Friday, February 5, 2021

The Muslims and Chinese will bury us


OR so they say.  Not too nice, that attitude.   A friend related that we forgot, that Muslims in several countries told us they can reproduce quickly, and with this they will overwhelm our societies.  They tried to get Muslims in to the US through CAIR, SAudi money, and Michigan.  They were far more successful in the EU.  In the IRan-IRaq war, at least on the IRanian side, it was a result of high population.  Once their population reaches a certain level, they attack.  IT is part of the cycle of life there.

One reason they can do this to spread their faith, culture and dominance, is because of polygamy.  One Turkish gentleman had three wives and from them he had 27 children.  Clearly they can fill the space and then some.  They could have a major exodus every few years.

Hey, but other cultures do this also.  Take the Chinese.  TO them a huge population is a source of their strength.  They bragged they could assign 3-4 CHinese to every American, and they could follow them and dominante our lives.  Similarly the mentality of the Hindus in India, have a similar strategy.  They will gain in dominance because of their reproductive capabilities.

They make it a game of technology versus human poundage.  WE have to recognize that big populations, uncontrolled and aggressive, are essentially evil.  Their intent is to overrun your society.  They have lived this way for millennia.  The only way to prevent a "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court" scenario, is to contain them, and let their society degrade until they control their populations.  For the Muslims, I would think they would give up their polygamy.

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