Saturday, February 20, 2021

Walls of My Residence are Glass


Laws generally distinguish between someone else’s property and your own.  They also distinguish the space within your domicile from outside space.  These are all different jurisdictions.

We are a country dedicated to liberty, i. e. if the government or a business has no right to do something to you, it is left up to you has this should be disposed.  So within the walls of your home no one has a right to enter without a warrant.  In some states there is an eminent domain rule that allows you to shoot someone who enters your home, threatens you and will not leave.  You can also take off your clothes and run around if you so please.   Within your home you have the right of privacy, and as Louis Brandeis declared: “ You have a right to be let alone.”

I am concerned about electronic invasion of my property and the loss of my rights within my home.  In various ways we have not had the government protect our rights within our home.  Like our once and future president, we are subjected to electronic eavesdropping.  You know the FISA court isn’t necessary if the president can be talked into having an Amazon echo device.  TVs can also surveil you, or you can open the door to personal surveillance yourself by hooking a Zoom camera up to your computer.  Placing a wiretap on your phone, or putting a bug in your home requires a warrant from a judge.  Yet this is done everyday by companies that control your home equipment, without a warrant.

People are complaining about losing their membership in a social platform on the net, but the day is already here when services will be discontinued based on how you use the internet, that has nothing to do with the business than provides the service.  Social activism allows people as individuals to do these things to you, although it may be against a company’s policy.  They can play around with your electronics, you cables service, your internet service, or decide to screw up your utility bill because of a posting or comment on your facebook page, or object to something on your hard drive. 

I am raising THIS ISSUE now, BECAUSE THE Chinese, and large companies feel they want to save energy consumption through the internet using devices that communicate with other devices in your home.  This is partly why they want 5G electronics.  They need more speed to handle this, from all our homes.  They will switch off you toaster if you are beyond your energy allowance.  Soon our homes will no longer be a home.  Can you watch TV?  Which channels are you watching?  Will someone take issue with this?  Are you using too much water?  You know the people in India do not use that much.  If there is a way to switch something off in your home, someone may do so.  That someone if they entered your home and did these things to you they would be arrested or even shot.  Since it is done electronically, nothing would be done to them.

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