Monday, January 25, 2021

Juris Imprudence


Does Russia have lawyers?  They do, but very few: 1:100,000.  They are not needed, except for criminal trials.  There is no process for anything else.  A committee creates the rules people must live by, and if they break these rules, they simply encounter a police force directly.  A problem they encounter there is much is done underground, and it is often not easy to determine who did what.

What Marxists are doing across America, is turning off "due process", that is they are not enforcing laws.  So Hillary Clinton breaks a bunch of laws - whoops, no prosecution.  The DOJ is sending around its agents as bag men.  The FBI, what is it they are doing again?  The MArxists apply the law only to their opponents, and then in a sloppy way.  The MArxists want to rid themselves of policing also, and that is great is you are a criminal, eh? IT would seem to make sense if you got rid of all law enforcement, then police would seem to be nonessential.  Actually that is untrue.  IT is just the perspective of a criminal accustomed to "due process".  But in a real Communist state, there are police, lots of them.

China is an interesting country when it comes to the law.  They have a Constitution, and a legal framework based on socialism.  They have also created a need for lawyers, and I believe it is mainly applied in the realms of real estate and finance - so it was generated to go along with the west.  AS China gained more control of its internal affairs, however, the legal profession there has collapsed somewhat.  People have quit, largely because of graft and bribing.  Its relic legal system is in some ways probably better than we have currently in places in the US.  Imagine if all the people in the US were named Ping.  It would seem biomeasures would be essential there, to have any chance of applying laws widely.


Friday, January 22, 2021

Day 2: Whoa Party


Is this man really our president?  This is day two of the president of the party of shame.  My God, who is it they say we voted for?  Well Joe didn't define himself, so he is calling himself a man of democracy (because at least half the country believe he was not properly elected), and a man of unity (because at least half the country doesn't accept his presidency), a man of nonviolence ( because people generally think Pelosi, Harris, and Biden all incite Antifa riots) .  a man of generosity (because he instructed the DOJ to give funds to certain Democratic groups), and a man of religion (ha ha- not even credible to a drunk person.  Biden actually read the Vatican the riot act, and tried to kill YHWH), and a man concerned about your health(actually locking you down because of the China virus, and giving millions more of our jobs to China).  But to date he has not called himself a man of honor (a stretch too far?).

What we clearly remember is P. Trump giving one resounding speech after another wooing the vote in the American way.  Biden for some reason appeared to not want his candidacy, hiding in his home, running the constant gaffer machine to throw interest in his candidacy away (see how his gaffing has disappeared).  Despite not really running we are told he won.  Either the public is insane, or there is something wrong with the vote.

 Stuffing those ballot boxes was not done by people who wanted Biden as president, or even Harris.  It was done by people who wanted to rid themselves of P. Trump who wanted law and order, and to diminish the dependency we have on China.  So criminals stuffed those boxes: illegal aliens and their home countries possibly.  They voted for the ticket, and nonprosecution of the law.  Then there are criminal factions within the Democratic party, who want to escape with all their corrupt pay-to-play schemes.  Biden himself wants to promote China as a pay-to-play scheme for himself.  There is all the graft of partisans in the DOJ and the FBI- who themselves broke laws, or were corrupted by money to ignore infractions.  What did the criminals do?  Promote legal tallys?  

WEll the media supported the Party of Whoa, and now they are looking them over, and you can almost hear them think: "What is the H*** did we do?  Whoa! "  His administration is more like a group of bad crisis actors.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Pride and Prejudice

 WE decry the corruption in our government, that harms all of us.  One source of trouble is the party prejudice that exists.  Already Biden is having the DOJ give out money to certain Democratic factions.  This was also done under Obama.  Since when is that valid?

But is more than that.  Under our party system, in recent years, the FBI has not pursued cases involving egregious crimes when they were committed by Party members.  Usually this involves Democrats, but there are cases like this involving Republicans, but the crimes are not as bad.  The most notorious case was Hillary Clinton's purge of classified information, not prosecuted by James Comey, so she could run and win in the presidential election.  She left classified documents exposed by the thousands, and told us she didn't know what the C stood for.

This is evil, when the crimes are so severe.  As Americans there is a bar, and we can give preference to party members in minor ways, but we all ought to agree about stopping severe crimes (felonies?) whatever the party one is with.  This is acknowledging the importance of jurisprudence, and it makes judges more respectable, and less corruptible.  Imagine being a poor businessman, and coming before a judge who just slams you because you are a Republican.   You could go through the court system and have no one consult a law book.

Biden is a corrupt person.  He is giving away our healthy economy for the betterment of his family and the Chinese who are paying them.   Ouch. He should be stopped.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

President Unelected Biden

The protests around the Capitol were fueled by concern over the tainted election, the one in which Democrats incited illegal voting, The courts ignored, and Congress elected to ignore the vote's illegitimacy also.

I believe this is the first time anything like this has happened.  In this case one party wholly disrespected the proper voting, then gained an advantage in Congress from the voting, and decided to ignore examining the vote.  Not only this, but then tried to impeach the standing president, even desire to have the impeachment trial after his term in office had terminated.

This is the most caustic form of politics that has ever existed, and also the most criminal.  Many people believe they have treated P Trump this way because he was a DC outsider.  Many also think he is the duly elected leader of the country.

We currently live in a state of emergency.  And in the handoff between administrations, even with all the existing misgivings and identifiable crimes of office holders, and all the bribes taken, it appears that Biden, an agent for the Chinese government,  is actually going to be sworn in, pretending to be religious and that his oath is sincere.

It is up to Miller, whether or not there is an examination of the vote.

Interment camps for Japanese in WW2

 WE have heard much recently about the violation of human rights in WW2 internment camps.  P Roosevelt made the hard decision, between targeted arrests and broader racial arrests on the US Western shore, especially near US military bases.  It was known from the military and signals intelligence and people's reports, that the Japanese were present there to send reports back to Japan on US activities.  They used radio communications for their reports. No doubt some were just writing home to Japan, but they were passing information possibly detrimental to the US cause.  Some said the removal of these people was not racial. They removed only Japanese.

For several years before the war with Japan, Japan reported the need to expand, to obtain more living space.  WE tried to accommodate them, sending them supplies they required to run their society, including gasoline.  We had done all we could to assist the Japanese without harming ourselves.  Roosecvelt drew the line on trade from Japan when it impacted US jobs at the 10% level.  Japan attacked first China in 1937, and then the US in 1941.  

Citizens were important in identifying Japanese spies, who besides reporting ship placement and numbers, were spying on US companies and stealing US corporate secrets.  Something similar started in the US with China when Chinese scholars were invited into US government bureaus in 1992.  They stole documents and programs used by the government, and many were ousted by the chiefs of bureaus since  they were involved in anti-american activities.  US citizens also were married to Japanese businessmen, and many were divorced, or suspected in sending secrets to Japan and aiding the enemy.


The Handoff


Well, today supposedly the day P TRump hands off the government to Joe Biden, agent to Communist China, a country that has been slowly attacking the US through infiltration, and organized opposition to our government.  They are continuing to steal US jobs with the lockdown. There is also a confluence of radical, often homosexual feminists gathering around Kamela Harris, who supported the Chinese lockdown and riots in the streets.  Then with the addition of evidence that the election was rigged in a large way, today might be an interesting day, as patriots want to restore order in DC, and wish to keep our government away from people who would destroy the government as we know it.

IF Biden dares to show up, his takeover may be limited, or even postponed, or this group may find itself under the scrutiny of military tribunals.  In addition, there is also a possibility there might be attacks from external parties like Antifa, using aircraft or drones to create confusion and further the cause of weakening our government.

DC has become a sort of Superbowl.  Andrew Cuomo has decided to stay out of DC for the inauguration.  Some are saying it may be a virtual inauguration.

Monday, January 18, 2021

How can Christians Live with Evil?


Evil is all around, but not to resist it, is to let it grow and gain strength.  While the Christian church is trying to affirm its liberty to exist, its place in our society is uncertain.  For example, a society that polices its citizens, to protect good citizens from pernicious harm  I would identify as essentially Christian.  How could that stand beside a Sharia system that disadvantages people based on their religious tenets?  WE also have people who advocate releasing criminals into society, and also those who do not like policing - apparently no order.

For myself, I am for order.  I believe if someone will injure me, perhaps because of race, or because of my religion, then that is an evil act.  People who act to harm society generally, to destabilize it, are also evil.  So if there are those who are part of a drug cartel, causing the deaths of many people because of the drugs they sell, even if they say they are Christians, they are evil.  Homosexuality is also an evil.  To tolerate homosexuality, is to cause future destruction.  It is part of a cycle.  It is an entry to every kind of sexual depravity.  Other sexual-related problems such as cheating in a marriage is a minor matter compared to the systemic growth of homosexuality.  It is evil, and the less there is, the better.

If we court a large, diverse community, it can only exist as segregated units, and this weakens our country generally, and makes it more likely that conflict may result from one region to another.  It is ridiculous for someone like Biden to invite large numbers of incompatible people to the US, and then say he is for unity.  He must be an idiot.  What they are creating is a possibly explosive calamity.  Never before have so many unnaturalized people been jammed together is such a short time.  WE have built up our Christian communities, and they are being oppressed by the uncontrolled disorder being brought in among us.  Nancy Pelosi declared P TRump is about making America White Again. She is inviting predominately colored people into the US when there is both low salaries and low employment.  Obviously she is trying to cause a broad conflict. This is evil.

Allowing companies to destroy open communication, this that interrupts and arrests the converse of open dialog as a social intercourse, and pathway to a growing evolving society, is also an evil to us.  Political factions that tolerate no dissent  are inhumane and a form of Fascism.  Conversation, as in political interchanges, separates the wheat from the chaff.  It produces a pathway to the future.

AS I pointed out earlier: Marxism is evil, for it displaces God, and replaces him with a committee or dictator. There is also the systemic nonenforcement of our laws: No protection from the courts.

Another pernicious evil among us is the possibility companies will alter our dna without our consent.  This is a direct attack on our persons, and the thought of this is no different than turning us into Frankenstein's monster as an experiment.  These ideas are evil, and globally repugnant.

Evil is rising.   We must stop it, and remediate the damage.  Say it is our Christianity that drives us, or say we believe in a safe, civil society of good people who will not harm us, and who respect each other.  We must see ourselves in a larger role than people who will not swear, or people who only say nice things.