computer.  Placing a wiretap on your phone, or putting a bug in your home requires a warrant from a judge.  Yet this is done everyday by companies that control your home equipment, without a warrant.

People are complaining about losing their membership in a social platform on the net, but the day is already here when services will be discontinued based on how you use the internet, that has nothing to do with the business than provides the service.  Social activism allows people as individuals to do these things to you, although it may be against a company’s policy.  They can play around with your electronics, you cables service, your internet service, or decide to screw up your utility bill because of a posting or comment on your facebook page, or object to something on your hard drive. 

I am raising THIS ISSUE now, BECAUSE THE Chinese, and large companies feel they want to save energy consumption through the internet using devices that communicate with other devices in your home.  This is partly why they want 5G electronics.  They need more speed to handle this, from all our homes.  They will switch off you toaster if you are beyond your energy allowance.  Soon our homes will no longer be a home.  Can you watch TV?  Which channels are you watching?  Will someone take issue with this?  Are you using too much water?  You know the people in India do not use that much.  If there is a way to switch something off in your home, someone may do so.  That someone if they entered your home and did these things to you they would be arrested or even shot.  Since it is done electronically, nothing would be done to them.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Living without electricity?


Could the goal of the Biden administration be- living without electricity?  After all we did this once.  WE could do it again - in order to save the world, and the whales, and the coral reefs.  IF Texas is a liberal experiment, we can see the restrictions placed on that state to reduce its carbon emissions has resulted in many people without electricity, for which they were unprepared.  Like Covid-19, they are being asked to figure it out.  What do you have to do?  First start a little panic.  Tell everyone people are dying in the cold, and suffering from frozen limbs, I suppose.  While they are running around you could sell them chem packs for heat and light for $4000.

But seriously, for one thing, you need a good sleeping bag to stay warm.  Penguins stand together in a large oval to cut the wind and share body heat, and then they move around so different penguins are exposed through time.  This is a solution for a socialist. These Medieval fixes are forgotten, but nature gives us a reminder.  With synthetic polymer bags we are better off than the people of the middle ages probably. I would suppose goose feathers were around back then, but mostly straw.  I believe they laid on a thick blanket or pad, and then had another above them.

What about locomotion?  I was surprised, but people walked immense distances in the past.  If they could walk, that is what they did.  You hear of people walking or running thousands of miles.  Sure. You could walk around the world many times over.

To the matter borne, people who grew up without, would not miss electricity.

Look up in the sky.  ITs a bird, no - a plane - must be John Kerry.  And Bill Gates forgot to consult his crystal ball for he issued no admonition of this impending trouble.  Has he considered the fact that cattle will possibly starve and freeze to death and that there is a need for synthetic meat?  If they could make that meat more like bologna, they could keep freezers of the stuff around here and there for emergency use, and even if the E went out, it might last a year.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Biden Covidus

An ecology that is changed, so that it degenerates and is destroyed, can be repaired if you reverse the damage to the ecosystem. If you continue to let it degenerate pestilence is the result. To restore the sytstem, you have to reverse the climate or ecological changes that brought about the pestilence.

 This was obviously how to proceed back in the Roman Era under Commodus. He was very unorthodox himself and so was his rule. These changes that were made that included allowing the influx of immigrants, and to treat the populace ot games rather than address economic imbalances led to the outbreak of a plague, which is actually not identified but is thought to have been smallpox. At least 10% of the population died. The people rose up. They were angered by the games in the circus, which were all that had been offered up to the public by Commodus. They rightly wanted changes and Commodus' head.

 The parallels between Commodus and Biden could not be more clear. We need not accept thee changes that have brought about Covid-19. Biden has asked for unity with the changes imposed that brought us C19.   How wrongheaded is that? To keep borders open when diseases are being spread is to play around with a sinking system. You need to stop the pathogens, and clearly open borders is an invitation to worse, not to better. They would certainly slow the spread using common sense if they stopped international traffic. Instead they are inviting the opposite. They are increasing international traffic and killing off people's livelihoods. No doubt more pestilences are on the way, possibly worse than C19.

 To fix this you must stop the pathogen's spread, and then reinvigorate support for people who have lost theirs. You cannot support everyone on earth to do this, you must support your local sheriff and the community about you, starting by placing a wall around your community, and then repairing the economic damage. They are always talking climate change. We thought this was to improve the climate, not to destroy it. In the same way they talk about CO2 being an evil, they changing the global climate to increase CO2 emissions by a factor of two, so too they talk about fixing the climate before it is too late,. but wrecking our national climate, our jobs, etc, resulting in a pestilence. Obviously they are trying to fool us. WE want them to really repair the climate by reversing their damaging changes that have harmed it.

 We are not condemned to the fate of accepting these misrepresentations. When people get tired of being played for fools, perhaps they will see Biden is Commodus who does not care what happens to his people, the people of his nation.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

COVID passport?

Today in Brownsville


Most people agree that forcing the mixing of populations when there are circulating pathogens is an error.  WE have seen how this has played out already with C19 in which the same error was made-  no quarantines and the imposition of a lockdown that was basically an error: travel was allowed, but individual people in the country were locked down.  This was good for international commerce, but disastrous for regional/national commerce.

An similar error is made by continuing the international intermingling when countries have existing, potentially lethal exposure to pathogens.  A health passport, as proposed by Tony Blair, another Davos person,  is another attempt to keep commerce going, and border crossing from/to countries with circulating pathogens.  

Let us learn from the past.  The answer is to stop travel between countries when one or both has an outbreak.  IF they must allow travel as an emergency,  the same solution given to Africans with ebola applies: the travelling person is locked down until they are cleared of the disease.  In the past this was done outside the US proper so there was no possible contamination. 

C19 is believed to still be active in the US, but the number of cases is variable by region.  IT is also raging in Mexico, and so the border ought to be closed but it is not.  Clearly these people are all unvaccinated and are being allowed to free travel across the border.  This is an error.  Customs and Border PRotection are actually reporting delays in crossing at various border entry points.  Catch and release them with no delays at most places.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

The End of Populism?



that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth - A Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

The goal of the elitists has been to crush populist movements that had aimed at correcting the banking system, especially after they had shipped away our jobs unbridled in every way. In the US we have always believed from among us, a local champion would raise the issues of the people, addressing a lack of protection, nonenforcement of rights, unfair treatment, a lack of gainful employment, despotism, and any other grievance.

The oversized upper class has gone after P TRump, not because he is a bad man, in fact they may admire his leadership abilities, but they hate his support for Populism, and by eliminating him, and by ostracising him, they hope to erase Populism for good.  No more Populism.  Beware, you will be defrocked, disgraced, and you will then be drawn and quartered.  No more governance of the people, by the people, and for the people.   They coopted this movement before with the Tea Party, running it into the ground.  They demonstrated almost a complete disrespect for the people, when they rigged the election.  There is a ton of evidence, none they will admit to have seen.  We know in the past some scattered election irregularities were tolerated.  But this, was election fraud on a large scale.  No apologies.  If you do not like what they did, they might send a mob to hit you in the head with a concrete block.  For sure they can arrange a positive C19 test and mess up your life- with a phone call.  

This fake court thing, is an exposition similar to crisis acting.  Have you ever seen people trying to obtain an honorable mention for reality acting like these birds?  They are acting, frequently and thickly.  REally, they are gross overactors, fake tears with a finger eye rub.  How did these people get into Congress you might wonder. They are more akin to contestants on the Gong Show. They have no Justice to preside.  You might compare this to the OJ trial.  It is a fake court.  P Trump is no longer in office, and hence there is no purpose for impeachment.  There is no legitimate way to exclude P TRump from future office by this means.  What they are demonstrating is a lawless imposition, and a parade of actors who represent the power constituencies they have- almost all Jews and their proxies.  Their naked attack is to cave in all resistance to their rule.  As one person told me: there simply will be no opposition that is tolerated.  It is like the Chinese snatching our DNA: they will have it before we ever knew they wanted it.

By hacking off the head of the Populist movement they hope to kill off all opposition.  What was P TRump doing, talking at this rally in the Mall?  Well, giving a speech.  No doubt he felt the election was stolen.  His intention was to give a rousing speech as usual.  What resulted undoubtedly was unexpected- not planned in any way.  He sparked an outpouring of Populist sentiment, and this resulted in them showing Congress what they thought of them. The level of frustration and anger was unexpected, and to people like TSA Pelosi, very frightening indeed.  Just imagine 70M people like that!  Do they really think if they shank P Trump's administration, and attempt to disgrace him, they will dent this movement?  Even if P TRump apologized and told them all to drop their violence, it would seem they are just building it instead - for nothing has been done, no accomplishment, no compromise.  The inside the beltway group is trying to ignore them, and arrogantly intimidate them.  Will that work?


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Darwin is still alive


 The claim made by aristocrats, was that they were, well - superior.  They had divine blood.  They were half gods.  They have themselves the divine right.  They affirmed this right by force, and with this dominance they declared themselves superior to other men- they were the most fit, most able, and most intelligent.  Through court, they acquired what they wanted, married whom they pleased - often to increase their land, property, and wealth.

This mindset in the latter half of the nineteenth century was made into a competitive, market based system that attempted to assure the ruling class was the most resourceful, that superior men could be rewarded, and through intermarriage they would improve their wealth, and social standing.  They were told to have  have numerous children, to benefit mankind.   

As a consequence we have a proportionately large upper class that we cannot afford.  Here is a good place for a reset.  Instead we find people trying to establish dynasties, all from the same upper class group.  Evelyn Rothschild had a marriage that was more of an acquisition than anything else.  For her, she was marrying the big bank, marrying to acquire of piece of the big pie.  How can they develop a less exclusive upper class if they do not mix with the lower classes?  If they want capitalism to be more inclusive why don't the captains of economics marry down, rather than up?  IF they indeed have superior genetics, why not mix those genes, so that the equality they say they support through the social forcing of intermarriage would also apply to themselves?  In fact, to improve the gross imbalance that exists, should these "climbers" be shunned for this sort of incestuous intermarriage?  This is an old motif, one intended to bury the lower class.  Are they getting richer?  Are they becoming more dominant?

There are a few that have seen this from within Rothschild's ranks.  They, embarrassed by their inherited wealth left these stuffy people behind and married outside these little social circles.  Predominately they are women, and often they are described as mentally imbalanced.  But were they really?

It is not only banksters and leaders of corporations of which we speak, but we see this striving for exclusivity among other groups also- celebrities, for example, and political groups.  Yet they also promote diversity.  Is this all hypocracy, really?

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Muslims and Chinese will bury us


OR so they say.  Not too nice, that attitude.   A friend related that we forgot, that Muslims in several countries told us they can reproduce quickly, and with this they will overwhelm our societies.  They tried to get Muslims in to the US through CAIR, SAudi money, and Michigan.  They were far more successful in the EU.  In the IRan-IRaq war, at least on the IRanian side, it was a result of high population.  Once their population reaches a certain level, they attack.  IT is part of the cycle of life there.

One reason they can do this to spread their faith, culture and dominance, is because of polygamy.  One Turkish gentleman had three wives and from them he had 27 children.  Clearly they can fill the space and then some.  They could have a major exodus every few years.

Hey, but other cultures do this also.  Take the Chinese.  TO them a huge population is a source of their strength.  They bragged they could assign 3-4 CHinese to every American, and they could follow them and dominante our lives.  Similarly the mentality of the Hindus in India, have a similar strategy.  They will gain in dominance because of their reproductive capabilities.

They make it a game of technology versus human poundage.  WE have to recognize that big populations, uncontrolled and aggressive, are essentially evil.  Their intent is to overrun your society.  They have lived this way for millennia.  The only way to prevent a "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court" scenario, is to contain them, and let their society degrade until they control their populations.  For the Muslims, I would think they would give up their polygamy.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Hope for America, the Confederation?


According to a friend, you are a psychopath if you want to be a Congressman.  They are too corrupt and the environment is poison to a person who is honest.  Since they have the press under their thumb, including them in some of the corruption, they are incorrigible.  Too far away, and too unaccountable.  

The only hope is the recognition that the United States was alway intended to be the real, permanent condition of the nation, with DC being only temporary - for emergency, total nation action.  The states are our hope, but have you noticed they are populated with crazy people in many places?  I believe it is because of overpopulation.  They cannot manage without support from DC.  To bring control back to them, and their sensible governing, they need to rid themselves of this instability, and re-establish greater independence.  This is the path for America.  Let's send this illegal population back home, or to New York, and let them dissolve the rainbow there if they can.  WE could just ignore the tentacles that emanate from DC, like Governor Walker of WI did when he rejected money for medicaid from DC, and  IMPLEMENTED OUR OWN POLICIES.

The governor of WI, Evers demanded a mask mandate, and was overturned by people in the WI Capitol.  This was a struggle between external forces in our statehouse and the people in our Congress who were state's people.  We can blame Evers for inviting New York people into his administration.  Besides Evers imposing a lockdown, he has also corrupted our vote, and homosexualized state government.  We have some of the strongest political support for homosexuals in the union.  I cannot tell you why but this state was also home to John Dillinger, so there are cracks.  If we diminished the influence of DC and established our own internal control, and rid ourselves of unnationalized people in Milwaukee, our state would be great again.  WE could make our own butter and put it on our our own bread.

We do not want a handout from DC- another stimulus check that really just keeps the Chinese trade going.  What we really want is to have this money given to states for investment in new businesses so we have long term support.  Why would we want to give this money to the ultra-wealthy and the Chinese?  It is long term support we need, to pay for our homes, and support our children.

Class War?


For our upper class there is a kinda war.  They are a throwback to the Middle Ages.  Such is the state of living in an endless desuetude.  Our upper class is kinky, and often rather useless.  It started with a pact between bankers and politicians.  Shortly after that their friends started Hollywood.  People from England came to be our aristocrats, disguising their identities.  In 1926 quotas were placed on JEws in the Universities, because they were cheating in every way imaginable, and they were too numerous for our economy to support.   This caused the banks to place their investments into Europe, causing WWII and the Depression.  This pattern of economic punishment for disenfranchising Jews and US upper class repeated itself when HArvard MBAs were no longer being hired.  It was said they were not needed.  They wanted too much money.  Apparently the Upper Class was too big, and as a result of supporting them inflation set in.  They printed money, and then eventually they punished US labor by shipping our jobs away, and not investing in the US.  The upper class has grown to include media people as well, and these people are all basically anti-Trumpers, as you can well imagine.  

Never have we had such a large, greedy, and immoral upper class.  They did not get wealthy because they are that much better, but rather because they were born into it, every one else having to accept them.  They are sucking down funds like there is no tomorrow, bragging of all the billionaires.  The upper 30% are stealing from the lower 70%.  Many in our nation are near or at poverty level.  It did not take long and the utilization of cheap production did not create stability like we had previously.  They began stealing from the general population through printing money again and do so today without Shame.  They are already melting down this economy, and ... there is no cheaper source of production ahead.  They are stealing from the poor as a reverse Robin Hood thing.  They are telling us Black Lives Matter.  Isn't that a hoot?

Why don't we tell them to abort their kids?  One of theirs if aborted could support 100 poor children.  Why don't they fly away to Mars or at the very least, leave the US?  They had been 10%, a 1:10 ratio expected for the sake of governance.  They are now 30%, do a far worse job, and frankly, they are not needed.  It is like our national brain has an abnormal amount of fluid or fat.  Uncle Sam has trouble holding up his head, or simply standing up.

To drain some of this fluid away and help the patient, we could establish a two-tier system for service calls.  What is needed then is a sort of pact among service workers.  Then, the patient recovers. IF they obtain Chinese goods for $1 and sell it to us for $100, then we can charge them $10000 to repair their fridge.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Fewer microphones please!


It is a classic- country western singer gets drunk, and I mean he is the epitome of the love country and have guns type of whitie- a terrorist in the making possibly, and then he hurls the N-word.  He does it in the manner of friendliness, saying "take care of that N***".  IT was not a hate filled diatribe targeted at someone.

But it makes it out of  a neighbor's cellphone and becomes public, and now to possibly save his career, the guy says he is sorry.

What gives a group the right to censor the speech of other people in the United States?  Nothing.  So why are people acting like they do?  Is it fear of riots?  What gives people the right to fire you over a recorded particle of speech?  Our nation should codify its public code: No firing people over speech, unless it causes a disruption with damages.  That is, speech alone cannot and should not disqualify people from work.  Do we really want to live in a society where we are afraid to speak?

This is socialism in action actually.  They are trying to make you think turning in your neighbor might be a plus for you in our identity-preoccupied nation.  AS our population rises, the courtesy of providing a neighbor with a modicum of privacy, even if their actions are not private, for the sake of getting along seems to be diminishing.

This is happening because people occupy our country that are not encultured here.  If we cannot blowoff a little steam without having to fear reprisals over it, it is not our country.  That we can get drunk is a proclamation that we are free.  If we have to be afraid of doing that, we are no longer free.  WE need more space.  We need more privacy.  We need to have people understand how we live, that live here.

Having a little fun sorry

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Escaping to Canada


Just an idea: our government is caput.  Before Biden and his hooligan gangs drain out of more of our wealth, why don't we just leave?  We could pretend we are White members of Antifa, kick out the entitled Trudeau, and take over Canada, eh?  Maybe place P TRump in as president to start.

If we got an appreciable amount of money, we could uses it to establish a homestead up there.  How about it Biden?  We're applying pressure, time to give in.  Easy to get rid of us that way, escorted by prairie dogs with GPS receivers.  All  we want is to get our government off our backs and by treaty we be allowed to live as we please up there. free of people like Levine, and the crazy people of San Francisco and their deplorable politicians.  It was a big part of the ruin of the nation really.

If the Chinese try to invade, we will just shoot them.  It would be only a few years and we would have a better economy than the US.  Our scientists would not propagate hoaxes.  We would live beyond the reach of vaccines.  The government could issue its own script. We could adopt the Maple Leaf with stripes as our flag.

A large part of our return would depend on our reproductive capacity, or the diminishment of this capacity down south.  Currently the temp in Winnipeg is 24F, whereas my current temp down south is only 11F.  What is the message?  Good fishing up there.

( We could collapse their government just by demanding social benefits. )

Monday, February 1, 2021

Chinese Coercion in US


IT has come to the attention here in the US, that the Chinese coerced changes in state and local governments in order to receive PPEs from Chinese, who was for all practical purposes the sole supplier.  They use their control over the supply of products just like they use the military in the Pacific - to intimidate and then to place their people into positions, basically taking over.  They have also demanded people be taken back to China for punishment.  This is clear evidence that we need to make our own products, so they have less leverage over our system, and so they are not contaminated.  This is indeed disturbing.  The Chinese have access to our country at every level.  That is too invasive, and makes it very difficult to deal with China.  We need a national policy to have any control over our economy, and for the sake of our security.                                                                                                        

Biden the Usurper, is currently negotiating over the stimulus/C19 relief.  Not too surprisingly, a lot of this money is going to shore up the budgets of democratically held states, that have been trashed by illegals and Antifa.  One might wonder why everyone should have to compensate these states if they called off the police and allowed property damage, as well as assaults on people.  If these governors did this, then let the states deal with their problems.  WE should not have to pay for renegade policies of states, and compensation should only be allowed if there is a pre-agreement.. 

This increases Marxist influence - for although states are being run as lawless states without enforcing laws, they are still solvent because of federal money nonetheless.  Additionally the placement of Chinese Communists into our governmental bodies is converting our governments into substates of China.