Monday, May 3, 2021

Global insecurity?

 China overflies Taiwan.   Now, they are declaring a chip shortage and blaming it on C19.   Actually Taiwan is under Chinese assault, like us, and .. apparently many people here cannot tell one China from the other.  They are all Chinese, right Mr Joe?  Now, we cannot make cars, and probably airplanes, and possibly computers, and who knows what else ... probably elevators.  Mr Joe might start up some needed commodities here in the US .. by using infrastructure money.  IT could take a while, and if it is managed by Democrats, ... it might end up like Solyndra.  

As troubling as that is, you might have noticed our vaccines are made in Denmark.  No one knows why.  IT might be to keep rioters from assaulting a domestic company, rioters that are being supported by the Democrats, probably to get a global distribution of businesses.  This might be good for globalists, but it is bad for our national security.  

And, are you tired of meat prices sailing up and down?  What is up with that?  There is a shortage of chickens.  And ham, ahem, is $40 for a three pound piece.  That is not inflation- that has yet to hit.  It is a shortage.  Where are these commodities going? Where they have always gone - China, from the first days of  mad cows for China to today.  In global trade, you meet your domestic needs, then ship food away.  You cannot eat chips, unless they are from potatoes.  Ever tried to eat your cellphone, or watch?

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