Thursday, February 18, 2021

Living without electricity?


Could the goal of the Biden administration be- living without electricity?  After all we did this once.  WE could do it again - in order to save the world, and the whales, and the coral reefs.  IF Texas is a liberal experiment, we can see the restrictions placed on that state to reduce its carbon emissions has resulted in many people without electricity, for which they were unprepared.  Like Covid-19, they are being asked to figure it out.  What do you have to do?  First start a little panic.  Tell everyone people are dying in the cold, and suffering from frozen limbs, I suppose.  While they are running around you could sell them chem packs for heat and light for $4000.

But seriously, for one thing, you need a good sleeping bag to stay warm.  Penguins stand together in a large oval to cut the wind and share body heat, and then they move around so different penguins are exposed through time.  This is a solution for a socialist. These Medieval fixes are forgotten, but nature gives us a reminder.  With synthetic polymer bags we are better off than the people of the middle ages probably. I would suppose goose feathers were around back then, but mostly straw.  I believe they laid on a thick blanket or pad, and then had another above them.

What about locomotion?  I was surprised, but people walked immense distances in the past.  If they could walk, that is what they did.  You hear of people walking or running thousands of miles.  Sure. You could walk around the world many times over.

To the matter borne, people who grew up without, would not miss electricity.

Look up in the sky.  ITs a bird, no - a plane - must be John Kerry.  And Bill Gates forgot to consult his crystal ball for he issued no admonition of this impending trouble.  Has he considered the fact that cattle will possibly starve and freeze to death and that there is a need for synthetic meat?  If they could make that meat more like bologna, they could keep freezers of the stuff around here and there for emergency use, and even if the E went out, it might last a year.

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