Thursday, February 4, 2021

Hope for America, the Confederation?


According to a friend, you are a psychopath if you want to be a Congressman.  They are too corrupt and the environment is poison to a person who is honest.  Since they have the press under their thumb, including them in some of the corruption, they are incorrigible.  Too far away, and too unaccountable.  

The only hope is the recognition that the United States was alway intended to be the real, permanent condition of the nation, with DC being only temporary - for emergency, total nation action.  The states are our hope, but have you noticed they are populated with crazy people in many places?  I believe it is because of overpopulation.  They cannot manage without support from DC.  To bring control back to them, and their sensible governing, they need to rid themselves of this instability, and re-establish greater independence.  This is the path for America.  Let's send this illegal population back home, or to New York, and let them dissolve the rainbow there if they can.  WE could just ignore the tentacles that emanate from DC, like Governor Walker of WI did when he rejected money for medicaid from DC, and  IMPLEMENTED OUR OWN POLICIES.

The governor of WI, Evers demanded a mask mandate, and was overturned by people in the WI Capitol.  This was a struggle between external forces in our statehouse and the people in our Congress who were state's people.  We can blame Evers for inviting New York people into his administration.  Besides Evers imposing a lockdown, he has also corrupted our vote, and homosexualized state government.  We have some of the strongest political support for homosexuals in the union.  I cannot tell you why but this state was also home to John Dillinger, so there are cracks.  If we diminished the influence of DC and established our own internal control, and rid ourselves of unnationalized people in Milwaukee, our state would be great again.  WE could make our own butter and put it on our our own bread.

We do not want a handout from DC- another stimulus check that really just keeps the Chinese trade going.  What we really want is to have this money given to states for investment in new businesses so we have long term support.  Why would we want to give this money to the ultra-wealthy and the Chinese?  It is long term support we need, to pay for our homes, and support our children.

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  1. IF texas were punished for controlling their own border, other states could help them out.