Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Chinese Hogs

 The West has helped to build China up.  Now what we should do is scale our trade back.  The West cannot tolerate a continuance of the same trading regime, at a loss to their own countries.  When the scale back should have occurred, China wanted to continue on its same course, and in recent times it has become aggressively expansionary.  Small thanks for the West in assisting them to modernize their country.  What China wants is global control.  What was offered was a role in the global marketplace, ostensively for the staving of hunger.

No country can maintain trade of 50% or greater, over time.  It is harmful to its citizens, and reliance on other countries for production, is insecure.  China has used this situation, as a form of economic assault, demanding an even greater share of global trade instead of a scaleback.  Eventually, imports from China, to balance trade, must be cut back, as China redirects goods for foreign markets toward its own citizens.  As it is, trade with  China is about more than just trade, it is about control.  You can see this in Taiwan, in Hong Kong, and throughout the West including the US.  If China doesn't get what it wants, it releases viruses, and withholds goods.  It also infiltrates companies and assaults them over the internet. They have also disrupted trade with Taiwan.

Trade must be cut, for all countries trading with China, eventually to sensible levels- like 10% of GDP.  This is a large amount of trade for one country to have with all other nations of the world.  We should not care if China gets meat from the West, to bolster up its domestic production of meat, but these markets are unstable now because of China.  If China demands our meat, should we tolerate paying $10/lb for ham?  For trade to work, it cannot seriously stress your domestic system.  China stresses our meat supplies frequently, while exporting meat.  We have actually allowed them to own and control meat packing plants in our own countries.  This is intolerable.

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