Monday, February 1, 2021

Chinese Coercion in US


IT has come to the attention here in the US, that the Chinese coerced changes in state and local governments in order to receive PPEs from Chinese, who was for all practical purposes the sole supplier.  They use their control over the supply of products just like they use the military in the Pacific - to intimidate and then to place their people into positions, basically taking over.  They have also demanded people be taken back to China for punishment.  This is clear evidence that we need to make our own products, so they have less leverage over our system, and so they are not contaminated.  This is indeed disturbing.  The Chinese have access to our country at every level.  That is too invasive, and makes it very difficult to deal with China.  We need a national policy to have any control over our economy, and for the sake of our security.                                                                                                        

Biden the Usurper, is currently negotiating over the stimulus/C19 relief.  Not too surprisingly, a lot of this money is going to shore up the budgets of democratically held states, that have been trashed by illegals and Antifa.  One might wonder why everyone should have to compensate these states if they called off the police and allowed property damage, as well as assaults on people.  If these governors did this, then let the states deal with their problems.  WE should not have to pay for renegade policies of states, and compensation should only be allowed if there is a pre-agreement.. 

This increases Marxist influence - for although states are being run as lawless states without enforcing laws, they are still solvent because of federal money nonetheless.  Additionally the placement of Chinese Communists into our governmental bodies is converting our governments into substates of China.

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