Sunday, August 29, 2021

Blow Your Horn, Ye Followers of Faith!

 September 1 is the Jewish Feast of Toruah, which usually precedes the Jewish New Year, but these Days they are conflated into one entity- a blast for the Jewish New Year, but actually Toruah commemorates God telling Joshua to instruct the Israelites to blast their horns to conquer Jericho.  It was a solemn occasion, later becoming a holy period in which Jews recalled their covenant with God, and atoned for their sins- prior to the New Year blast.

IT is fair to say, The JEWs have left the building.  They do not honor their commitments to God, and do not recognize Jesus, the Christ, and Messiah to whom the covenant was passed.  Small wonder they have forgotten Toruah, except for noisemakers at their New Years- I would doubt if they actually observe even that. The Jewish community is contaminated with people I call the Latter Day Israelites, and they are mostly people who are anti-Christian, that is they would not convert to Christianity as they drifted around Europe, so they identified as Jews - Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  connecting themselves this way, they have influenced Jewry down old paths of faithlessness: the worship OF  Beelzebub (Mammon), Ashtaroth  (free sex), and Lucifer (Power through Deception and Evil device).  As one prominent "Jewish" Epstein-island-abiding spokesperson put it: " In America you can worship as you please, and it is fair to say that most Jews decided not to be people of faith".

He might be right, but I know there are faith-abiding Jews also.  In academia they were hard working, honest, and undertook reforms, and followed the rules of ethical behavior - but there were others.  I do not know why they were so good, but they were.  In other arenas the story is the same - some who are good, and many who are not.

I also know America is largely Christian.  We have not accepted generally, anti-Christians, and this includes the faithless Jews.  AS a practical matter this is true, even if legally it is stated otherwise.  We felt safe as long as our Judas-Christian ethics were embedded into the law.  Now it is changing and not for the better.  Christians get the brunt end of both sides of the stick: liberty that includes anti-Christians, and legal impositions imposed on Christian schools, day-care centers and hospitals, that are non-Christian.  In other words, liberty seems to apply to others but not to them.

If Jews do not care, we care about the captive people led by God who acquired a promised land.   It is part of our American tradition: people coming to a new land to obtain religious freedom.   It is part of our Christian tradition:   We study Moses, who was a pious and devout man.  The prophets of old were fulfilled in Christ.  

I, as a Christian, am going to celebrate Toruah.  This is a closing of the eclectic gate, and the opening of the gate of the faithful.  I am going to celebrate the fall of Jericho, by tooting my horn, in  its first blast.  I am going to direct it against the faithless Jews, really Bedouins, and entreat the faithful to join Christianity.

Here is what we are facing- Harvard, the best 2nd best academic center in our country, having a chaplain openly declare himself to be an atheist.  Whose kid is he?  Does he keep an office hour?

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