Thursday, November 25, 2021

Acting in Faith

God instructed Joshua to march around Jericho seven times with priests blowing trumpets. There arose people in the divine Spirit, who acted outwardly and quickly extinguished the wayward people of Jericho. They were captured or taken up into this, and acted in accordance with God's wishes. It was a type of rapture. 

 God is transcendent. He can call to individuals, and through them to groups. In this manner, God convenes with men, for the sake of altering man's existence. This might mean 1 person, or all humanity. We have a free will. Acting in concert with God's wishes is a choice, but for men of God their faith is determinant. To bring about divine changes in our world, we must carry forth his wishes in our societies. 

 Some believe Christian rapture is like the Protestants believe- that we will literally rise into the clouds as if by an anti-gravity beam. I doubt that. It would make the "end" like Heaven's Gate- the cult. That is in fact senseless, and untransformative. What is required is a turning toward the spirit, a slower process, requiring more of us than merely yielding up our soul, or body and soul. 

 There are people who say it is a good day, the sun is shining and God is in his heaven. This came from the era of Henry VIII.  It was the ascendency of an aristocratic order over the ecclesiastic.  They are relating that rapture events can be fearsome. But undoubtedly, at times this is entirely necessary to correct conditions that have strayed beyond Christian forbearance. The necessity for the transient assertion of divine action, is needed lest God be dead and our lives determined by a select elite. There is a danger of being mislead in this, but God's calling is clear, unambiguous, and unmistakable according to those in the know. It will not be about money, or sex, or power for a man, but following Christ's lead. 

 How many times has God called to men, or a man? Look at St Paul. That was 1 incident that set the course for Paul's entire life.. NO doubt, many, many times. How often have men stared at a den of iniquity beyond bearing, and nothing is done? Satan dances. For normalcy to obtain, Godly actions must arise as often as needed to keep our lives stable and safe. How often have your heard: "It is not right, but what can be done?" In recent times, a Jericho March was held at the Capitol Building in DC. Jews were called to convert to accepting Jesus. Many things were happening, but it was a calling for them, to correct the corrupted election system and restore the Will of the People, which is a protected thing, by the people of faith. Without them, it is nothing but a ruse. I did not receive this calling, but I would be susceptible to act if called. It clearly is an important responsibility.

When people declared their Christian conscience would not permit them to fight in WWII, they referred to the fifth commandment - but this does nothing to distinguish a moral war from an immoral war.  That Christians might have to fight, is obvious if Christendom is significantly altered, for we must defend our faith and way of life.  In the area in which I live many were against the war - Christians against Christians.  We knew a resolution could be found between civilized people. However, It was the elites that demanded it, and Jewish industrialists that activated it for profit, just like in the Ukraine and now Belarus.  The resistance to the European war unfortunately was too weak, and so it happened.  The faith of men and their call to action was too weak.  They faltered.  Today Jews are assaulting other countries for profit, and will not stop because it is how they make their money.  Whose life will pay for that? In WWII in Europe 60M died.

We live in perilous times.  Men are not be called to conscience, but rather told to have no conscience.  Many here expect to live off free money, derived from Chinese toil.  How long would that last?  Without corrective action, how long can our drifting culture remain stable?  We might avoid war with China if we are reasonable, and if 300M Christian Chinese have the requisite influence.  If all they do is light a candle, and fail to distinguish Communism from Christianity, their influence would be small.

Perhaps rapture is the wrong word, for that suggests a very strong interaction- but divine transcendence can be anything, perhaps a mere summons of some kind.  The attempt to describe these, often suffer for a lack of words.  Many have described being afraid, shocked, ... but not everyone.  Moses went right up, and got the tablets.  The hesitancy to act has often been described, but often the alternative to acting and following God  is even worse than one's fear for oneself.  At  the Jericho March, Jews were converted merely from experiencing the event, and being asked.  Pretty good.