Thursday, February 11, 2021

The End of Populism?



that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth - A Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

The goal of the elitists has been to crush populist movements that had aimed at correcting the banking system, especially after they had shipped away our jobs unbridled in every way. In the US we have always believed from among us, a local champion would raise the issues of the people, addressing a lack of protection, nonenforcement of rights, unfair treatment, a lack of gainful employment, despotism, and any other grievance.

The oversized upper class has gone after P TRump, not because he is a bad man, in fact they may admire his leadership abilities, but they hate his support for Populism, and by eliminating him, and by ostracising him, they hope to erase Populism for good.  No more Populism.  Beware, you will be defrocked, disgraced, and you will then be drawn and quartered.  No more governance of the people, by the people, and for the people.   They coopted this movement before with the Tea Party, running it into the ground.  They demonstrated almost a complete disrespect for the people, when they rigged the election.  There is a ton of evidence, none they will admit to have seen.  We know in the past some scattered election irregularities were tolerated.  But this, was election fraud on a large scale.  No apologies.  If you do not like what they did, they might send a mob to hit you in the head with a concrete block.  For sure they can arrange a positive C19 test and mess up your life- with a phone call.  

This fake court thing, is an exposition similar to crisis acting.  Have you ever seen people trying to obtain an honorable mention for reality acting like these birds?  They are acting, frequently and thickly.  REally, they are gross overactors, fake tears with a finger eye rub.  How did these people get into Congress you might wonder. They are more akin to contestants on the Gong Show. They have no Justice to preside.  You might compare this to the OJ trial.  It is a fake court.  P Trump is no longer in office, and hence there is no purpose for impeachment.  There is no legitimate way to exclude P TRump from future office by this means.  What they are demonstrating is a lawless imposition, and a parade of actors who represent the power constituencies they have- almost all Jews and their proxies.  Their naked attack is to cave in all resistance to their rule.  As one person told me: there simply will be no opposition that is tolerated.  It is like the Chinese snatching our DNA: they will have it before we ever knew they wanted it.

By hacking off the head of the Populist movement they hope to kill off all opposition.  What was P TRump doing, talking at this rally in the Mall?  Well, giving a speech.  No doubt he felt the election was stolen.  His intention was to give a rousing speech as usual.  What resulted undoubtedly was unexpected- not planned in any way.  He sparked an outpouring of Populist sentiment, and this resulted in them showing Congress what they thought of them. The level of frustration and anger was unexpected, and to people like TSA Pelosi, very frightening indeed.  Just imagine 70M people like that!  Do they really think if they shank P Trump's administration, and attempt to disgrace him, they will dent this movement?  Even if P TRump apologized and told them all to drop their violence, it would seem they are just building it instead - for nothing has been done, no accomplishment, no compromise.  The inside the beltway group is trying to ignore them, and arrogantly intimidate them.  Will that work?



  1. IF Congress continues to abuse the impeachment process, they will slide down into the pit. Contempt on the part of the public will increase.

  2. REecall that incident with Donna Shalala and her purse.