Sunday, May 9, 2021

Imitation of Christ


There are Elvis impersonators, are there Jesus imitators?  The Federalist has a few writers that have addressed Christian issues, as they attempt to revive the faith, and exhorting people to make this more important in their lives once again for everyone's sake.   As they do they raise issues that are potential impediments.   

They raise the problem of Christendom, as the impediment to the imitation of Christ.  The trappings of religion- the buildings and ornate churches, and institutions that are geared toward the longevity of the church may have placed their financial solvency above Christ, changing the vatican into a museum, and victims of sex abuse, into people possessed by demons.  As church lawyers bore into sex abuse victims to obtain contracts favorable to the institution of the church, are they not essentially exorcizing them from gouging the church and attempting to bring it down?  And... why didn't the church deal with the perpetrators of these crimes as criminals?  We have an institution we fear is run by homosexuals for their own sake.

The mass has become less God worship, and more a feel good place to make  your offertory rendering.  The church has been Jewized, even having masses on Saturday.  Homosexuality is okay and the church is their refuge.  They accept Communism is the same as Christianity.  They believe the church and participation with it is for their aggrandizement - like a business or a personal agency.

Lo- what a chill when the church suggests less air conditioning, or that they contribute some of their time for a cause.  Yet, the imitation of Christ is about sacrifice.  They did not give Christ an award when he had ascended Golgatha.  They did not build him a mansion up there, and did not cover him with garlands.  If the divine covenant has passed to Christians from Jews, why are Christians less prominent? And actually imitating the Sanhedrin rather than Jesus?   The church had erased Jesus, making clerics imitative of women as the brides of Christ.

Jesus died to redeem our sins,  so we would not sacrifice an animal - scapegoating it - for our own errors.  This lie is the worst sort of evil - to give in to the tendency to blame others for our own mistakes.  Jesus took up the burden.  His church should do likewise.  We cannot atone for sins by giving out awards for goodness.  We remit our sins by sacrificing to make up for them, and the church's business is to assist us in this - not by saying three our fathers, but by calling us to sacrifice.  Not that self-sacrifice is punition, but rather it is the central point of Christianity- its glory.

Why is it the Jews control the press?  Control Congress?  Control medical care, vaccines. and insurance?    Why are we fighting their wars?  Why aren't Christians more prominent in our society?  Could it be because they are imitating Judas instead of Jesus?  They take the silver.  No sacrifice.  They want self-aggrandizement, a greedy I 'll take as much as I can get, for the least I have to do, thank you.  I'll try not to swear and avoid scandal.   This is living in the contemporary world, not addressing the world to come.  The killer of the Christian Way, was the public seeing, in their sacrificial roles, that church clerics were living like Kings in Golden Castles.  Whoosh!  Away went the Christian hospitals, and many Christian services and sponsorships,  Will the schools be next?

The Seven Hills Prophecy, is the way for Christians to reestablish some influence in their communities.  It calls for Christians to intentionally regain influence in family, religion, education, media, entertainment, and business. We must, for the sake of a better Christian life, a life of quality, be willing to accept less in money.  WE must supplant existing structures - Communist and Jewish - with our own.  We can do this as long as we are willing to do this for less than top dollar.  WE wish not to compete in the marketplace, but to intentionally undermine bloated and corrupt institutions.  TO carry  this out we have to regain influence in Congress, and at the present it is a Jewish and Communist pardiso.  As long as they keep endowing the existing public schools and healthcare at such high levels, no one will want to join a Christian faction.

Mother Church is abandoning its children , and future baptisms.  Everywhere her children are being assaulted.  In some places they are being literally exterminated.  They are being replaced.  The government is injecting critical race and LGBTQ ideology on the churches and schools.  Its liberty is imperiled.  

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