Thursday, February 4, 2021

Class War?


For our upper class there is a kinda war.  They are a throwback to the Middle Ages.  Such is the state of living in an endless desuetude.  Our upper class is kinky, and often rather useless.  It started with a pact between bankers and politicians.  Shortly after that their friends started Hollywood.  People from England came to be our aristocrats, disguising their identities.  In 1926 quotas were placed on JEws in the Universities, because they were cheating in every way imaginable, and they were too numerous for our economy to support.   This caused the banks to place their investments into Europe, causing WWII and the Depression.  This pattern of economic punishment for disenfranchising Jews and US upper class repeated itself when HArvard MBAs were no longer being hired.  It was said they were not needed.  They wanted too much money.  Apparently the Upper Class was too big, and as a result of supporting them inflation set in.  They printed money, and then eventually they punished US labor by shipping our jobs away, and not investing in the US.  The upper class has grown to include media people as well, and these people are all basically anti-Trumpers, as you can well imagine.  

Never have we had such a large, greedy, and immoral upper class.  They did not get wealthy because they are that much better, but rather because they were born into it, every one else having to accept them.  They are sucking down funds like there is no tomorrow, bragging of all the billionaires.  The upper 30% are stealing from the lower 70%.  Many in our nation are near or at poverty level.  It did not take long and the utilization of cheap production did not create stability like we had previously.  They began stealing from the general population through printing money again and do so today without Shame.  They are already melting down this economy, and ... there is no cheaper source of production ahead.  They are stealing from the poor as a reverse Robin Hood thing.  They are telling us Black Lives Matter.  Isn't that a hoot?

Why don't we tell them to abort their kids?  One of theirs if aborted could support 100 poor children.  Why don't they fly away to Mars or at the very least, leave the US?  They had been 10%, a 1:10 ratio expected for the sake of governance.  They are now 30%, do a far worse job, and frankly, they are not needed.  It is like our national brain has an abnormal amount of fluid or fat.  Uncle Sam has trouble holding up his head, or simply standing up.

To drain some of this fluid away and help the patient, we could establish a two-tier system for service calls.  What is needed then is a sort of pact among service workers.  Then, the patient recovers. IF they obtain Chinese goods for $1 and sell it to us for $100, then we can charge them $10000 to repair their fridge.

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