Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Escaping to Canada


Just an idea: our government is caput.  Before Biden and his hooligan gangs drain out of more of our wealth, why don't we just leave?  We could pretend we are White members of Antifa, kick out the entitled Trudeau, and take over Canada, eh?  Maybe place P TRump in as president to start.

If we got an appreciable amount of money, we could uses it to establish a homestead up there.  How about it Biden?  We're applying pressure, time to give in.  Easy to get rid of us that way, escorted by prairie dogs with GPS receivers.  All  we want is to get our government off our backs and by treaty we be allowed to live as we please up there. free of people like Levine, and the crazy people of San Francisco and their deplorable politicians.  It was a big part of the ruin of the nation really.

If the Chinese try to invade, we will just shoot them.  It would be only a few years and we would have a better economy than the US.  Our scientists would not propagate hoaxes.  We would live beyond the reach of vaccines.  The government could issue its own script. We could adopt the Maple Leaf with stripes as our flag.

A large part of our return would depend on our reproductive capacity, or the diminishment of this capacity down south.  Currently the temp in Winnipeg is 24F, whereas my current temp down south is only 11F.  What is the message?  Good fishing up there.

( We could collapse their government just by demanding social benefits. )

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