Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Chinese Hogs

 The West has helped to build China up.  Now what we should do is scale our trade back.  The West cannot tolerate a continuance of the same trading regime, at a loss to their own countries.  When the scale back should have occurred, China wanted to continue on its same course, and in recent times it has become aggressively expansionary.  Small thanks for the West in assisting them to modernize their country.  What China wants is global control.  What was offered was a role in the global marketplace, ostensively for the staving of hunger.

No country can maintain trade of 50% or greater, over time.  It is harmful to its citizens, and reliance on other countries for production, is insecure.  China has used this situation, as a form of economic assault, demanding an even greater share of global trade instead of a scaleback.  Eventually, imports from China, to balance trade, must be cut back, as China redirects goods for foreign markets toward its own citizens.  As it is, trade with  China is about more than just trade, it is about control.  You can see this in Taiwan, in Hong Kong, and throughout the West including the US.  If China doesn't get what it wants, it releases viruses, and withholds goods.  It also infiltrates companies and assaults them over the internet. They have also disrupted trade with Taiwan.

Trade must be cut, for all countries trading with China, eventually to sensible levels- like 10% of GDP.  This is a large amount of trade for one country to have with all other nations of the world.  We should not care if China gets meat from the West, to bolster up its domestic production of meat, but these markets are unstable now because of China.  If China demands our meat, should we tolerate paying $10/lb for ham?  For trade to work, it cannot seriously stress your domestic system.  China stresses our meat supplies frequently, while exporting meat.  We have actually allowed them to own and control meat packing plants in our own countries.  This is intolerable.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Global insecurity?

 China overflies Taiwan.   Now, they are declaring a chip shortage and blaming it on C19.   Actually Taiwan is under Chinese assault, like us, and .. apparently many people here cannot tell one China from the other.  They are all Chinese, right Mr Joe?  Now, we cannot make cars, and probably airplanes, and possibly computers, and who knows what else ... probably elevators.  Mr Joe might start up some needed commodities here in the US .. by using infrastructure money.  IT could take a while, and if it is managed by Democrats, ... it might end up like Solyndra.  

As troubling as that is, you might have noticed our vaccines are made in Denmark.  No one knows why.  IT might be to keep rioters from assaulting a domestic company, rioters that are being supported by the Democrats, probably to get a global distribution of businesses.  This might be good for globalists, but it is bad for our national security.  

And, are you tired of meat prices sailing up and down?  What is up with that?  There is a shortage of chickens.  And ham, ahem, is $40 for a three pound piece.  That is not inflation- that has yet to hit.  It is a shortage.  Where are these commodities going? Where they have always gone - China, from the first days of  mad cows for China to today.  In global trade, you meet your domestic needs, then ship food away.  You cannot eat chips, unless they are from potatoes.  Ever tried to eat your cellphone, or watch?

Unattended Laws

 Our government is a system of laws, bound together under the terms delineated in our Constitution.  What then, if people decide to ignore segments of the law?  Well, it is sedition, isn't it?  

This came to the forefront recently with the large abrogation of laws entailed in imposing the Covid-19 vaccine.  The law clearly states that vaccines are illegal, if a therapeutic is available.  Covid-19 has at least two or three therapeutic regimes, yet they were ignored, the vaccines were made, and are being distributed.   The latest on this, is that the RNA vaccines are communicable, and hence even if you do not get the vaccines, the proteins are communicated through contact and breathing, and will induce an immune response  even if you did not accept a jab.   Designed this way, it is also an extralegal imposition.

The first instance of seriously unattended laws had been Hillary Clinton's illegal use of her server, and the mishandling of classified information.   Using a private system to avoid federal tracking of all your social interactions is a natural tendency, especially when a new system is started up like EMAIL.  Hopefully this is no longer the case - does anyone know what people are doing these days?  Hopefully it is not a free-for-all.  BUT this in combination with the mishandling of classified information, is clearly seditious.  Not only that but Hillary herself has practically stated it was her personal political choices that were involved in this.  They are unashamed anti-nationalists.  So are people like Fauci.  This is national sedition.

Living in the country, I am concerned.  If I stick my neck out for the country, will someone like Hillary expose me, and subject me to harm?  Maybe not today, but perhaps tomorrow.  Likewise, if my body is exposed to proteins/viruses from outside the country, will there be anyone to protect me?  Will it be extralegals from outside the country that will impose their solution for my health on  me?  Will I be protected?  Could they kill me?

As is customary, if DC does it, sooner or later their practices percolate down into the state houses, and eventually into all city halls.  They begin to ignore bodies of law they find inconvenient, and different political parties choose different bodies of law to ignore.  Often both parties ignore the same law for different reasons.  Take for example border enforcement.  Republicans want cheap labor supposedly, plus Democrats want illegal voters, equals no border enforcement.  Obviously as people overrun the border areas, including untold numbers of unwanted children, more must be involved than their stated reasons.  With many state laws, Republicans say they do not want overregulation.  This means companies pay them off, and they ignore imposing these laws on the companies.  At the same time John Q Public is ransacked by nonrestrictions on corporations.  People are losing their basic rights and protections under the law.  

As a citizen you know the law is there to protect you, and you might oppose a corporation for that reason.  In court however, you might find a SURPRISE.  The law requiring a corporation to do A and B, might simply disappear from the judges decision making, and voila - your protect is gone.  Lawyers, state officials, and elected reps know what is enforced and what is not.  BUT you, as a citizen,  do not know.  How can you choose your actions if you do not know what laws are to be applied?  The corporations, however, may be able to decide to do anything, including pushing people around and breaking laws liberally, just to clean up their mess by paying off a politician. Besides corporations getting away with murder, Marxists are using the climate to create committees that are deciding policy, independent of all laws.   Some are judges.  Watch out!  Those committee members may not be elected people.  This is calamity.  There are no respected rights for the general populace in this mode of operation.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Medical Behemoth - Too big for preventative care


Have you noticed that the government is not keeping up with Medicare payments?  This was bound to happen, since their rates steadily climbed much faster than the remainder of the economy, and has been doing so since the Nixon administration, when  the nonaccounting of their billing began.

The plan I believe it to make Medicare the single payer plan everyone gets.  To make it affordable and serviceable, they will make adjustments similar to Obamacare.  So for Medicare, without a supplement plan, you  might find yourself paying the first $1000 of coverage, and this amount could increase over time.  

There is global pressure to service people less.   In places like Europe, largely in debt and with an immense elderly population, there is a crash in the system, and people will have to pay large amounts for care, or go without care.  In the US the demographics are not that bad, but we are lumped together with other nations and so we are being treated like we too have a large elderly population.  Pressure is being applied to reduce Medicare payouts to the elderly and, in the next 10 years, if you expect Medicare to cover you for major chronic problems, think again.  The support will not be there.  Think dead.  

So if you want to live until a ripe old age, better stay out of that wheelchair, for it is your ticket to oblivion.  People will have to stay away from meds, and from hospitalization and clinic care.  Eat right, and exercise.  As soon as you are down, you are down for the count.

As our economy became less diverse, people fled into health care for their living for it had lucrative payouts from the government.  IT has become overweighted with too many employees.  You cannot have an economy imbalanced as that is. Major changes were necessary, and some are now here. This might include Covid-19.  Many felt as if this were a way for hospitals to shuffle the elderly over to Hospice and reduce care, for relatives in many cases were unable to discern what was taking place day to day.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Joe, the Sleeping Lizard

Recently, China crossed a Red Line in Taiwan.  While there was a reaction among allies in the US with Taiwan, people who have worked with them in the past, the fairly clear message is that Jos is sleeping, maybe golfing.  At any rate, half our missile force doesn't work.  Would Joe even notice if China made internal demands on Taiwan's government?  

Taiwan is lost, and China with its Covid gains, feels it.  Just why shouldn't the Taiwanese political elite grab a flight out of Taiwan?  Well, mostly because Biden and the Chinese are thinking long term,. I guess. 

What joe is really trying to do is put China asleep.  He is doing this by pretending to be dead, like a pigeon.  You can also do this with chickens.  They lay as if dead, and then predators ignore them.

WE all know the Chinese expansionary plan by now:  Overshadow with military.  Use leverage to emplace Chinese into key posts, channel Chinese goods to emplaced personnel.  Repeat until they have control over the government.  SO to establish peace, what Joe needs to do is tranquilize the pro-Taiwanese faction in the US by adopting a pivoting strategy, to escalate  or the opposite.  Otherwise he would have to:

1) Demand the removal of mainland Chinese from Taiwan, and all border incursions.

2) Put troops into Taiwan, with defensive weapons to show our resolve

3) Demand the stoppage of overflights

4) Lessen the dependence of the Taiwanese to mainland Chinese goods.

But wait!  Biden cannot even do this in the US, can he?  His response to this is to say, ...  I might have a mind to let the Chinese take over the US.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A Shooting a Day, keeps the Crisis actors employed?


What's with the press giving us a story every day of one or two shootings?  They didn't do that during the Trump administration. Crisis workers have to do something.  Maybe some little shootings and a few big ones thrown in.  More realistic.  The rule is, if it is featured on the news these days, it is probably a manufactured event or "fake news",

Since the media are controlled by the Jews, expect some Muslim shootings- good for keeping them out.  Here here.  No one needs militant Muslims roaming around, terrorists, or jihadis.  One event was interesting for it involved people from Los Angeles, and a foreign company from England, that basically wanted to distract the public from bad reactions to the Astro Zenica vaccine.  This suggests that as long as the Jews allow it, any company in the world can dial in an operation here in the US.  During the Biden administration this is wide open.    One might expect a school shootings here and there (good for limiting semiautomatic weapons) , and also a synagogue shooting, and a few swastikas'.  Will there be anything new?  Maybe a Latino gang masacre, and a maybe Latino drug pusher killing a gang of Blacks.

What we will not hear is a story about Soros and his corruptions in the Ukraine that has led to a direct confrontation with Russia.  

Thursday, April 8, 2021

A nail removes the other nail.

The last time civil violence broke out, it was in the Obama administration, as people vied for civil service type jobs in police and fire departments, and in the post office.  Postal workers went postal, as they took revolvers to work in their trunks.  Obama declared they needed to make the police exams easier so Blacks could qualify.  

Biden is on the precipice and hardly seems aware of this.  He is about to unleash a major flood of new workers into the US workforce by giving 100M illegals a green card.  .This will mean everyone will be fighting for jobs- to retain jobs they have, or to acquire a job.  Imagine including a $!5 minimum wage, that will pinch off the labor pool also, and ... it is tantamount to a civil war.  You cannot just do these things when there are people involved in such large numbers.  It is madness.  It is intentionally causing pervasive civil strife.

What can you do?  Get a firearm.  Try to get some bullets.  Bulk up, lose the fat.  Close off the forerunners - the coffee bean salesmen,  the marijuana dealers, and drug pushers.  AND demand limits to transfers to the national economy.  You might ask the question why we are bringing workers here when we could be hiring them from outside our country.

And remember Che: “The walls of the educational system must come down. Education should not be a privilege, so the children of those who have money can study.”