Wednesday, June 23, 2021

US Science : Verdict?


You might have noticed, scientists rarely are sued, or taken to court, at least regarding a scientific question.  This is not because they are beyond reproach, but rather legally they are exempt from examination of their process and data.  Despite this they are asked to draft their opinions on important political matters and the bearing that science has upon decision making.  In American courts the people in the courtroom are considered mentally incompetent compared with the scholars and reputed experts.  We would not want judges to decide scientific questions.  On the other hand  scientists are known to lie, invent data, and be proxies for political interests, and foreign interests.  Just because they are credentialed, does not mean they will tell the public the truth, and the whole truth.

This sacrosanct position of the scientist in court, is possibly a throwback to early America and rule by aristocrats.   It is a way for them to choose a man with a beard who will tell people what they want them to say.  He probably has a deep voice, and wild looking eyes so if you disagree with him, you might be slightly afraid.    And if you do not believe him, they can eventually produce five more.  Without a resort to a courtroom process, the final verdict depends on what you think of what you are being told.  How much lying and equivocation can you accept?  Currently they are influenced by socialism.  One such person stated he would not want to work hard and make discoveries for this government.  So conveniently he takes lots of time off, sabbaticals, vacations, leaves of absence, and just plain staying at home or somewhere most of the time.  If asked, he can write a paper without much fear of someone examining his process, or his data.  They are the only profession in which a million dollars can be spent, with the produce being a few printed sheets of paper.  Although we would like to elevate socially people of intellect and knowledge, we must also reserve our praise, for they are known to publish plagiarized material for decades in some cases, without rebuke.

Al Gore as junior senator, was shocked that eminent men he held to have high standards of integrity, were actually lying right to his face, and later admitted to doing so without embarrassment.  From this arena has evolved the concept of global warming.  Would you trust these people to being you back some monkey bones from Africa and tell you they were from a human ancestor?  We have oft been lead down the primrose path.

I believed, since human lives were at stake, that the biological sciences were better.  At worst, they would want to do no harm.  However these days, with so many nationalities involved in research, it is not clear whether or not they might wish to harm people.  Ben Goldacre blew the lid off the autoclave pot, saying they rigged trials, terminated students who had findings contrary to the people who funded their projects, and ..., inter alia, faked their publications, inventing data, making up graphs and whole studies to increase their publication count.  Recently a Harvard medical scientist stated at least half the publications in major medical journals were just articles published for the sake of supporting some company or pill.  Essentially the researchers are like blackmailers.  IF you pay them they write nice papers, otherwise not so much.

Is real US science dead?  One might wonder, it certainly seems to be going that direction.  Without national production, the interaction real researchers need is often missing.   Here is the US they cannot experiment on animals and are told to use a culture in a petre dish instead for their experiments.  How can they compete with the Chinese who are willing to harvest organs from people?   IF there is some kind of mysterious purpose behind the Covid vaccinations,  what could it be?  This research could have been done in secret in many places.  Convening a panel probably could not answer your questions.  It is a reason to be suspicious of these vaccines. 

Images of red blood cells taken a month after inoculation, shows they have irregular shapes and tend to clot throughout one's entire body.  White blood cells seem to be ingesting broken and misshapen red blood cells.  This obviously has nothing to do with creating immunity, and seems to be a side effect of the nRNA process.  Smaller bodies, possibly remnants of spike proteins, are seen to be covered in iron- organic complexes as if they directly annihilated a blood cell.  This had led some to believe metallic nanoparticles were included in the shots.  Trying to get to the bottom of who is responsible for the large numbers of people with adverse reactions to the vaccines, is simply not possible.  Smoke and mirrors.  Just to find out some simple facts is not easy because of all the lies and misrepresentations,  No one can see notebooks of the scientists, and they cannot be prosecuted for malfeasance and lying to the public.  If you present these images of broken red blood cells to a researcher in pharma, the person might tell you honestly they have no idea what is happening there- some kind of blood anomaly.   Might it be involved in immunity production?  Maybe, maybe not.  They do not understand the whole body, just in order to make a pill or vaccine.

They have yet to get Hillary Clinton into court.  How likely could you get scientists to testify in court and to be cross-examined and asked to present their data and findings for examination?  But that is what we need, if we are to trust the authority of scientists.  It is easy to do.  Who wants to do it?


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  1. The Covid debacle, according to one expert, is the consequence of a disgraceful and improperly run healthcare system, so you cannot just blame the bad science. The management is loose, and the many new employees are not well supervised, are relatively poorly trained, and come from many diverse backgrounds. This is the result of rapid growth, and lockstep following of certain political factions. They are far less concerned about the quality of healthcare and its delivery.