Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Fewer microphones please!


It is a classic- country western singer gets drunk, and I mean he is the epitome of the love country and have guns type of whitie- a terrorist in the making possibly, and then he hurls the N-word.  He does it in the manner of friendliness, saying "take care of that N***".  IT was not a hate filled diatribe targeted at someone.

But it makes it out of  a neighbor's cellphone and becomes public, and now to possibly save his career, the guy says he is sorry.

What gives a group the right to censor the speech of other people in the United States?  Nothing.  So why are people acting like they do?  Is it fear of riots?  What gives people the right to fire you over a recorded particle of speech?  Our nation should codify its public code: No firing people over speech, unless it causes a disruption with damages.  That is, speech alone cannot and should not disqualify people from work.  Do we really want to live in a society where we are afraid to speak?

This is socialism in action actually.  They are trying to make you think turning in your neighbor might be a plus for you in our identity-preoccupied nation.  AS our population rises, the courtesy of providing a neighbor with a modicum of privacy, even if their actions are not private, for the sake of getting along seems to be diminishing.

This is happening because people occupy our country that are not encultured here.  If we cannot blowoff a little steam without having to fear reprisals over it, it is not our country.  That we can get drunk is a proclamation that we are free.  If we have to be afraid of doing that, we are no longer free.  WE need more space.  We need more privacy.  We need to have people understand how we live, that live here.

Having a little fun sorry

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