Saturday, February 20, 2021

Looking for Jobs


WE do not know who shall vote in our next election- maybe many countries.  Obama's friend Bill Ayres stated everyone in the world should be allowed to vote in our elections.  That is good for their feet, for they do not actually have to be physically present here to vote.  

Speaking of COVD-19 and voting and after a few weeks making the determination that we have acquired herd immunity, well now many people will be looking for work.   They have not even received a stipend to tide them over, many have not received their unemployment.   It will be harder even more, because wages are depressed.  I would imagine many families will reach the breaking point.  They will have to take whatever is leftover, that other people do not want to do.  Additionally many Latinos if they acquire amnesty may be able to apply for any kind of work, substantially increasing the worker pool.

Instead of a giveaway, it might be better to have a jobs program that would allow people to gain experience which they can turn into later longer term employment.  This was done by Jimmy Carter in the CETA program, the government providing supplemental funds to employers who apply that would consider these workers for permanent jobs.

Despite the suddenly growing population of people looking for jobs, I have yet to hear of any consideration of expanding businesses to accommodate this, instead people broadly are being offered one time stimulus checks to allow us to buy more Chinese products and keep their machines working.

Unemployment has reached an active 15%, but this does not count the underemployed, nor does it address those who stopped looking for jobs going back to the last recession.  Altogether the nation has never looked so bad, having so many people who have no role in our society.  Obama said it: " We are seeing some grass shoots, but you know the government cannot make jobs, it is up to you."  HE said this just after our jobs were shipped away to China.

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