Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Biden Covidus

An ecology that is changed, so that it degenerates and is destroyed, can be repaired if you reverse the damage to the ecosystem. If you continue to let it degenerate pestilence is the result. To restore the sytstem, you have to reverse the climate or ecological changes that brought about the pestilence.

 This was obviously how to proceed back in the Roman Era under Commodus. He was very unorthodox himself and so was his rule. These changes that were made that included allowing the influx of immigrants, and to treat the populace ot games rather than address economic imbalances led to the outbreak of a plague, which is actually not identified but is thought to have been smallpox. At least 10% of the population died. The people rose up. They were angered by the games in the circus, which were all that had been offered up to the public by Commodus. They rightly wanted changes and Commodus' head.

 The parallels between Commodus and Biden could not be more clear. We need not accept thee changes that have brought about Covid-19. Biden has asked for unity with the changes imposed that brought us C19.   How wrongheaded is that? To keep borders open when diseases are being spread is to play around with a sinking system. You need to stop the pathogens, and clearly open borders is an invitation to worse, not to better. They would certainly slow the spread using common sense if they stopped international traffic. Instead they are inviting the opposite. They are increasing international traffic and killing off people's livelihoods. No doubt more pestilences are on the way, possibly worse than C19.

 To fix this you must stop the pathogen's spread, and then reinvigorate support for people who have lost theirs. You cannot support everyone on earth to do this, you must support your local sheriff and the community about you, starting by placing a wall around your community, and then repairing the economic damage. They are always talking climate change. We thought this was to improve the climate, not to destroy it. In the same way they talk about CO2 being an evil, they changing the global climate to increase CO2 emissions by a factor of two, so too they talk about fixing the climate before it is too late,. but wrecking our national climate, our jobs, etc, resulting in a pestilence. Obviously they are trying to fool us. WE want them to really repair the climate by reversing their damaging changes that have harmed it.

 We are not condemned to the fate of accepting these misrepresentations. When people get tired of being played for fools, perhaps they will see Biden is Commodus who does not care what happens to his people, the people of his nation.

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