Sunday, February 14, 2021

COVID passport?

Today in Brownsville


Most people agree that forcing the mixing of populations when there are circulating pathogens is an error.  WE have seen how this has played out already with C19 in which the same error was made-  no quarantines and the imposition of a lockdown that was basically an error: travel was allowed, but individual people in the country were locked down.  This was good for international commerce, but disastrous for regional/national commerce.

An similar error is made by continuing the international intermingling when countries have existing, potentially lethal exposure to pathogens.  A health passport, as proposed by Tony Blair, another Davos person,  is another attempt to keep commerce going, and border crossing from/to countries with circulating pathogens.  

Let us learn from the past.  The answer is to stop travel between countries when one or both has an outbreak.  IF they must allow travel as an emergency,  the same solution given to Africans with ebola applies: the travelling person is locked down until they are cleared of the disease.  In the past this was done outside the US proper so there was no possible contamination. 

C19 is believed to still be active in the US, but the number of cases is variable by region.  IT is also raging in Mexico, and so the border ought to be closed but it is not.  Clearly these people are all unvaccinated and are being allowed to free travel across the border.  This is an error.  Customs and Border PRotection are actually reporting delays in crossing at various border entry points.  Catch and release them with no delays at most places.

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  1. The people near the southern border at contact with the migrants are mostly all LAtinos.