Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Our Government's Internal Struggle


The fact that I am typing this, suggests there is an unchecked faction contending with operatives within our government that are a danger to us.  We can see this in this in the immigration situation, which in the struggle is out of control and a danger to the public.  We can see this also also in the Covid situation.

Let me describe the battle in the realm of Covid.  The first sign of a serious problem is Fauci outsourcing possibly dangerous studies to China, when a moratorium on these studies was imposed because of their potential danger, and because they were essentially weaponizing viruses.    While these activities were banned here pending an evaluation, Fauci transferred them to the Wuhan Lab in China, one would think would be a far more dangerous place for them to be.  The case for operatives with our government that are acting contrary to our nation's interests, is clearly evident here.  Not only were they transferred, but Fauci paid $600K for them to do the work in China.  IF China grabbed the viruses and experimented on their own, you could call it espionage, and weapons research in China.  But since Fauci paid for it - he would be implicated as an accomplice.   Let us recall here all the global deaths reported, that have arisen from this, including many Americans. 

Fauci not only did this, but he helped to implement the Chinese plan to contain the virus, rather than our own national plan.  This involved breaking our own national laws and locking people down with threat of  arrest.  Our own plan would have been far more effective, and would not have violated our laws.  We See again, Fauci was acting according to plans created by interests outside our government, heedless of our own laws, and largely in agreement with the Chinese.  If national forces were involved they would have checked into FAuci and the Gain-of-Function studies.  They would have examined the dates of the various variants and where they arose.  They would have compared the viruses in the US with those in China.  They would have checked the PCR testing, and halted the panic and fear campaign that was created.  They would have taken steps to keep the virus away from the elderly, rather than exposing them.

And if this is not enough to convince you of foreign intervention in our national policies, consider the vaccines.  At least twice, the strict national policies of the US were brought to bear on vaccines that had serious side effects on people, with  the exception of allergic reactions.  IF a few people showed the same adverse reactions, the vaccine was immediately pulled, and substitutes were sought.  IN THE COVID case reports to VAERS, a self reporting mechanism of the CDC showed thousands of adverse reactions, many similar, that showed a very serious adverse reaction with the blood, resulting in deposition of iron from the destruction of blood cells and clotting.  This immense adverse effect is being ignored.  It is estimated that millions worldwide have been killed or maimed through vaccination.  They are still promoting the vaccine, even for those who have no need for it.  Do you hear the call for the stoppage of their use?  No- not at all.  Why not?  The media are reporting vaccinations as a drive toward higher numbers.  They are oblivious to deaths from them, and people being vaccinated who would not have had any trouble if they had been exposed to C19.  Not only that, but in the UK, even people vaccinated who are proven to be exposed to the virus, are being told to lockdown.  They think C19 is transmissible even if you have had the vaccine.  So it would appear it has no protection from transmission, which means it is not even a legitimate vaccine.

Still we go on.  More vaccination, as people begin to request more information about the Wuhan Lab as the source of the virus.  As the summer here i nthe US begins, and cases are falling, we know that they have changed the PCR tests so fewer positives are reported, and also the vaccines are being given.  They are saying it is showing that the vaccines are dropping the infections rates, but they have not shown that at all.  They had to get the vaccines in, or it would become obvious they were not at all needed.

Why not suppress the VAERS reporting?  Because there are those who continue to use the old practices, that confront the hand waving people trying to get the vaccines into people.  Why promote HCQ and Ivermectin?  Because doctors know there are functional therapeutics available that were intentionally ignored and they told people this.  While we are being intentionally fed incorrected and misleading information, people are dying.  There is a purge of the elderly being promoted, especially among the Cuomo crowd.  This is very unamercian.  We do not have a problem with the numbers of our elderly.  Why are they being put to death for the slightest reasons?  It seems we are doing so, so that it covers the need for the French, English,  and Germans to do so.  How frightful, and unnecessary. 

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  1. Biden did not go along w/passports. Why? It is because he gets updates on the zombies in the country from the internet. If he is afraid, they back off.